Most OVERHYPED Mascara EVER? Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara REVIEW – Lily Melrose

I’ve never really done a video like this but here are some of my thoughts on the new BENEFIT BAD GAL BANG Mascara (*) and the hype surrounding the product.

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Affiliate links are used for shopping links. I give 100% Disclosure on anything I’ve been given for free. Anything marked with an asterisk (*) was gifted to me, bought with vouchers or a PR sample.

This video is not sponsored. I was gifted this mascara as a press sample and I did attend the Benefit Bad Gal Bang product launch in London, All thoughts are my own. PERSONALLY.

How old are you? 27
Where do you live? Brighton
What do you film with? Canon 70 & a Sigma 18-35mm Lens
What do you edit with? Final Cut Pro X


Lena moo says:

Do you use any sort of toner on your hair? It’s the nicest blonde! Any tips to keep it so?

Luisa Olmos says:

i love these kinds of vids lily! miss your beauty product review vids! bring em back please!

Kendal Mcnally says:

Such a good video Lily…. loving your content right now

lifeinthegrey says:

I feel the same about overly-hyped products, it always puts me off a little bit and to be honest, this mascara doesn’t look dissimilar to something you could buy at a drugstore.

Cassie Goldsmith says:

I can’t believe the lengths brands go to now to get bloggers into their launches, like holidays in luxury locations in the Maldives for a mascara or a perfume. Nuts! Starting to find it really offputting – completely get why bloggers do it, I absolutely would too – but for influencing purchases it kind of puts me off. I’d be more convinced to buy or not buy with a ‘real’ video like this. Guess just a little sick of seeing bloggers abroad for the most inane products haha

Lacey Wise says:

I personally think this is an excellent mascara… if you already have decently long lashes. In that case, the amplification of length is unreal. For people with naturally shorter lashes, I would stick with roller lash..

Maya S says:

This mascara reminds me of my favourite L’oreal Miss Manga Punky so I might give this a go when I can be bothered to spend £20 on a mascara xD

Lindsey Louis says:

Benefit spent waaaaaay tooo much money on this launch! I seen youtubers in the Maldives and Miami and where ever else! It was crazy for all this hype around a mascara… not going to lie, would totally go on the trip, but it was over the top.

Lauren Rose says:

Im glad you gave your opinion on this product lily ! I did give in to the hype with this mascara but I’m slightly disappointed, I think my maybelline mascara does pretty much the same for £6 ! I think the hype around the launch was way to big for the actual product which is underwhelming for the price xxx

Sammi Maria says:

Hey Lily, have you tried the lash princess mascara by Essence from Wilko? It’s only £5 and it’s very similar to this, I personally like Spider like lashes too x

TheDionne1988 says:

Collection do a mascara which has a similar wand and gives you the same effect it’s fast stroke defining lash mascara in ultra black it’s only £2.99. Love your video lily! X

Sarah Brackpool says:

I love the original Bad Gal mascara, not so interested in this one. I also think the PR packages/trips seem to be getting more excessive which honestly puts me off. Seeing people get full collections especially of things like foundations just seems incredibly wasteful and surely the money spent on trips could be better spent elsewhere? Or at least not on every single launch!

Amy Cross says:

Lily I’ve followed you for a really long time and I rarely comment on YouTube videos but I thought this was an awesome video. You talked about the issues holistically and in a really relatable and informed way. Thanks!

Elaine Carroll says:

Benefit have awful mascara imo, they flake off on me, and they’re really clumpy.
I much prefer lancome mascara.
(Bourjois also has good mascara!)

Nena says:

Personally, I think the launch was pretty ridiculous. I enjoyed watching the Maldives vlogs because I’ll probably never go on a vacation like that, but I find it really hard to believe that Benefit is getting their money’s worth. It’s one thing to sponsor reviews and the like, but nothing about the launch made me want to buy the mascara or even think of it, I mean I didn’t even know what they were trying to sell! (aside from the hotel the influencers were staying at lol)

Beth Laverack says:

I feel like the product was eclipsed by the marketing and build up. The whole “out of this world” spin and build up to the launch made it sound like the launch was going to be something completely unique and different, I was excited to see what they’d come up with. But instead it’s just another mascara, which I can’t judge because I haven’t tried, but it didn’t match with the “hype” they’d purposefully created and left me underwhelmed.

Stacey Cosens says:

I tried out the mascara last weekend when I got my brows done and I can’t say I was massively impressed. I like the brush but it was so clumpy – I did put it over existing mascara but yeah didn’t blow me away. I feel like since they have those two successful mascaras did they really need another one? And shipping a load of influencers to the Maldives for a mascara? I don’t get it. I thought it would be some kind of amazing new product. Tbh – I’m not too bothered about mascara and have never felt compelled to go for a higher end one as I feel they all pretty much do the same job.

Laurathor says:

Where’s your top from. I love it!!

MeteoricMarlin says:

First and foremost when a company goes to such lengths to gift such an extravagant getaway to these influencers, it makes me wonder just how honest these influencers are going to be when reviewing the new product. If they say they love it it’s very possible that it’s only because they don’t want to be dropped from the company’s PR list. Because come on, who doesn’t enjoy free stuff let alone free vacations right? Benefit is a huge company and whatever they spent sending these girls on that trip is nothing compared to the amount they spend on advertising. Social media has made it really easy to target their customers for a fraction of the cost of what they used to spend on TV/Magazine campaigns. After all the dust settled though, I felt like the hype didn’t live up to the expectations. They made such a big deal about it that when I realized it was all just for a mascara I was super unimpressed lol. They kept throwing around meaningless terms just to make the mascara sound like it was this cutting edge new thing, but its just mascara guys, nothing more nothing less.

Megan Hunt says:

I really like the look of this mascara but I have to be honest with the HUGE launch i thought we were getting a whole damn collection, all that for ONE PRODUCT just seems ott for me. That said I loved all the maldives content from influences it was vvvvv beautiful to watch Im not going to get salty over them taking an ace holiday like some viewers have as if they wouldnt go. However, i do feel like the launch gets pushy from the brand with so many influencers talking about it you feel like you have to buy in? And its very inescapable but thats nothing against the influencers as a lot of them I love like Victoria, Patricia and Jamie

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