Review & Demo: Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

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Lara Vergara says:

tomorrow i’ll buy this omg

Brianna Paredes says:

I have this mascara! I have very straight lashes that go downward and when I curl them and apply this mascara I was very impressed.I get lots of compliments at school!!

Khyati Sethi says:

Does this give clumpy lashes? Because I don’t like when that happens to mine. Also which is better, falsies or this ones?

Лилия Хуснутдинова says:


Katherine John says:

Holy shit, I think I’m in love with her and her eyelashes wtf

cjmckaena says:

How do you not smudge? I always have residue on my eyelid every time I put mascara on

Heather Rhys says:

her lashes literally look fake omg! 😀

Valeria aceves says:

wow I have that mascara and I have mid size lashes maybe like yours something like that but that mascara clumps them all up

Grace Mercado says:

Is this one the waterproof or non waterproof? Btw great video!

Crystal M says:

Buying this!! Your lashes look awesome! Also, your brows are super cute!

Jenna B says:

You have a nice set of lashes there!!!! Are they natural or do you have extensions? Also did you find the comb side of the brush difficult to use? I recently went out and bought the WetnWild Cat Mascara (which I plan on returning) and found the brush extremely complicated to figure out how to apply.

Morgan Imes says:

good review. why such depressing music though?

Alissa S. says:

Is the blackest black shade thick? Because I bought the very black one (01) and it seems to be a more natural mascara and I’m wondering if this ones a lot heavier, or thicker than the other. Thanks 🙂

Pricila Triana says:

I personally own one and I love it, I loved how your eyelashes came out afterwards! They are true goals

Star Angel's fun and frolic says:

I have the same mascara but it doesn’t look the same for me

Nicole Leon says:

What foundation are you wearing? Looks perfect !!

Katelynn Pierson says:

All time favorite! It lasts with 2 coats, 3 days for me. After that it starts flaking and clumping. I leave it on because I work a 72 hour shift.

MeganMichelez 2 says:

Bye Felicia

Maydeline Gomez says:

This is my all time favorite mascara and I looove the brush

Rolantis says:

OH MY GOD! I’ve never been so impressed with a mascara demo! Amazing.

Ashley A says:

my eyelashes are really long as well, and I have been using this mascara for a few months now and I absolutely love it! it really separates my lashes, usually mascara clumps my eyelashes so I definitely recommend this product!!!

Rosa says:

yours came out so nice, I used this in the waterproof version, it was horrible and dry, and no volume, lashes stuck together, and I have really long thick lashes, I will try the non waterproof next time

Jaime James says:

OMG thanks for the tip and Yeah the full and soft is my favorite as well

Happy81555 says:

You have beautiful eyes :3


I love your eyelashes ❤ what do you do so the look thick and long naturally?! like omg !!!!

La Reina says:

I thought it looked great with just one coat , it looked more natural and less spidery. I like this one I think I’m gonna try it ☺

Leticia Rigao de Queiroz says:

Lindo. Pena que este produto não tem aqui no Brasil. Você é linda. Ficou parecendo uma boneca.

Julie M says:

+lilfeefifofum HOW did you not get mascara all over your lid?! My lashes ALWAYS touch my eyelids when I’m applying mascara :/ messing up all my eye shadow

Jewelry Girl says:

Appreciate the review… Gonna try it… but please tell me about your lipstick please!

Humaira Musawinxclub says:

love your voice

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