Testing the WORLD’S BEST MASCARA?? | Benefit Bad gal bang mascara review | EmmasRectangle

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Angelica Brito says:

Not what it seems. Very expensive and it does nothing than an 8 dollar product cannot do. Don’t waste your $

ava leigh says:

does anyone else think she kinda looks like khloe kardasian? or is it just me?!?!

almira siskartika says:

is that hard to clean?

vernie says:

Actually, I like it! How hard is it to remove? You said it was wet. So does it make a mess above and below your eyes until it dries?

Мари Хуана says:

Did she already have something on her lashes before she put mascara on…?

Leeann Costlow says:

she looks like kate winslet

Maria Quintero says:

You look like Kate Winslet.

P.M. Patterson says:

Looks a bit too spidery.

B W says:

Wow made your eyes pop! Nice!

Almeryte Cheema says:

*love the way makes your lashes bigger than normal mascara must be pretty expensive*

Redouan Iflillis says:

i got it in this store : > https://bit.ly/2QU3Tdm

Glow With Moon says:

Is there a waterproof version of it?

Katie Perrigo says:

I hated this mascara! I bought it and took it back because it made my lashes so spidery and stiff that they looked like they got glued together with black ink! And it didn’t come off all the way for 3 days, even with makeup remover and face wash.

Teddy Burr says:

You look FABULOUS in this mascara Emma. You have lovely lashes, made spectacular by this mascara Teddy UK xx

Shilow Dawn says:

Mas Scare a, not mas scar a.

Taylor Dawn says:

I want to try this mascara!!

nikki c says:

there’s something about you i just think you’re the most beautiful girl omg!! your skin looks amazing! & good video 🙂 thanks

Khalid Mehmood says:

Where I get this mascara

Sara Siddiqua says:

how can I buy this mascara in india plz guys help me I

Dori Ramirez says:

On Facebook a page called OMG Spark stole part of this video, and they’re using it to promote their shitty rip off mascara. Called them out on it and they blocked me from commenting &deleted my comment.

Megan Donovin says:

New subscriber love everything about your videos! You the editing your personality how you talk to us etc.

Lydia Vela says:

Everyone knows the BEST mascara in the world is Maybelline waterproof mascara. Hands down.

Heather Gerhardt says:

I found a dupe that works, at least on my lashes, just as well and it’s $20 cheaper. It may not last 36 hours, but who wears it that long anyway?

Sandra Kristal says:

Kate Winslet’s twin sister!! Gorgeous!!

Grace Gonzales says:

That link to purchase the mascara is not valid.

Sapiophile 2566 says:

It looks like you had on false eye lashes before you put mascara on.

JillyAnn Loves Jack says:

I have a very hard time with mascara because my lashes are blonde, short and I have hooded eyes so I need something that’s going to help with one coat, preferably. I think this mascara makes a huge impact after just the first coat. And one coat would def mean less clumping! I recently heard a great review on adding a certain Olive oil to your lash beds before sleeping to make lashes grow. I just wonder if there was a little bit of the oil still on the lashes, if that might make it silkier and less clumpy….? OR, the mascara might just slide right off throughout the day! Lol! Just an idea!

Angela B says:

Too bad Benefit condones testing on animals for profit. What a disgusting company and archaic company in a modern age

Sasou La Belle Fleur says:

Is it waterproof though? Just wondering, because I wanna just go to the store and get not wanting to read the box while I’m there.

Eudora says:

When it first came out I bought it, used it once and returned it to the store and told them it was rubbish!

valerialovestea says:

I loved how the mascara looked on you <3 you're so pretty and you remind me of Leighton Meester!! gonna keep watching your videos now 😀

Never Too Beauty says:

I’m in Australia and I just bought this mascara. It is now my holy grail. I love this mascara!!

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