Ultimate Mascara Review! 15 Mascaras Review + Demo Comparison

Are high priced mascaras worth it? Ultimate mascara review and mascara demo with 15 mascaras, side by side comparisons! From designer mascara to drugstore mascara. It’s the ultimate mascara showdown! Share on Facebook:

Did your favorite mascara make the cut? Use this mascara review demo to see which mascara is right for you.

Do you think there’s a big difference between high priced designer mascara and drugstore mascara? What is your favorite mascara?

Mascaras used:
Lancome – Hypnose Drama
Tarte – Lights, Camera, Lashes
Urban Decay – Perversion
benefit – they’re Real
Too Faced – Better Than Sex
it Cosmetics – Hello Lashes!
bareMinerals – Lash Domination
Teez – Desert Metals Mascara
None Creme – Color Prevails
Make Up For Ever – Smoky Extravagant (sample size)
Maybelline – The Falsies Volume Express
Cargo Cosmetics – Better Than Waterproof
L’Oreal – Voluminous Original
CoverGirl – The Super Sizer
Maybelline – the Colossal Volum’Express

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abimoon24 says:

The Tarte one was the best in my opinion! The video was really well done! What was that song called?

mocha snoozypikachu says:

I liked the “Lights, Camera, Lashes” and “Cargo Cosmetics: Better than Waterproof” on you 🙂

Izabella Acosta says:

The tarte one was amazing

sabinaxo says:

Aw your eye looked so red and sore towards the end of the video 🙁

Abbigael Woods says:

They all look the same

Edith Escamilla says:

You should’ve applied two coats! They all look really similar but if anything, tarte looked the best to me on you 🙂

Princess Reham kq says:

Thank you very much xoxoxo that’s was very helpful…

poop says:

The all look the same because she applied one coat which barely did anything. There were some subtle differences though. Wish she would have done 2 coats / combed them through a bit better.

Riri Yana says:

Sure hope you didn’t film all this in one day..

Harmony Lucas says:

What is that music. it good. Sorry English bad

Von S-white says:

Make Up Forever does it for you!

Verónica González says:

My boyfriend say that he doesn’t see difference hehehe

lea plateau says:

the best one is tarte for sure !!

Malak M says:


Corey Weiss says:

The eyes have it! Great job.

Smurfett Smurf says:

Sticking with drug store because I was not expressed with the high end although I do know mascara has different results on different eyelashes …what works for me … Does not work on my friend and Vic versa

Jennifer Laing says:

My favs are Tarte and Maybelline Falsies.

CrystaliahD W says:

thx for the speedy review i got 2 of em

Cass McLeod says:

My two favourite mascaras two use is the Buxom mascara (which wasn’t shown but is amazing!) and sometimes I’ll add a layer of Better than sex by Too Faced on top for some more volume since my lashes are quite thin. However, good drugstores dupes for these two wonderful but expensive mascaras are the Clump Crusher by CoverGirl and l’Oreal Voluminous 🙂

Mariam Jawad says:

Please subscribe to my channel and ill do the same xx :)) comment when done

Mizz Young says:

check out the 3d fibre lash mascara that is top world selling http://www.youniqueproducts.com/ahhspa

Morgan Lock says:

To me, while many high end and drugstore mascaras have similar looks (as an example, for me Covergirl Lashblast mascaras are easily as good for me as Benefit They’re Real or the new one from Smashbox), part of why I prefer high end mascaras over all is that I find over time when I use only drugstore mascaras, my eyelashes become sparser and shorter and feel more brittle, a problem rectified when I use high end mascaras, so my eyelashes don’t fall out as often, and are thicker and marginally longer.

Aysia Bible says:

they all look the same like wtf? eyelashes not on fleek sorrys

TooBored ToThinkOfAUsername says:

Hey, I’m not really a mascara girl so I’m not going to comment on this weeks videos but I have a question. I have always wanted to start a youtube channel and I think I’ll be able to handle bad comments but since I’m fifteen and still go to school I am worried that people from my school will find out and since they don’t like me I don’t want to give them a chance to make fun of me.And even though I know I shouldn’t care it still hurts. What are your thoughts on the matter? Have you gotten bad commentery on your videos face to face?

Raizel C says:

I’ve been using CoverGirl Lashblast since I was 13 and it’s the longest relationship I’ve had with a cosmetic product. It works perfectly for my needs.

Magdalena Liput says:

Respect for rocking huge brush of muf mascara. My eyelids would be black all around 🙂 It’s funny that some high price mascaras give almost no effect. My favourite Loreal volume lashes so couture is not in the movie but I can recomend it – fabulously extend the lashes and stays whole day long no matter of rain, crying, etc. Cheers

Viringa Perros says:

I love Butterfly Lashes from Loreal

Janine Geese says:

Very good video !

Ελένη Χουστούλακη says:

really nice video and very helpful!!! <3

Harmony Lucas says:

What is that music. it good. Sorry English bad

Ana Hanneit says:

Thnx for reviewing them one by one, love these kind of videos.

H BD says:

same x15…

Crazy_thing says:

Conclusion: mascaras are pratically all the same.. >.<

ArrLimePirate says:

The high-end ones all look the same and are extremely underwhelming…. and I see the “demo” part of the video but where exactly was the “review” part as stated in your title??

Marjorie Webb says:

I have the They’re Real by Benefit and I absolutely hate it. I got it after hearing all the great reviews. For me it just makes my lashes stick together, not clumpy, but just like stick together and makes them flat with no curl. Does anyone else hate this mascara?

Kendal Waddell says:

I wished it the prices for each mascara, but other than that great video.

Ana Victoria says:

I think the tart mascara made her eyelashes look the best !

Sarah Meyer says:

I have tried a lot of these mascaras and I think what really sets some apart from others is:
A. How long it lasts, if the texture stays the same and it doesn’t dry out quickly or start to clump on the brush
B. How the texture feels right off the bat. I prefer high end mascaras usually over drugstore because often high end mascaras feel creamy and nice on the lashes, not like you’re injuring your eyes putting them on
C. How black it is or if you have to build it up to get it super black
D. If it smudges or flakes a lot throughout the day
E. If it loses curl in your lashes quickly

Out of all these mascaras, I would recommend Urban Decay Perversion, though I haven’t tried some of them. If anyone has a recommendation based on my criteria or any that are similar to perversion I would love to hear about them.

Evelyn Rios says:

I always wondered if mascaras that are on the pricy side worked better, but surprisingly a lot of them to me seem to work similarly great video! 🙂

Stefaney Artistically says:

ok, I am the most picky mascara selector EVER…I did not like any of these mascaras on her. I never like any on myself either. I am looking for EXTREMELY thick lashes from a mascara that is not too wet…I want them really lifted and full. somebody help!!!!!!

Dani + Ant says:


Venice Dang says:

I have the They’re Real from Benefit one and I LURVE IT SO MUCH!!!!

Sarah Dick says:

Yep, they look very similar. And if you can wear the cheap brands, fantastic! My eyes are so sensitive that I have to be really careful of what I put on them. It’s not necessarily about price (I can’t wear all the expensive brands), but I haven’t found a “drug store” brand that I can wear :/

Von S-white says:

I love Maybelline Stilleto! It gives my lashes, so much life!!!

MyCupcakelandia says:

Wow!!! Great video, love from Mexico <3

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