Clinique Vs Neutrogena | Moisture Surge Vs Hydro Boost

hey guys… today I bring you comparison video between Highend vs Drugstore. I that you enjoy and find it helpful xx

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Line Review

Clinique Take the day off vs Bodyshop Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer vs Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

My filming equipment
Canon Dslr 600d
Canon Prime Lens 50mm
Natural Light


Girl Shadow says:

No way are you 40

Shalini Singh says:

You are so beautiful!!! Muaaaaahhhh. Love from India.

Lisa Broyles says:

Very thorough review. Thanks so much!

GetDownWithTheThickness says:

Watching now…I’ve actually been curious about this! I use hydroboost and the ordinary moisturizing factors. I use the hydroboost more though. Also fyi I use the extra dry formula hydroboost because it is fragrance free.

Megan G says:

Girl! You make 40 look good! You’re gorgeous!

Ella Grace says:

My skin produces absolutely zero oil and well I haven’t used the Clinique moisturiser but ive used the neutrogena gel cream and it’s sooo good I can’t imagine a moisturiser being better

Komukama Sylvia says:

love your hair. If its a weave, would really love it if you did a review and and night routine video

sheetal javali says:

This product from Neutrogena is still not available in India

Zoe says:

I’m 21 but I have really dry and sensitive skin which moisturizer would u recommend?? I wanted to try the Clinique but I don’t want to waste my money

Elijah Florence says:

Ima guy i use this cuz my skin is dry and sometimes lotion will make me oily and brake out. The hydro boost makes my skin feel great. Keeps a glow to my skin

Alejandro _flch says:

I dont know why I find your voice so relaxing xD, by the way great review girl <3

Nicole Ozoria says:

You’re so beautiful I love your natural makeup :3

Suzette Manlangit says:

I love the neutrogena gel cream makes my skin hydrated but the smell likes paper paste.

dhivya prema says:

Clinique s best

Stephanie Guilmenot says:

I have Regenerist, Clinic, Hydro boost and Roc. I liked Regenerist better. Have you tried Regenerist.

Joana Raposo says:

Bjs de Portugal 😉

S A L T Y says:

Gurl your 40?! You need to make a video on how to stay young looking

Girl Shadow says:

I have oily skin and find the neutrogena one can make me a little oily after a while so I prefer to put it on a night and use sometnkng else during the day but for the price I highly recommended! I do like the Clinique dramatically different gel moisturiser

Alexandra says:

I’m 17 with really sensitive and dry skin, what would you recommend me? I have try other Neutrogena skin care products but I get really bad reactions (like break outs, dryness, red zones, and my skin peel off more easily). I’m currently using the mild cleanser from Clinique, but i’m not really impressed.

Shakia Chanel says:

Girl did you say you were 40!? So you going to drop the location for the fountain of youth or what?

PurpleZebra_831 says:

I’m allergic to neutrogena…

Jessi Malay says:

Great video!

abha taneja says:

Super useful….very helpful review

katherine marie padilla says:

I have dry skin which is better for my skin type ?

Dii Waay says:

I love the way you describe the product im enjoying it

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