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Happy Skincare Sunday! Today I wanted to talk to you guys about moisturizers. I get so many questions about what to use on what skin type, does it fix skincare issues??? I wanted to address all your questions and give you my take on it. I have a different take then most people.

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Cetaphil Normal to Oily Skin Daily Facial Cleanser:
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Skincare Sunday on: The Best Skincare Ingredient You Aren’t Using
Proper Cleansing routine:

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Have you updated your night time routine by any chance? Also i noticed that the eye balm from last years routine has dimethicone and i thought that was a no no? Look forward to your reply..thanks

Lila M says:

Skin care about alcohols would be great 🙂

Mel Up says:

Yes! Alcohol in skincare! ❤️

Missbabibule says:

Do you ever use self tanner? If you do, any recommendations in term of product as well as when in my beauty routine I should incorporate this kind of product? Any interaction with some ingredients like retinol or acids? So many questions for you hahaha I discovered your channel recently and I’m hooked, cannot stop watching your video 🙂

Deb Gilbert says:

Thank you Elle 🙂

Dianne Lariscy says:

Thank You for sharing. I would love to see something on how to layer serums/moisturizers/gels/creams. I often have issues with product balling up. Nothings worse than investing in a product only to find it doesn’t play well with the others. Thanks again, I love your energy!! Happy Holidays!!

Colette H says:

Skincare Sunday Alcohol vs. ALCOHOL please!! I’ve seen some “natural” products that have a coconut derived alcohols and apparently they are not as harsh as traditional alcohols. So confusing!

PS the REN ever calm line saved my skin last winter. I bought it in a kit called stop being so sensitive and would layer it on top of what my Dr. prescribed and it just worked for me.

christa holt says:

The REN products are absolutely amazing! They have done wonders for my skin! Thank you for sharing and reviewing them!

Starlet Adams says:

Hi I have not worn make up in over 15 years I am 57 and would like to start wearing it again there seems to be a lot more to it then when I wore it I have sensitive skin combination skin and alot of redness l have no idea where to start from mosturizers to makeup any ideas thank you

Ivanalese Sappho says:

What Paulas Choice products do you like in comparison to moisturizers you discussed here?

Tanya Martin says:

A few days late watching, but wanted to highly recommend CeraVe for sensitive skin. My doctor suggested it and I love the cream and cleanser. Works WAY better than Cetaphil IMO. Though Cetaphil is super gentle on sensitive skin, I think too gentle, as it doesn’t really do a good job of cleansing.

Would love a video on different alcohols, as my skin is dry and sensitive so I try to avoid alcohol in face products.

Lynn M says:

Thank you for this video!!!  Please do the “alcohol” video.  Most of us are unaware of the differences and it would be helpful!

Jane M. says:

I’ve tried some creams for my sensitive skin on my face. Aveeno, cetaphyl, CeraVe. I would love to try the IT cosmetics bye bye redness. I’m 62 and I still get occasional acne….ugh! Can dimethicone cause redness and acne? Thanks for all your videos. I learn so much!

CurlyGirl Beauty says:

Would love to see a video on alcohols! I’m a newbie to your channel!! I’m soooo addicted. You are helping me out so much I appreciate you doing these sooooooo much!!!!!

Suzanne Kay says:

Love all the info you provide!

CurlyGirl Beauty says:

Could you do serums you recommend? (If you haven’t done recently yet). I’m intently going through all your videos. Lol

Lori Ayres says:

What is it you don’t like about silicone or dimethicone? I don’t know about those ingredients

Lisa Cafarella says:

Thank you for this informative video, you’ve definitely helped me a lot!

Lisa Cicone says:

yes to skin care Sunday about alcohol

Irene Xifaras says:

I would love to know about the different types of alcohols.

Kiarra Hnbworkz says:

Hi Elle

mavrick says:

Very comprehensive Elle. Really something for everyone. I am going to investigate the It Cosmetics moisturizer for redness/Rosacea. I’m 61 and when I was younger the slightly pink cheeks (that I inherited from my grandma) could almost look like a healthy flush. But as I age I am quite self conscious, when they are really bad I look like a tomato! I’ve tried all kinds of creams and concoctions, perhaps the Bye Bye Redness cream will help tone down the “glow.”

kayla says:

for the intensive hydration gel (the first product listed in the description) you said in the video it has no silicone (9:18) but in the description you said it does have silicone? x

Isabel Rivera says:

I’m thinking of buying the bye bye redness soon. Can’t wait to see how it works for me. Your videos are very helpful to me since I’m new at makeup

Diane Miller says:

I would love to try the It for redness! Sometimes my foundation slides off my cheeks and the red is hard to cover.

Amery Bodelson says:

Been reallly enjoying the IT CC cream, but I haven’t tried much else from their line.

Jojobjojo9 says:

I need to know more about alcohol as an ingredient in skin care and setting spray

Joy Wind says:

I would love to win the It moisturizer. I am an older woman with dry dry skin. Thanks!

Rosa Michel says:

I have rosace and acne prone skin

Elizabeth Driver says:

Hi i really like watching ur videos especially the videos about skincare.

Lori Ayres says:

Elle what do you think of Garnier moisture bomb As a moisturizer?

Jennifer Cheek says:

Love your videos!

Ivanalese Sappho says:

Yes, I’d love to learn about alcohols. I just subscribed, so maybe you’ve done one already? Also your thoughts on an efficacious combination of serums and the order of application if it matters.

Suzan Storm says:

I’m subscribed… have been forEVER!!

Suzy Manville says:

Hi Elle — Thank your for great videos and generous giveaways!!

Jennifer Cheek says:

I battle roscea on the daily and by the end of the day my cheeks look like a clown… no blush needed 🙁

seema bains says:

Hi can you use a spf rather than a moisterizer?

Leah Barash says:

Elle – I just purchased Dr Gross serum and Dr Gross C + Collagen cream. I am having a lot of issues w them pilling. At first I thought that it could’ve been my primer so I skipped the primer yesterday but still have pilling issues so I’m sure it’s one of these two products, and I believe it is the C+Collagen cream. Have you had issues w pilling before? I’m leaning toward just using the combo of the 2 before bed but not before makeup application. What are your suggestions to solve pilling issues. It just occurred to me that either or both could contain silicone which could cause the issue, right?

hoda Bastawissy says:

so informative thanks a bunch xoxo

Blue Iris Graphics & Web Design says:

Love your awesome content and style. What do you recommend for body lotions? I have not watched all your videos (yet!) but I wondered if you ever do at-home self-facials using steam? Using a mini-facial steamer or the old fashioned way with a big stainless steel bowl and towel? I also liked your video that discussed more cruelty-free products and wondered if you believe in DIY concoctions for our skin like honey masks, olive oil, etc. Would love to hear your take…

zzz keVVVin says:

You are soooo accurate and knowledgeable! I feel exactly the same ways as you described. Also a topic on alcohol would be great! Cos I really liked sunday riley’s martian, but there’s denatured alcohol in it. However, their representative told me it’s merely the preservative.

Sekhmet2013 says:

Hi. Looking to enter the giveaway. 🙂

BeautyBrush by Ashvin says:

What are your thoughts on the Kiehl’s Super Multi Corrective Moisturiser? Is it really worth it or will the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream just as good? My concerns are plumping, texture and clarity. I am using First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance Pads currently and am out of a moisturiser right now..cant decide between the 2.

gloria crespo says:

Hi! Thank you for the info about products for sensitive skin. I am 62yrs and I have this problem. I would like to try the products you mention in this video.

Diane Miller says:

Hi Elle! Love your help!

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