A dermatologist’s review of Cerave (not sponsored)

A dermatologist’s review of Cerave (not sponsored)
Cerave cream http://amzn.to/2t0t7u3
Cerave BHA face wash http://amzn.to/2tzZtss
Cerave foaming face wash http://amzn.to/2s1GJjE
Cerave hydrating cleansing bar http://amzn.to/2t0fISJ
Cerave SA cream http://amzn.to/2tzKzm1
Cerave SA lotion http://amzn.to/2swTNkQ
Cerave healing ointment http://amzn.to/2t1EvWi
Cerave Mineral sunscreen SPF 50 http://amzn.to/2swUL0l
Cerave AM SPF 30 http://amzn.to/2s1LNVd
Cerave PM http://amzn.to/2swtNpG

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Glynis Maruk says:

Thank you yet again!

Brooke Streun says:

I really appreciate these one- brand videos like this and the vanicream one because I can go back to them and refer to them if I have a question about something. I also appreciate how honest you are and helpful your tips are! Have you done one like this for Neutrogena? I know you mention them a lot, but a video of your fav neutrogena products would be cool for a reference standpoint. 🙂

Debra Ray says:

Hi Dr.-I have heard that peptides help to plump the lips. What do you think?

Across theUniverse says:

i’m getting cerave products now… especially now that i know how good ceramide is for the skin

Keashaw Caissie says:

In regards to the CeraVe SA cream and lotion- which would you recommend for upper arms for KP? I also suffer from KP exacerbations, especially in the winter, lol. I’m really not sure which one to buy. I know you said that there wasn’t much of a different in terms of efficacy, but I’m just curious in your opinion.

Thank you!


jenn.d.08 says:

I do use a lot of CeraVe products… they were also recommended by my dermatologist!

Denis Jackson says:

I’ve found the Cerave Daily Moisturising Lotion with the pump to be ideal after I apply benzoyl peroxide. However I don’t use it in the morning as I find it too heavy though. Although I recently got another tattoo and I have found Cerave to be perfect in repairing my skin barrier and reducing dryness!! Must splurge on the Cerave AM. Hope this line becomes available in uk stores soon instead of just iherb/amazon

Charly Nag says:

Hi Dr Dray. around here i can only find 2 Cerave products, I really want to try them but on my face, the one i am intrigued to try is CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion, is that supposed to be for the face?

Espocita M says:

Hi Dr Dray, super fan and thankful of your videos, I am only a month behind :), hoping to catch up to your latest ones soon. I wonder if I can have your thoughts, I wear no make up just mascara and a colour lip balm with spf. I wash my face in the evening with Neutrogena hydro wash, follow with hydro boost and finish with oil free moisturiser of the same brand and then differin which I’ve been using for the last two months without any irritation. Coming to the end of my oil free moisturiser so I ordered CeraVe Pm to give it a go. I’ve used it twice and I noticed my skin feels very tight and even somehow dry in the morning, is this normal? Never used a moisturiser with ceramides before so I am wondering, should I continue using and see if my skin adapts? Thank you so much for the valuable information you share, greetings from UK x

beautywithdani says:

Have you tried the First Aid Beauty skincare line?

Kelly Ganus says:

Thank you so so much for explaining the difference between each product in this brand. I often get confused trying to figure out what will help or irritate my skin!

Ilaria Marforio says:

This was very informative, thanks for the great content you are creating!

Kellye Radford says:

Hi, I’m a new subscriber and I love watching your videos. I’ve been using CeraVe for several years now. I use the am and pm moisturizers, and the cream moisturizer when my skin is really dry. I’ve even used it on my face with no problems. After watching your video I want to try the healing ointment because my lips are always chapped. Thank you for the tip. Is it true that there is an interaction between niacinamide and Vitamin C and that you should not use both products simultaneously?

David Paul says:

Cerave is available in Canada at Walmart in the pharmacy section.

David Paul says:

Cerave available at Shoppers Drug Mart in the beauty section Canada.
Colleen wife of

Paigey Paige says:

I have loved this brand for a year now, I’m so excited to see your review!

Anita Monge says:

Hello Doctor!
I noticed that both Ceravi Facial Most. Lotions (am/pm) say for dry skin, would they work for combination skin (oily T-zone)?

Ksenia Korataiev says:

Great videos! Quick question: do you ever do reviews of high-end skincare products? I’m curious as to why you opt to go for drugstore skincare products over more expensive lines like obagi and whatnot?

Sandra Plumley says:

What do you recommend for old creapy eyes

Deena Jones says:

Dr. Dray I have a question, every day I wonder the answer; when you use moisturizer with spf do you still need to put on a sunscreen? And then I always wear a cc cream or foundation with spf. Is the sunscreen needed regardless?????? Thank you!

