Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara | Review + Demo

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LilyBeauty says:

I love the wand!! Ah your lashes are beautiful

MariaFelecity says:

This is a great review. I can’t use Better than Sex Mascara, because it is really wet, and I have straight lashes that lie low and flat. That mascara makes them fall even more. This mascara sounds about the same as that, so I am happy I waited to purchase it. On another note, anyone with straight lashes, that never curl, I recommend UD Perversion mascara, but after it has dried out a little bit. The key is the primer, OMG..that with the mascara is amazing!! My HOLY GRAIL mascara now!! No Drugstore, High end mascara is the same for me.I do not mind splurging on it, because it is that good!

Jah DeBeaute says:

Love it looks good seems like it’s not clumpy 😉 and beautiful;)

Hazimah Hamzah says:

I dont really like mascara but this one looks not bad. Nice lashes!

siney Sanchez says:

long time no see 😉

Madeline Fernández says:

Hi, Yes! Big queston here: if i buy something at Sephora and ends up not working, do i have to return it to the same store or can it be in a diferent state? I’m going on vacation to the US and want to buy a clarisonic, but i will go to a diferent state after like a month. Hope i was clear. Thank you!

Beth K says:

Thanks for the review, girl! I’ve been curious about this one, so glad you compared it to the better than sex!

mimiwise2002 says:


LadyJosette Collins says:

Love how you did this video! Gave a really good view of the product and how it was putting on and looking, I just signed up for birchbox and im just starting to get boxes though im getting annoyed that i am either getting sun screen or hair products more than anything else >.< IDK how thats to be my kind of thing lol. Anyway can i ask where your accent comes from? PLEASE dont take that question all wrong! Its just a really soft and relaxing sound 😡 some youtubers make good vids but have VERY annoying voices .-. Anyway thanks again! P.S. New to your channel so i am wondering if you have any other boxes other than birchbox and if so which one do you think is really worth the price of being a subscriber to??

sanitha lancaster says:

Thanks for this review

Bella koutros says:

The Stila mascara I also got in my Berch Box! I love it so much. Yes it is a wet formula at first but the more you use it the better it gets! great investment!!

Dinah Reviews says:

The wand reminds me of the better than sex mascara! Beautiful

Jane Lewis says:

When your lashes are on fleek!!

Daily Dania says:


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