NEW Nars Climax Mascara Review & Demo

Hey Beauties!!!
Today I am going to show you all the new Nars Climax Mascara!
I hope you all enjoy!

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Nars Climax Mascara

UPDATE: Still no issues with flaking and it didn’t smudge under my eyes. Keep in mind that I do set my under eye with powder. XOXO

PRIMER FACE: Tatcha Silk Canvas
PRIMER PORES: MAC Skin Refined Zone & Tarte Timeless Smoothing
UNDER EYE PRIMER: Becca Anti Fatigue
POWDER SET: Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Filter Light
UNDER EYE SET: Huda Beauty Baking Powder Pound Cake
POWDER BUFF: Sisley Loose 01 Irisee
CONCEALER: Too Faced BTW Super Coverage Vanilla
BRONZER: The Balm Oliver
HIGHLIGHT: MAC Hyper Real Gold FX, MAC Silver Dusk & ABH X Amrezy
BLUSH: Chanel Elegance
EYE BASE: Tarte Shape Tape Light Neutral Set W/MAC Blanc Type
EYES: Marc Jacobs Gel Powder Shadows: Perfect-o! Daddi-o! The Big O!
EYE LINER: Inner rim, Nars Via Veneto
MASCARA: Nars Climax
LOWER LASH MASCARA: MAC Extended Play Gigablack
LIPS: Rimmel 49 Naturel Liner & Tom Ford Satin Matte SS19
SETTING SPRAY: Dior Airflash Radiance Mist


SHIRT: BCBGMaxazaria
EARRINGS: Twisted Silver
Twisted15 for 15% off (not affiliate code)
PLUGS: I got them in Myrtle Beach
OPI: Take A Hike On The Inca Trail

CAMERA: Canon 80D
LENS: 18-135mm USM
MIC: I use an app called iTalk and record on my iPhone. Samantha has a great tutorial on how to sync the audio.
LIGHTING: Diva Super Nova Ring Light 18”
BACKGROUND: Firefly lights, Amazon

I buy all my makeup unless otherwise said/noted. I do not, as of now, do sponsored videos.


Kayce H says:

I just bought the new HG caution. I like it tho. This looks fantastic tho.

Jessica Schille says:

I’m gonna give it a go…I ❤️ your videos…!! By the way, hello from the NYC

Sharon Lee says:

Hey Mel! Ordered this mascara at Sephora sale, can’t wait for it to get here. Also, I ordered the brush from Linda Halberg you recommended plus her eye pencils and lip oil! Have you tried her lip oil? Can you do a tutorial with her eye pencils? Great review!!!! Continuing to pray!!!!

Jackie Taylor says:

I can’t tell, I think your lashes always look great. #lashgoals

thevioletrevolution says:

Do you notice you lose more lashes with mascaras that contain paraffin?

Diana dPuck says:

Mel…. I love your thumbnail… its like you’ve found the light or the holy grail. Lol. I’m totally planning to pick this up

Cynthia Alvarado says:

Hi Mel I enjoyed this video on the mascara from Nars your eyelashes are always so long and so pretty and I know you don’t use eyelashes that much but they almost look like false eyelashes anyways love these kinds of videos keep on going girl love you bye bye

S. Harkins says:

My gosh, your lashes are gorgeous even without mascara! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on so many products with us!

Mrs. J says:

Wish I had your lashes, mine are so short, fine and blonde…ugh 🙁


It looks great on you! I hope they have a mini I can try before I commit to the larger one.

XxKawaiiPotatoxX says:

Mel, you are an inspiration to me and a bunch of other people, love you girl

Talya Kurland says:

Any tips on not getting mascara on your eyelids? I ALWAYS get spots of mascara on my lids, no matter how hard I try to avoid it.

Caitlyn M says:


step smith says:

tried the caution mascara by hourglass yesterday. I put it on at 2:30 pm and checked my lashes at 7:00 pm. It looked like the mascara had dried and my lashes no longer the length I saw when my mascara was wet. I just ordered the Nars mascara. Can’t wait to try it.

Paris Day Teutsch says:

Hi Mel, I hope you and your kids are doing well!
I just ordered this mascara a few minutes ago, I can’t get over the red component. All mascaras should have such a beautiful presentation!
Have a beautiful day!

Aliyanna Salvatore says:

Mel you are honestly one of the most gorgeous and talented makeup artists and over all an empowering bad ass woman❤️❤️❤️

Margaret Ocasio says:

Love it. Looks like a mascara I would enjoy. I don’t have large eyes and always seem to make a mess. I have yet to find a mascara other than Milk’s Kush that I really enjoy.

Nekro disiac says:

I’ve been intrigued by this mascara and this was the first video I’ve watched on it.

Sue C says:

Hey Mel….WOW! Your lashes are exceptionally long and gorgeous! Thx for sharing your thoughts! Xo

xgal08 says:

That mascara made your lashes look amazing! I love my Monsieur Big but wow! And That name though, lol!

Isamary Vinson says:

Mascara is good but not great. Also the eyeshadow bought them at Bloomingdales they are beautiful. On my god so beautiful !!!

Claire Furness says:

Your eyelashes are so gorgeous!

MsAntigonaki says:

This looks similar to when I used the Marc Jacobs Omega Lash, except with the MJ, I was getting fluffy lashes… loved the fluff.

lisa s says:

Mel please do a look/review on the Charlotte Tillbury items you received. Please!!

Hummingbirdlvr says:

I really liked the way it went on. Flesh…you made me smile. Have a great weekend! ♥

Kirsten O says:

Your lashes always amazing!!!

twilite 2000 says:

Mel, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Nars mascara. Though the Nars looked OK, IMHO I prefer your lashes on the left. I know what you use on the bottom lashes but is that the Lancome mascara on the top lashes?

Terry May says:

Since you asked for feedback, I will offer that I think your lashes look better on the side with your regular products (your left side), especially the lower lashes. But if I didn’t know you were testing a new mascara, I really may have not noticed the difference. It was only because I was really scrutinizing the look of each eye to make that comparison.

Denise Sheffield says:

I love the red tube but like you I’ve never before liked any of Nars previous mascara’s. I need lots of volume on my lashes so not sure if this is for me but it looks beautiful on your lashes! Chanel de la volume is my favorite mascara so far. And I brought MAC GigaBlack mascara for my lower lashes after watching your reviews and I love it!

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