Trying out the BENEFIT BADGAL BANG MASCARA | First Impressions & Review

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Debbie Edwards says:

I wish you would have done the eye that you did not curl with out cleaning the wand.

Jesse Lawson says:

Girl, you are speaking the truth! I wipe off the extra product as well! I’ve watched so many reviews on mascara that people bash but they don’t wipe off the excess product and then dismiss it like it’s a crappy product! Love watching your videos!

Sirena Bradley says:

One of the things I’ve done is wipe the excess product on a palette and then use that to coat the wand for application.

Annibelle Camey says:

Idk if u care about ur acne or not but literally when u did the close up and when u were showing off the mascara I saw ur acne and I was SO HAPPY! I know that sounds weird but…well I always hate when I put foundation and stuff on my face I am always just so uncomfortable because I have acne and I don’t think I look good with anything on because of the bumps but now that I see someone as gorgeous as you able to look so amazing even with acne and all the product on your face I feel so much better and am probably going to feel a lot better and more confident next time I try to put makeup on

Joms Bernardo says:

the only objective review i’ve watched about this mascara. it is really about how you apply it. i’ve watched other reviews and i find that they applied it ruggedly and not properly. less coats and products is more

Mallayka Maria Valentin says:

Another tip for mascara, if it gets too clumpy use eye drops and that will fix it!

2B says:

Omg that lipstick!! Please tell me which one you uuuuused! <3

Scrimbo says:


yoana stoeva says:

you are the sweetest! I love your accent and your videos! Where are you from?

Maggie Butler says:

Do a makeup collection video!

Rubi Hi says:

You should do a makeup collection video.

Jana J Beauty says:

This is exactly what my impression of this mascara was. I love that it’s smudge and waterproof and very lightweight, but I’m not a fan of the wand. I prefer a firm wand with bristles. If they just keep the mascara and change the wand, it might just become the best mascara in the market similar to the Too Faced Better than sex one. Thanks for the review Denitsa!!! <3

Molly Bailey says:

girl you should do a tutorial on all of lo’reals new products

vegaslights says:

do the new ABH palette

Jennifer Jung says:

Your accent makes me happy. ❤

Chelsea Langford says:

im obsessed with you omfg

Katharina Lambrich says:

you look sooooo beautiful!!!! What lip product have you used in this video? it looks stunning!!

Jessica Cantell says:

I’ve seen this about and was curious to know what it was like! Ps I love your lipstick! x

RoTube says:

Where do u get your headbands from?
P.S. you’re BEAUTIFUL!!!

Liliana Soto says:

“so let’s see the wand”

Jessica Jones says:

I don’t like too much product on the wand either!!!!! That’s cool lol

Lady.Whatever says:

When I curl my lashes and use a I have mascara from Kiko they look like mink false lashes but they’re not super black. When I use the Paradise from Maybelline it weighs my lashes down but they do look black. But I lose all volume. Ugh

MissPinsleepe says:

My Roller Lash Mascara is running a bit dry and I wanted to buy a new one. But now I don’t know if I should rather buy this one. Does it really curl your lashes a bit? Mine are even straighter that yours and Roller Lash Mascara is the only one that looks good without curling my lashes first. And now I have a problem with deciding which one should I buy. Can you give me some advice? 🙂

Shehanna Alharthi says:

Your makeup here is so gorgeous can u do a tutorial? And what are you wearing on your lips? It’s so cute

julianaloriel1 says:

I stumbled upon your tutorials and you are so cute!! Very refreshing. You seem like a regular girl!!

Iaisha Ringler says:

I’m seriously in love with your accent and it makes me want to watch you more just to hear it ❤️you are so adorable ❣️

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