Maybelline Colossal Mascara Review + Demo!

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Maybelline Colossal mascara review!
How have I never done one of these?! After 13 long years of loving this mascara, I’m finally giving you a full review + demo.

Lipcolor is ColourPop Brink Lippiestix
Shirt is from Target


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Loves, Mirella


OfficialMichellemarie 26 says:

Maybelline < covergirl, maybelline makes better mascaras and they are always on point even though for me i dont really need it because naturally my eyelashes are dark and long

dani says:

I just discovered your channel! You’re so beautiful! I subscribed immediately

alyssasvlogs says:

Coconut oil takes off waterproof mascara right away! It’s my go to make up remover.

Vickry Kayser says:

You can always add some eyedrops to your mascara tube, and it will last longer.

T.T. 87 says:

I gotta try it and give it 2 weeks!

Vivian Dadlani says:

Yay ur doing mascara reviews again!!!

GamingWithMus says:

please review the asian 4d mascara.

Kee Grantham says:

Mirella do you redip the wand between each coat?

Penelope G says:

I had a conversation with my friend the other day about this mascara. Glad to see someone else enjoy it as well

Ang A says:


MommyLife & Beauty says:

I always come to you for lash advice ! Anywhere from how to curl your lashes to how you apply mascara, to the mascara you use !

ربي كبير says:

She is waterproof?

Jax says:

Wow it lashes look great. I see why u like it

MommyLife & Beauty says:

I only use water proof because my lashes are super super straight and I have already applied mascara the way u say, also curl them like u say.

MommyLife & Beauty says:

I definitely prefer maybelline máscaras over high end and it’s sooo cheap too!! Love this one !!

Lizbeth Mata says:

I remember watching you for a while now since you first talked about this mascara! I love it so much

cecilia hernandez says:

this has been my favorite mascara for nearly 4 years now too its great

MommyLife & Beauty says:

Lol yes our moms with the pink and green tube !!! Hahaha

Alice Duffy says:

This was my favourite mascara when I was like 14-15 but then I used one and it smudged underneath my eyes really badly? I might try this one again after this review! I used to wear loads and my lashes would be so thick and clunky and I loved it! I’ve been using L’Oréal telescopic lash for about 3 years now and I love it but it’s a lot more of a feathery lash look? 🙂

Jax says:

This used to be my number one favorite mascara ever. And I used it forever. I think the colossal plump was the one I liked more now I’m hooked on the lash sensational and big shot

Sarah Ramirez says:

I remember when you first started your channel, the colossal was your fav! Awww memories!

Emely Arellano says:

love your mascara reviews!

Liz Figueroa says:

I wish I didn’t have to use waterproof mascara but it’s the only way my lashes will stay curled :/

nessakinx says:

This was the mascara I wore all through out high school, and to this day I still prefer most maybelline mascaras over most high end ones!

Kala Maya says:

I used to use that one but the gold one . It made my lashes fall out .

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