NYX The Skinny Mascara Review

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Featured Product:

NYX The Skinny Mascara
(only available in black)

$6.99 at Ulta-

Also mentioned–

Maybelline Lash Discovery http://bit.ly/1PmaHns
Cover Girl Clump Crusher Water Resistant http://bit.ly/17FMkC8
(affiliate links)

What I’m Wearing:
-Shirt: Forever 21
-Foundation: Estee Lauder Perfectionist http://bit.ly/1FOG4Sw
-Blush: The Balm – Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush http://bit.ly/1JLIpV4
-Eyes: Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette http://bit.ly/1GUuBE3
-Lips: NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Spice Cake http://bit.ly/1E9BU6y

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by NYX. These are my own, honest opinions. Not a sponsored video- I have never accepted money from a company in exchange for a video.


vocalmommy2004 says:

I love this! But unfortunately it smudged under my eyes after about 4 or 5 hours 🙁 very sad.

Sarah Uriarte says:

I love your reviews! They are so honest, which is hard to come by on YouTube. You’re my go-to when I am actually looking to buy a product!

kiley.elizabeth says:

this looks great! thanks for the review. xo from my beauty channel to your’s <3

Denise G says:

Oh my God so excited about this tiny mascara!! I’ve definitely got little lashes on the lower eye & for that reason I stopped doing lower lashes cause all the brushes were too big!! Now NYX comes out with this…beautiful..I am curious though as I”m in my late 40’s should I use mascara on lower lashes or does it accentuate my fine lines,etc?? I hope you Emily or someone can give me feedback on this question as I’d really like to know…maybe I”m better without it on lower lashes…Great review..Denise >)

Natosha Blevins says:

based on just the video it is very similar to the it cosmetics tightline mascara. I have blonde lashes and the only/least messy and unstressful way to get to the very root and not have my lashes show is to use the tightline mascara on tops and bottom lashes. I swear it has helped a lot with growth for me. But the nyx bottle design as well as wand size seems (again this is based just on the video) identical to the it cosmetics full size product. Ulta also has a mascara product that has a small wand. I don’t remember what it is called, but it is a duo ended bottle of mascara. One is labeled top lashes and that has a traditional cone shaped wand, then the other end says lower lash and has the super tiny skinny wand. I personally don’t think I will ever switch from the it cosmetics tightline mascara simply because I love the formula and swear i have gained so much length due to growth since using the it cosmetics tightline, but again this or the ulta version might be a nice drug store alternative. PS i did for awhile try to use the utla version instead of the it cosmetics version using just the small brush. The formula just didn’t do as well for me. Just the opinion of a die hard it cosmetics tightline user. I do think having blonde lashes does make a difference and is something that should be considered with this type of product. PSS just a helpful tip if you do use the tightline if you get it in the small travel/sample size bottles you get two of those and you get more product for around the same price.

LiteratiMuffin says:

LOVE your lip color!

Danalyn L says:

I love your reviews Emily. I also have problems with mascara transferring below my eyes sometimes. I have been using the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara on my lower lashes as well, and I like it a lot. After watching this video I definitely want to try this NYX mascara on my lower lashes.

heavenly8173 says:

Awesome video be blessed!!!

felinekj says:

I’m wondering how this stacks up to the Clinique one. Since NYX is “Cruelty Free” and Clinique is not, I will by NYXs but I am curious. I find the NYX one on the wet side and wish it was a bit dryer. But I do love the wand!

micapetey says:

I wish you’d demonstrated this on your top lashes as well.

veronica aguilera says:

Similar to it cosmetics mascara

jahukommm says:

Emily, as I’m getting married soon, I’m looking for a good waterproof (drugstore) mascara (with a smaller wand, I hate big fluffy wands :)). Do you have any reccomendations? I’m in Northern Europe, so can’t get Cover Girl or NYX or the kind here… I have a lot of regular mascaras I like, but a good water resistant one is soooo hard to find (most of them apply badly). Thank you!

Sharon Galloway says:

Oh this looks fab. I use Mac Extended Play for my lower lashes which I love as it never transfers, however I may just try this. X

Jenny Linehan says:

This seems like an Awesome little Mascara Em !!! Perfect for your under eyes!! I didn’t even know Nyx had this little Gem for sale. Thank You SO much for bringing this to Our attention!! Huge Hugs for You and Baby Belle….And Tyler, Cupcake as well!! You and Kristin Gehm are my most Trusted Youtuber’s….Your BOTH Kind and Honest in Your Reviews….You guys feel like Real Friends to me and I’m sure that feeling is the same for the bulk of Your Viewers:) XoXoXo

WaddlingWaddles says:

Sorry, I don’t know if I missed it, Do you prefer this one over the maybelline lash discovery?