Makeupblissness says:

Hi Dr. Dray i have a question.. so im currently on 0.3% adapalene and my current skin care is morning: cetaphil oil control moisturizer with 30 SPF and thats it.. at night i double cleanse and apply adapelene and thats is.. i was wondering if i can apply
the ordinary’s niacinamide in the morning? I’m really confused with the whole what you can mix and what you cannot mix while on a topical/ treatment. I heard that using minimal products the better,which is why i’ve been leaving my skin care products such as my vitamin c, oils, essences, etc out in the shadows while im on adapalene (also been taking spirolactone every morning and night). I would love to hear your advice Doc. Thank you! 🙂

Sheri Kvamme says:

Hi Dr Dray! Wondering if you have compared Cerave to the store brand comparable products? Do they work just as well?

Sharon lewis says:

Any reason why we could not add color into the ceraVe PM?

Monica Rios says:

Stumbled upon your channel and I am hooked! Definitely subscribing. I do have a question, should sunscreen be applied before or after moisturizer? Thanks!

V Rain says:

Have you ever done anything on Shea Moisture or Burt’s Bees?

Salvia Prezzemolo says:

No ammonium lactate on the face? Why not? Isn’t it a very hydrating ingredient? I use a 12% cream on my body post shower, and in the winter, I put it on my face, too. Am I doing myself harm?

Victoria Sanchez says:

Hi dr dray
Can u tell me what u think about vanicream face wash.

Brittany Root says:

Hi Dr. Dray. Have you ever heard of or tried a brand called Aquation?

Karen Kaza says:

First I am so impressed by how much time and information you give to your audience when you obviously are so busy in your own practice–thank you! My question has to do with jars of products; sorry if you’ve already addressed this previously, I have heard once opened and putting your fingers into these jars (and the light) they are contaminated. What do you think?

me you says:

Why cant you use Cerave cream on your face? Fashion mags rave about it’s usage on face.

Elizabeth Castrejon says:

How about eye creams?

Joseph Valenti says:

What do you think of Neutrogena Lite Lotion SPF 70? I love it is great, especially in the summer, when we have soupy humidity in Baltimore City!

tina mcclain-patton says:

Facial washs, facial moisturing lotions and the moisturing cream are some excellent products

Magnetar83 says:

Hello, Dr. Dray! I am so glad I found your channel. Your videos are super informative and I’ve been watching almost every single one of them.

I find that the CeraVe AM is balling up and peeling off the skin once it dries. Am I using too much? Do you have any advice? Other than that I am loving the CeraVe brand. I live in Norway so i order ut from iHerb.

Taylah Clarke says:

I’ve recently found your channel, and I’m so thankful to have stumbled on this video! I’m in Australia and have found an online stockist of CeraVe products, but I was hesitant to buy without testing them in person. Luckily I found this video! I feel a lot more confident blind buying them now, lol.

Jody Bucci says:

How refreshing it is to find your channel! I’ve read conflicting information about Vit.C and niacinamide not working well together. I use Vit. C+E+Ferulic acid with a couple of other serums on my skin in the morning and I follow those up with CeraVe moisturizing lotion, but it has niacinamide. I use Retin-A and CeraVe PM moisturizing lotion at night which, apparently should not be used together either. I want to continue using niacinamide and Vit. C in my skin care routine and continue using Retin-A at night. What is the science behind the use of Vit.C vs. niacinamide and should I make a change to my routine? Thank you so much for your help.

shabytin says:

Hi Dr.Dray! Would you also recommend Cetaphil as an alternative? I really want to try Cerave but I’m having a hard time with the shipping (I live outside US)
I’m still getting Cerave though but probably not until January so I’m looking for an alternative for now. Thank you in advance and more power! 🙂
PS: I really have a dry skin. Eczema prone skin actually. 🙁

deep dark says:

Since sunscreen needs to be re-applied multiple times throughout the day, is it okay to reapply moisturizer repeatedly throughout the day as well, i.e. if I use the AM moisturizer as my only sunscreen product?

aurora LaTourrette says:

Do you try and respond to emails or something in that nature? I have acne prone skin and salicylic acid cleansers seem to make my acne worse, I know that it is a purging phase or at least I thought. But my acne got worse, more Inflamed and it wasn’t clearing up as quickly as it usually would have before I started using a salicylic acid cleanser but the ingredient in spot treatments don’t really seem to bother me. Maybe it’s other ingredients in the cleansers but I am lost because my acne keeps getting worse and I’m not sure why

lambchopxoxo says:

My derm recommended CeraVe to me and I love it.. kinda moved away from it in spite of the fact that I have horrible skin issues eczema etc. I’m using Purpose liquid facial soap (also recommended by my derm when I was on Accutane) , Aveeno Redness Foaming Cleanser, Clinique, Kiehls and Mario Badescu. I know Cerave works, I think I always just want more variety so I stray!

I’m off to binge watch your vids 🙂 BTW I’m 55 and have been with my same derm since the mid-1990s … shes more like my primary care physician as Ive seen her quite a lot over the years

L Huff says:

I thought SA face washes didn’t really provide any benefit because you rinse it off. Is this not the case?

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