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Cerave moisturizing crream

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Macy A says:

Doc, I purchased organic African shea butter. I slather it on after the shower although it takes quite some effort, do you agree with using that product as a moisturizer? Thanks!

Brian Leister says:

Hey Dr Dray – hope you and your mom had a fantastic thanksgiving!

ana torres says:

Hi Dr!! I just received this cream as a gift with purchase my question is would it work as good under retin a as neutrogena hydroboost ?

Rina says:

Hello Dr. Dray! I thought you might be interested in a japanese product called “Rosette Ceramide Gel”. It’s a super affordable thick hydrating gel that is packed with all the good stuff – glycerin, niacinamide, 3 types (!!!) of ceramides, sodium hyaluronate, collagen, etc. I would LOVE to hear your opinion about it because I really enjoy using this product and I’m 100% sure it has helped to repair my severely effed up moisture barrier.
I love you and your channel, and I wish you a happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

Alexis Schrantz says:

I really enjoyed this review!

Kimberly Marie says:

I LOVE your videos and have been binge watching them all evening as i just learnt of your channel in my search of Differin information today! I have used the Aqua bomb and it feels irritating/burning when i apply it. To be fair however, i have been using differin for three weeks or so now and that might be why. I actually prefer the Belif True cream, the sister so to speak to the Aqua Bomb, i find it to be more moisturizing, without being too much so and even with skin irritations it does not irritate or burn when i apply it. My concern is and i am wondering if you can help me with this, do you think the true cream has the same property as the Aqua Bomb that might jeopardize the integrity of the sunscreen i apply afterwards as well? (when i run out i will go for one of your recommended moisturizers, more affordable, non-irritating and i can get it at the store instead of online!)

Thank you for your videos, I really appreciate them and all of the in-depth information you provide! Sunscreen and now subscribed! 🙂

Diana Lee says:

My acne prone skin & I enjoyed this moisturizer. But not necessarily more than others that have worked well for me. I also wish it had a pump, but understand that would likely increase the price point. It performed beautifully under makeup.

engelneen says:

thanks so much for your honest and super educated opinion!!!!

Cynthia Figueroa says:

Thank you so much for your thorough review. I trust you with all my future skincare purchases. I like the belif true moisturizing cream at night, however the fragrance really puts me off. Hope you had a great holiday!

Briseidy Andrade says:

Would it be good for sensitive skin?

Sharon Capehart says:

Hope you had a HAppy Thanksgiving!! XOXO Sharon

Rebecca Cackler says:

The nettle, the only reason I can think is that they sometimes put things in skincare that can lightly swell the skin to make it seem plumped. It’s deceptive

Paul says:

The look and slip of the Belif reminds me of the pricier Lab Series Age Rescue water-charged gel cream (also fragranced).

yvette Shelton says:

Dr. Dray I am currently using Klaris Midnight Calming Cream and Cerva Am. These are my new favs.

Simone Cobb says:

I, myself, would never pay that much for a moisturizer……why would you???  you have already explained the ins and outs of certain things.  CERAVE is what I will use.  What is wrong with this picture???  Each to their own I suppose….xo  Simone

Alice Isleno says:

for me this product made me itch every time I try it , good thing I didn’t buy it ,I got it as a small sample

More Luxe says:

Dr. Dray can you comment on Belif products for oily/ sensitive skin ? I got a whole bunch of products from Belif.

Ravenx013xx says:

I have to thank you Dr. Dray, its been through watching your videos that I came to realize why so many face products even ones that work well otherwise were always ending up in breakouts for me- fragrance. Ever since I switched to products without fragrance I have seen such a great improvement in my skin Thank you so much! That being said I tried the Belif Aqua Bomb too and loved the hydration but it too made me break out after about 2 weeks of use. Great product but not for me.

UpYourGlamour says:

I really appreciate this video! Thank you for being so thorough. Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Car Nlsn says:

Would love to see a review of Stratia’s Liquid Gold.

Amy Herrick says:

Hi! Love your videos. I’ve used this moisturizer and loved it. I used it as a first step to creating a moisture barrier (at night) between my skin and Tretenoin.

Daytime I found it an easy pick me up to hydrate over makeup. I didn’t have any problem with it interfering with my sunscreen (under makeup) because I used Elta MD UV clear which is incredibly smooth. I would definitely recommend this to people who wear makeup and also, outside of drugstore brands, the price point isn’t high compared to most moisturizers out there. Thanks so much for your thorough review. That nettle stuff sounds scary. Why is it included in so many moisturizers?

Samuel Cândido Junior says:

Dr Dray, I see in your previous videos that you combine/mix more than 1 sunscreen in your face. Is it safe to do? Can i also combine 2 sunscreens without it loosing its properties? Have a great day!

Heather Hendricks says:

This is one of my favorite moisturizers (I have many though…LOL) <3

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