NEW Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara | Review + Try On

In this video I try on EVERY Benefit mascara, and compare them all! I also try the brand new Bad Gal Bang mascara. Which one is your favorite??

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Tarte eyelash curler

Benefit bad gal mascara

Benefit they’re real mascara

Benefit roller lash mascara

Benefit bad gal bang mascara


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What camera and lens do you record with?
I use a Nikon D5500 with a 40mm macro lens. I use 2 soft boxes and a ring light for lighting.

What eye primer do you use?
I always use a concealer set with a translucent powder.

Where is the rest of your face?
It’s there. Don’t worry 😉


toni thorson says:

I took back the new one it didn’t hold my curl the only mascara that holds a curl for me it’s a waterproof not water resident

Jwls says:

Roller lash has been one of my all time faves and now I love bad gal bang too! I love the flexibility of the wand. I loved the way bad gal bang looked on you! Great review on all 4. Also, try taking the wand behind your lashes and rolling out first before applying to the front side of your top lashes. It makes a huge difference!

Honey Rose says:

Theres alot of mascara try on videos

Gabriela • says:

The original one (first one) was actually really stunning

Erica Riley says:

This is a really cool type of video! Thanks for the reviews!

BTucker says:

1st mascara looked the best. More natural looking and Not clumpy.

Kelly Clarke says:

I’m loving bad gal bang. It’s my fave of the four benefit mascaras on you and me both!

Norin Mosharraf says:

Hi, one question. I know it claims to be water-resistant, but is the BadGal Bang a waterproof mascara or is it a washable formula that comes off easily with water?

Abby Beardsley says:

I love they’re real! It’s one of my favorite mascaras! I just ordered badgal bang and I’m excited to see if I like it!

Auntie D Ramey says:


Caroline Chalue says:

I don’t buy high end mascaras because it’s to expensive and you’re supposed get a new one every couple of months, I’ve been using rimmel shake it mascara, my only complaint is how wet the formula is even after using it for a month straight and the brush size is a little to big for my preference

Pai Selain says:

I have got the roller lash mascara and for me is good but I feel as if it melts down throughout the day and I find my lower lash line all dirty and black.
Greetings from Argentina☺

jennifer weeks says:

roller lash is my fave! might try the new one

Chellie R says:

I love the original bad gal lash and have used it off and on since I was 16! (literally 11 years lol) I cannot wait to try this one!!!

Alexandria Rojas says:

I love the roller lash. Try taking the wand to your lashline and then rub and then roll up. It is the trick that makes the difference. The Benefit rep from Ulta helped me and It makes the major difference.

Caroline Chalue says:

I like the first one best on you

Wendy French says:

Do a video showing layering different mascaras. I’m on the fence with the new Bang mascara. Can clump but long if you do it right. It can definitely look spidery if I layer too much.

Tamara D says:

My favorite is actually Tarte’s Maneater Mascara. It gives me wispie lashes like no other mascara. I thought the first one and the last one looked best on you.

Evangelia Kaev says:

the original Bad Gal looked the best on you

Ann Meehan says:

Emily Fox does this kind of mascara videos too and I love them! Great job!

Elizabeth Greer says:

I think the first one looked the best. Girl use that one. Or mix it with roller lash. The last one did look good too.

Megan Boyles says:

I actually liked the first mascara best as well! I love this video idea! Great job!

Sharolyn Jackson says:

Thanks for the video. I’ve used them all and hands down for me used to be they’re real until i tried Bad Gal Bang for the second time. I see that we both made the same mistake when applying for the first time…not wiggling the brush at the base. That is the only reason your lashes stuck together. Try it you’ll see what I mean but on your lashes Bad Gal and Roller were neck and neck

LorraineParis1 says:

I love Bad Gal Gang!!! I think without any eyeshadow on mascara never looks as good.

CurvyGrlMakeup says:

So true we are all different! I don’t like Bad Gal Lash AT ALL! I prefer They’re Real over Bad Gal. But I do agree Roller Lash is an awesome mascara. I’m definitely thinking about trying Bad Gal Bang!

Google User says:

first & 3rd mixed

Wendy Carr says:

I just prefer drug store mascara

Makenzie Speirs says:

I have tried so many mascaras with all sorts of wand types but the only one that works for me is Urban Decay’s Perversion

TJ Cuillierrier says:

Wash an old roller lash wand and use it to comb through your lashes after you’ve applied the Bad Girl mascara…it may help separate your lashes.

HotMama03 says:

LOVE this style video. Would have liked if you did two “coats” of each. Thanks for your hard work on this review. I loved their real and wore it for years. Wondering about new one.

CheDi Richardson says:

Great Video Angela, enjoyed this comparison and first impression/review. ❤
‘Bad Gal’, ‘They’re Real’ and ‘Bad Gal Bang’ look great on you. ☺
Maybe a mixture of them would give you the look you desire?

Jessa Moody says:

Were these all brand new tubes?

Elizabeth Sanchez says:

Tried the Roller Lash and it did not work for me it brought my lashes straight down and I tried everything people told me and it did not work

Gazettogirl says:

Jeffree Star does Mascara try on videos 😉

Karra Plummer says:

It looks great as a topper over roller lash

TrinaMakesRandomness says:

I also liked the first one on you the most then the roller lash second…. If you mixed these, I think they may very well be a holy grail for you. If you try this PLEASE do a video!

Lauren May says:

Love this type of video! I haven’t seen this before. I think roller last looked the best, then bad gal bang. I might pick the new mascara up. Maybe since it has 36hour wear, it has the staying power of waterproof.

Phyu Cyn May says:

Thank u! I need this vid. Thinking of buying one and this really helps me a lot. ❤

Erica Koble says:

I don’t like the “they’re real” mascara either

Kelly K says:

Roller lash is def my fave too, it’s my go to pick when I’m getting ready for a date cuz it makes them big and separated , but NEAT and not messy/clumpy like some other ones. Bad gal bang is alright but I agree it’s a little messier than roller lash. You should try this video again with different Maybelline mascaras cuz they are another great brand for mascaras!

AlyKazam says:

I decided to give bad gal bang a shot today, and it’s not bad. I have fairly average lashes that tend to straighten so it definitely helps with the length if and curly. I’m not too fond of the minor clumsiness but I’m giving this mascara a test run all week. If you have slightly hooded eyes like I do, this may be for you.

Great comparison video thank you for this!

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