Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara | Demo & Review

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Patricia cruz says:

For Me The Mascara Isn’t All That Because My Eye Lashes Are Super Longgg Soo All Mascara Looks The Same But I Got This One Because They Said It Wouldn’t Have Fall Out But It Does & Its Annoyingg … Any Suggestions ?

Arianna Athena says:

“That IS THE first coat” *applies 12 coats*

Epitome Of Narcissism says:

Why does mine make my eyelashes super clumpy and gross -_-

Bekah Wallace says:

I have this mascara, careful it clumps if you apply two coats!

Makeupagram 101 says:

what’s the name of the song in the beginning?

Claudia Barclay says:

WHERE did you buy yours?! At sephora I saw it for $33!

Alexandria Harrison says:

i tried it …. it chips in ur eyes and doesn’t hold up for the day…the brush is also weird but it looks good on u

Daiana Diaz says:

You’re eyelashes are so pretty

Shanae N says:

Hey Haleigh!! Did you use an eyelash curler for this look??

GabbyxRose says:

Do u have contacts? Like colored ones?

Virginia Zatarain says:

Does anyone know what song is at the beginning? I can’t remember the name lol

WeWeKyKyProductions says:

I like the mascara, but my one complaint is that it transfers (atleast for me) absolutely horrendously for me. Within an hour or two I have back all underneath my brow bone and black all underneath my eye from my bottom lashes

IchliebeTokioHotel17 says:

I seriously need this mascara .

Jocey L. says:

Omg so pretty! I need to buy myself one! &I feel you girl with the wisdom teeth :'( worst pain ever!
Just got mine out a week ago!

Mimi's makeup channel says:


Beth Thompson says:

You remind me of Alisha Marie☺️

Mariah says:

I use this mascara everyday and when ever I go to school someone always asks me if i have fake eyelashes on xDDD

Adrien Dwight says:

i wish i had beautiful lashes like u

Chelsea Zilm says:

dude you look so much like lily loveless

II Olivia Horan II says:

Wtf I’m about to cry it won’t curl for me someone plz help me

Random says:

How much was it?

Kind Heart says:

My favorite

Tamara says:

You look so much like Alisha Marie

Audrey Lin says:

your eyes are beautiful!

Rachel Hansson says:

Did u curl your eyelashes first?

Amber Bowman says:

What is on your lips?? So pretty!!

Taylor Buchanon says:

I just got mine in the mail yesterday and I love it

lcoli002 says:

your bed frame is beautiful

Kailee's Beauty Blog says:

I can’t wait to try this mascara! I’m getting it in my ipsy bag and I’m so exited!

SarinaLinn says:

You remind me of Evan Rachel Wood. What eyeshadow did you put on your eyelid?! :0

Sofie Nilsson says:

I dont get it. I have bought that mascara and it it’s literally the must clumfy mascara I have ever tried. But it look amazing on you…..

Delaram Ansari says:

Does anyone know if this mascara is water-resistant?

Jadyne Stewart says:

A mascara only lasts a month for you? Thats not a long time tbh,mine usually lasts two to three months. Loved the video though!!

Trini Shay says:

I’ve been wanting to try out this mascara for a while cause it looks so good.

Jaden Greene says:

Just got this yesterday and I was honestly blown away because I didn’t think it was as good as everyone said it was. Nothing usually is worth the hype but this is!!

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