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Hi honey boo boos!! Today I wanted to share my personal favorite drugstore mascaras. I am a mascara JUNKIE, and I use only drugstore brands because there are some AWESOME ones out there and it’s just more cost effective 🙂 I hope you like this review layout and find my review helpful. This is not a sponsored video and my commentary is purely my opinion! Please share your favs with me in the comments area (^.^) and I will see you next Thursday!! XOXO

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#1 Favorite Mascara – Maybelline Lash Sensational:
#2 Favorite Mascara – Covergirl Super Sizer:
#3 Favorite Mascara – Maybelline The Falsies:
#4 Favorite Mascara – Loreal Telscopic Shocking Extensions:
#5 Favorite Mascara – Revlon Grow Luscious:

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mephisto293 says:

Thanks for this video… so often review/top 5 videos are just talking, “wow it’s great I love it blah blah” but you did before & after for each one so I could see how it looks on. Super useful!

Skating Canuck says:

Could you please give your opinion on dry vs heavy formulas. Also how do you feel about lash primers?

Brooke007 says:

0:35 lol

Raina E says:

I came across this video and I love how you break everything down and actually show what the product looks like on your lashes! I just subscribed!!

gabe canadian says:

Love your videos. I’d like to know what is your favorite eye makeup remover?

Nerissaaa says:


Rachel Newton says:

I used to loveeee the lash sensational and they definitely make your lashes long, but what I’ve noticed from the formula of ALL maybelline mascaras is that it’s so tacky and clumpy. After I try to take off the mascara it will pull out multiple eyelashes because it sticks to the lashes and it’s very painful.


Thank you for the great review and love the comparison the before and after of each mascara. I too, love love the volume and lengthening effect possible.

How are the staying power for these mascara? I am a fan of the discontinued Covergirl 24hr mascara, which it stays put until I am ready to take it off. So many I have tried ((waterproof still smudges)), the length of time starting to smudge is within the first hour. I normally do not touch up, rarely check myself in the mirror during the day, thus smudge-proof is essential.

Karla Kristina says:

Perfect review right to the point!! ❤️

Sam and Dav says:

i just found this channel and wow ur amazing definitely need more subscribers!!

Kelly Snyder says:

I’m glad I found this video. I have the rocket mascara by maybelline and my lashes fall straight and won’t stay curled. I want longer lashes and volume.

Abs says:

Omg she keeps saying “curvature” and it’s so annoying omg…

Juan carlos Plancarte says:

her face is super big omg! bigger than my future

Amanda Agui says:

Do you use a waterproof formula?

ImStranger ThanYou says:

Ohmygosh she’s so well-spoken, I’m in love

em tsan says:

Omg i just found your channel! I love it!

Jane says:

How do you apply your mascara?? It’s gorgeous! I can’t believe the difference! Do you wait between layers and let them dry before applying more? I need to know!

Dawn Dusk says:

best video for mascara. thanks 🙂

tiffanyy_n says:

I’ve been looking for an everyday non-waterproof mascara for a year now (using waterproof everyday is bad for your lashes) & I think I’ve finally found it. I have stubborn Asian lashes, I just tried the lash sensational today & I really like it! All non-waterproof mascaras weigh down my lashes, but this is the only one I’ve ever tried that holds my curl all day & doesn’t smudge/flake throughout the day (I wore it for 6-7 hrs). Also, I’ve read a lot of reviews saying this mascara was difficult to remove, that it practically ripped out your lashes. This is the reason why I hesitated to buy this mascara for so long, but I just removed it w/ my Neutrogena makeup remover & it came off very easy! I’m mad at myself for taking this long to try it & wasting so much money on other mascaras. I’m gonna keep using it everyday to see if this is my holy grail but so far, so good.

Y Mokka says:

I looked on eBay there’s pink tubes but they say full fan effect and one that’s says multiplying…yours has no writing underneath “sensational”

Jessica Serrano says:

This is ONE of the best Actual review and try on option videos. I love the side by side comparison!! Thank you

TØP & J2 4EVER says:

im just starting to wear makeup and im so lost, i don’t know the difference between a good and a bad product, i just don’t know what makes a foundation good or a mascara bad, and you”ve been so helpful, every makeup product in my makeup bag is from your recommendations, and my makeup looks really good cuz of you, luv ya!! 🙂

Lady S77 says:

what are your top 5 waterproof drugstore mascara

Dana Chedid says:

I bought the covergirl mascara and i’m so in love! Thank you for the recommendation! 🙂

Marissa Mandeville says:


Sophia Hobbs says:

I love your top 5 videos! so informative and funny!!


Covergirl Clump Crusher by lashblast is a REALLY good mascara!!! It actually doesn’t clump, and one coat can do enough for your lashes if you’re going for a natural look:)

Orange mint Pop says:

I just subbed. I’m loving your personality and thank you for making this video. I am looking for a good ds mascara and this really helped.

June Lau says:

I really like how you compare using the split screen! Subscribing! 🙂

ILYSarahGrace says:

Loving your hair!!! Just subscribed

Jaky Orellana says:

My eyelashes are naturally thick and black and tend to fall right back down to their original place even after I curl them. Anyone recommend a good mascara for that?

DelightfulGg says:

I agree with the Maybelline Lash Sensational. It is amazing and I’ve been using it for 2 years.

Gwyn Barshinger says:

Great info for good mascaras but I have a problem with my lower lashes since they are so sparse! Any suggestions?

elaine ღ says:

You are adorable, I love you !! ❤️

Rachel Easley says:

likes and subscribed immediately

Jackie Coreas says:

This video was so helpful! Thank you! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mascara and I have similar lashes to you so this was super insightful!

Kim Nicole says:

Loved this video! Just found ur channel!! Awesome! Question: were u wearing lashes with any of the mascaras in the before and after pics??

Micah Garcia says:

hii! are those your natural lashes? if no, do you use any lash growth serum? thank you 🙂

Skating Canuck says:

This was a great video. I don’t buy drugstore mascaras often because I can’t really return them. I love your detailed description. The upclose images really really helped.

Elizabeth Houston says:

something about her voice and her face is slightly scaring me

Rebecca Phillips says:

Great vide….wait wow i was literally eating as you told me about the diarrhea exploding out of your butt… 🙁 gee thanks!

aside from that very informative video im always looking for another good drugstore mascara. ive been using the maybelline falsies mascara and i love it but it dries up very quickly and then it doesnt work as well and doesnt lift and separate as much as it used to. I would really like to try your top 2. Do you have any tips to make mascara last a little longer than a couple weeks? cuz thats how long its been taking my falsies one to get dry… and i dont pump the brush i just turn the wand around the edge of the bottle.

Rachel Isawesome says:


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