30-Day Review ~ Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream

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Here’s my review of Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream after 30 days of use.

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Sunflowershowers says:

Since I found the company muac – I’m hesitant to use other products. They are excellent skin care products for a fraction of the cost. Idk why but I have a hard time trusting drugstore brands. But if this is a good product then I’ll consider it. Although some of the comments here make me think twice . Also I hope it’s not tested on animals . There is no need for that if that’s the case. Thank you for your great videos.

Blueberry Hill says:

Would you recommend this for men as well?

Mandy Lewis says:

You give excellent reviews. Very detailed, always. Great video, thank you.

Ange LA says:

How long does the peeling/flaking last with the cell turnover? I just started regenerist 3 nights ago and this morning I woke up with a flakey face. Should I only use every other night?

msgtim52 says:

Excellent review!

bethpat9 says:

have you ever tried alpha hydroxy cream?

Lee Gary says:

Angie did you ever have a bad reaction with this product? It has my face feeling on fire with dry red patches. I stopped using it days ago and I’m srill stinging and burning. I have read reviews about it and so many women are experiencing the same problems. go to the performance leader and read the reviews please. xx

thanks59300 says:

Would love to live in chilly New England. Never been but would rather layer on lots of clothes and boots versus hot since I hit fifty Looks great on you too

pro log says:

to all you people with negative comments this video is 2013 its been approx 4 years since, my advice go check out a recent video of angies and see the difference in angies skin. you will see your negative comments are pointless. she has come along way with her vids, her opinions are non bias and her skin regime is spot on

yes it's me says:

they have fragrance free that’s what I bought

Jamey Perry says:

I’ll give it a try thank you…our weather here in Louisiana is chilly , but it could get warm very quickly bc ya never know here! Love ya

Barb Bentley says:

Angie, I really enjoy watching your videos. I was wondering how you learn your info. And do you have a degree or education in a related field?

Joie de Vivre Morph says:

off topic but I love your necklace in this video!

Lexi Gano says:

I’ve been using this product for 2 years, yet I really don’t see a change. I have no bad reaction to it. But, sagging around the neck and mouth

Tammy Dowell says:

Florida 74 high.

A Voice For The Voiceless says:

The only problem with all these products, is that they’re tested on animals. I feel like we often don’t have a choice, especially with the harsher stuff… sucks!

Genene Bates says:

Love to try it, but either i have one with a faulty lid, or you require a Scientific Degree to open it.
Not a kind experience with my first jar. i give it – 0 out of 10.

Melody Hess says:

I’ve been using this product since I was 25 yrs old….Now that I’m 60 ..now I’m afraid to use another product.. Olay only!

Philly sweetie says:

Is the glycolic acid used for fine lines??

yes it's me says:

it doesn’t have any really good ingredients

Airanna Topaz says:

u look great honey

Jimmy Dinh says:

Wait, are you telling me that the flakiness that results from using this is not the cream drying and peeling off, but actually my skin?!

yes it's me says:

what are the active ingredient couldn’t find

Vicki Graham says:

I find your videos very informative and helpful. I’m 61 and am using Regenerist daily and I love it.

Diana Ray says:

Get to the point first of all and second, are you kid me here???!!!

Nafeh Jamal says:

I tried this product & I broke out after one day .. my skin was irritated right after 3 minutes but I thought this reaction because my skin needs to get used to it.. I think it has a high percentage of chemical ingredients & the smell is strong which indicates many perfumes..

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