Jenna B says:

Thanks for this review — it’s been on my wishlist for awhile now.  I will definitely pick it up and try it!

bigleopold says:

Does this compare to the new Estee Lauder primer/mascara? I’d have to go back and look at that video.

Emma Marie says:

I love this lip color on you!!

OrngePeel says:

Thanks! Need this in my collection asap! 🙂

Allyson Sixx says:

This reminds me of IT Cosmetics, theyre tightline mascara. Jaime, one of the reps from IT explains it that the idea behind tightline mascara is to get the part of the lashes closest to the tight line giving the same or similar effect as lining it with liner. Can this be u used in that way too i wonder?

Valerie Dison says:

New subscriber! I just bought the Nyx skinny mascara and want to see other people thoughts and ticks for this product. Thank you for sharing.

Old Email says:

Emily, I would love love LOVE it if you would review some flower cosmetics items because I just got the foundation and love it so I would love to see your thoughts on it:)

Anita C. says:

I use this for both my upper and lower lashes, I use about 2-3 coats and its gives me long, natural looking lashes that aren’t clumpy!

Tasoula Goodrick says:

Really enjoy your reviews Emily, so thorough, so concise and you leave nothing out….you are awesome – you were the very first you tuber I subscribed to so long ago and you are the best !!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful baby Belle, she is
beyond cute, it’s very generous of you and Tyler to share her – LOVE you guys xxxx

Crystal Zagal says:

I LOVE your videos Emily! You are one of the most, if not the most, genuine YouTubers out there. I know I can always trust your reviews!

Jocelyn Mailman says:

You must must muuuuusst try the covergirl lashblast length! It is my holy grail all time favourite mascara. Very defining and lengthening. Love it

kristie r says:

NYX is killing the makeup industry right now.

Kathleen Sauer says:

Hi Emily,

Have you tried Cliniques Bottom lash mascara? It is a teeny brush also and shorter too
I had it once & thought it pretty good
Would love to know what you think about it
The nyx one looks good! I’ll try it!

faithmp says:

can you review the ner Kat von d eye palette

Jennifer Doherty says:

Awesome review!  I use the Lash Discovery because of your recommendation.  I will definitely have to try this one.  I have a lot of trouble with mascaras transferring below my eye as well so I will make sure to set my under-eye area.  Excited to try!  Thank you!

vocalmommy2004 says:

Hi Emily, Happy Mother’s day! Can you do a review on the new e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Lash Tint Mascara?? And there is also a new blending brush!

NaeNae says:

WOWWW!!! You can really notice the side by side difference!!!!! Your right eye lower lashes were extremely defined and you’re not kidding about the wand catching every single little lash!!! Now im super Curious to see how my lower lashes stand out and define by eyes 🙂 thank you for the review!!!

Veronica Krohg says:

Is it waterproof?

Nicole Clements says:

Ooo I may need to pick this up!! Thank you for the review!

Amaris Sanchez says:

Hey Emily! I really wanted to see if you had the new Jordana Modern Matte lipsticks and if so what were your thoughts on them!! They’re really cheap like $2 a piece but I always get discouraged because they seem too good to be true…but they keep catching my attention ha

Beauty By BeeZee says:

Will have to try on the lower lash line! I usually use CG Clump Crusher and that seems to work well 🙂

Rachel S. says:

Thank u Emily…that review was helpful n I love listening to your voice. It’s so soothing. I hope nyx makes this in waterproof one day. I have watery eyes, so need waterproof mascara.

Jasmine Beltran says:

You have some gorgeous eyes!

And thanks for the review this mascara looks promising.

Hannah H says:

So glad you posted this! I’ve had my eye on this mascara for a while, but didn’t want to buy in case it doesn’t work out. Now I’ll give it a shot!

Ive Chang says:

Happy Mothers day ♡ive

Karina Alvarado says:

Can you use more cruelty free products and help save the animals. Thank you <3

gypsijewel says:

sounds good

Jailyn Arce says:

Lower lashes kinda freak me out..a lil bit.

princessviolet2103 says:

yes!! i love this mascara and its exactly why i bought it 😉

Erika L says:

Thank you for making this video! I was on a hunt for a good bottom lash mascara!

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