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Skymouth says:

Wiggle it… just a little bit! Sorry but that song got into my head when you were putting the mascera on

syu nochu says:

What’s a brownie

jewelzofthasea says:

Heyyyy Nadi!

Virginia Gibson says:

Lash primers are amazing. I find that each time I lay down a lash primer I don’t get transfer or any bleeding from any mascara. L’Oréal lash primer I found is best!

I will stick to Essence Lash Princess mascara and The Balm. Wow the fall out you had! This is a pass for me. Thanks for the review.

Sandra Rose says:

I’d like to see if the cannabis oil will soften or help your lashes over time. I mean that’s the thing with this mascara. So I’d honestly only wear it to see if there are benefits to my lashes becoming softer or something. Definitely not for the look. It seems watery and basic.

Aby Mar TH says:

You should try the maybelline scandleyes rockin curves, is my favorite! Is cheap but separate your lashes and make them really long!

West Texas Sinderella says:

I trust you way more than the others. Thank you luv!

Amy says:

You are honestly the most honest makeup reviewer on YouTube.

d bush says:

Wiggle it from base to tip enough and its no wonder its messy all over your eye

Veronica Boyer says:

I remember when Urban Decay had the Big Fatty mascara and the brush on the Kush mascara reminds me of the Big Fatty mascara.

Busta Vlogs says:

Love mine!

Nancy Sanders says:

Hi Nadi Baby!! Digging the coif!!

Tayasspirit says:

Nadi I love the way you look in these pink and red colors you look gorgeous! I kinda want to do a look with those colors now~ The mascara looks gorgeous but I probably wouldn’t buy it :/ probably just going to stick with my elf mascara and better than sex

CoffeeSip says:

I’d rather smoke the Kush then use it on mah eyeballss

Amberlee poole says:

so much hype around cbd right now… it’ll die off… i think the lash paradise is way better just from looking at your lashes… thanx for reviewing xoxo

Vicktoriya Hayes says:

Cbd oil is what causes the smearing of the mascara. So either you want mascara with oil that will soak into the lashes and will smudge a bit. Or a normal mascara that will not have oils and not smudge.

Jaime Reynolds says:

The eye with the layers, is kind of giving me Tammy Faye Bakker vibes LOL She always looked like she had a whole tube on each eye

Annika Peterson says:

Imma stick with my 3.99 essence mascara

dylan Flanders says:

So you recieved a shout out from JenLuvsReviews during her collab with Emily Noel

Anomalyah Black says:

My cheap ass mascara doesn’t leave any fallout and looks great even after wearing it for up to 10-12 hours! Essence, girls 😉

Amanda F. says:

Ugh. I want this so bad, as I am a fan of brownies…but I think this would be a $24 novelty item if I bought it. I have tiny lashes and stuff smudges on me quickly.

PS: My 6 month old loves you.

freethetomatoes says:

I’ve been told that the metal is the same metal used in Lamborghinis.

BelieveDreamAchieve says:

I do have long lashes but that mascara is a no for me. I’ll stick to my mascaras from elf, wet n wild, and smashbox those work great!

Elizabeth Shaw says:

I Vape but nothing in the Cannabis family right now I am vaping lemon bar and strawberry watermelon.

Sherry Constance says:

Everytime you say “feel free to skip ahead” I’m like “nah, I’m good”. Why would anyone want to skip ahead???

Elizabeth Shaw says:

The mascara that we got in March boxycharm got all over my face! Now I know that I have nerve damage in my hands and application of mascara is difficult. But it ain’t that difficult it was on the top of my eyelids it was under my eyes it went everywhere trying to put it on. I need a good one I will pay for a good mascara but I know there are good mascaras at the drugstore.

Lisa Long says:

Love you Nadi!! Xxxx

Michelle Cieslewski says:

Got the bad habit 4 pack of after hours collection, thanks to you!! They finally got it back in stock!! Love your reviews Nadi!!

Elizabeth Shaw says:

I love that as a blush but I am very pale skin so I do a teeny tiny dip into it and it is very pale pink period goes very nicely with very pale skin. You Wiggle from the bottom and when you get to the tip you blink on it or push the warmed up and it what it does is it makes the tips of your lashes go up higher. My lashes go up to my eyebrows but they are not full.

Lisa bartelli says:

I would watch your videos no matter what you were doing! I love your sense of humor, your frequent cuss words, just all of it! Much love♥️♥️

Kila Dorsey says:

Your eyes was high that’s why they were so heavy lol

MissCheriess says:

I love my L’Oréal XXL mascara and their lash paradise. I can’t wait to compare it with my favorite mascaras.

Meemsy says:

What is your favorite mascara ?

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