Drugstore Review & Comparison: Neutrogena Moisturizers: Oil Free, Clear Skin, & Spf 35

A Review of Neutrogena Drugstore Moisturizers: The Oil Free For Sensitive Skin, The Clear Skin, and SPF 35. Hope this helps!! 🙂 http://on.fb.me/Vcm8YC
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Clothing Worn In This Video:
H&M Cat Dress Thing Meow
Leaf Earrings From The GreenEyedLady.com
Tory Burch Gold and Black Flats

Makeup Worn In This Video:
Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer
Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation in 01 & 02 (Sample)
Dermablend Setting Powder
Bare Minerals Rose Blush
Tarte Bronzer Mixed With Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Hourglass Eyeshadow in Dune, Prism, and Gypsy ( I just mixed and matched)
Smashbox Always Sharp Black Eyeliner
Benefit Powder Eyebrows (Used an angled brush and Benefit Eyeshadow)
Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Mascara
Laugh A Lot Lipstick From MAC
BabyDoll Lip Gloss from Laura Mercier
Demure Baby Lashes From CVS with Duo Waterproof Adhesive


Jadeline Cheng says:

I’m already using St Ives green tea wash with 2% salicylic acid in it, so is it recommended if I use the Clear Skin with 0.5 salicylic acid in it, even if its just for night time?

Audrey Ann Reyes says:

I have an oily skin but not too oily and also dry skin when i’m using cleanser and i’m scared to use moisturizer because I have pimples and might cause more pimples what do you think should I use??

Kaelen D says:

Is it weird I use this stuff for lip balm? xD

Brithany Perez says:

you are so pretty <3

BCCB...Celebrity Style for the Celebrity in You. says:

Your funny and remind me of my sister!! Thanks, that was helpful!

MelStreicher says:

I use the combo skin and I love it.

Ameenah A says:

Hi Marzia, I love to watch your channel because all your videos make me feel so calm and relaxed at the end of a long day! If I were to win id pick the mystery box because your style is awesome, and all other things you like are just like what I would choose too. You’re so fun and down to earth and I wish you all the best.

Beautifully Made says:

Can you please make a tutorial of that makeup look? 😀

Jana Hagen says:

The sensitive skin formula is my holy grail moisturizer and it does mix well with a foundation. My skin is sensitive combo and I was a little concerned with Neutrogena came out with a new line for sensitive skin that contained botanicals, which is not always a good thing for me. I thought they might discontinue this one, but they haven’t. YAY!
BTW, love your videos. I have to catch up on quite a few.

Krista Wolslegel says:

Can you please do a review on revlon color stay in oily skin

Guia says:

This maybe sound silly but honestly I don’t use anything on my face..I just wash it with water while taking a shower and that’s it. The reason behind this is Im afraid to put anything on my face except makeup because Im scared that it would lead to acne or something else. Please help me, I have the ones you’re holding with purple color

Jinal Patel says:

Hey Cassandra, just wondering, have you ever tried the acne.org regimen? I want to try it but am not sure it would actually work or not.

Katrina M says:

What are so good moisturizers that have SPF in them. I have red hair so my skin needs an SPF to protect it. Would love to hear your recommendations

Nuo-ya Li says:

your top is wicked!!!! where can i get one?

Ashley Blake says:

they have PARABENS

Jesse Golden says:

You are gorgeous…got the sensitive skin moisturizer today…thank you for this video very helpful <3

Ameenah A says:

Omw no wonder my skin burns when I use the green label one. I hate that moisturiser it doesn’t even feel like it doing anything for my skin. I was going to give up on neutrogena moisturiser forever but since you say the others are good il give them a try. Thanks for the info.

donna t says:

If you’re struggling with acne then go to HEREPA.com for a permanent way to quickly get rid of zits and scars. Visit HEREPA.com and check it out! When does the middle sold the four butter? The guide approves the brainy expansion. Why does the laugh canvass the magnificent damage?

zebracheer519 says:

I’m allergic to them and they all make me break out:(

Mayra Lexi says:

I love the moisturizer, it’s always worked for me and they also sell it at Walmart

sunflower 14 says:

I love your makeup! Your so pretty 🙂

Tiger Lily says:

I love your videos have you tried blemished skin tea tree oil

sayounara1232 says:

The green one I have but its good for me XD I like it lol but okay! lol

Orva Angeleika says:

I used the one for combo skin oil free but it didnt really moisturise much…. but I like the twistcap thingy. Easy to bring around

Karen vee says:

hair tutorial?!

Rachel Podhajsky says:

Where do you even get the clear skin one??

Button.10 says:

Can you review drugstore acne medication?

Margaret P. says:

This shit gave me Dermatitis

Jenesis Ruiz says:

Your so smart

Alexia DeHetre says:

Please do a skin care routine!! I’m curious

imcoolrivera says:

Do you apply moisterizer at night before medication or after? Please answer!

TheLastAristocrat says:

Good evening, i was wondering if you knew this little weird thing, so apparently whenever a moisturizer says “oil free” sometimes they substitute the oil with water and we all know that oil and water don’t mix the separate so always read the ingredients XP

bukhari hz says:

my face starts burning after using this

Philee says:

Omg finally I understand why the SPF15 one felt horrible on my skin! It made it very sensitive, like you said, and my skin never could “improve”. I definitely wanna try the Sensitive Skin one (the purple label). I feel it’ll be so great! 

Courtney Perkins says:


Maciej Klierta says:

My entire life was being destroyed as a result of acne for some time. I did hide away because of the problem. I tried almost everything I could obtain, yet it failed. After that I learned about the Acne Executioner internet site (Google it) and I had finally got something which did the trick. I quite like seeing pictures of me at present.

Alice Turnberg says:

I’ve been using the sensitive skin one for a year and I love it!!!!!!

Louise Harrop says:

i’ve used this moisturiser for years its amazing doesn’t over clog your skin or upset your skin, so cheap in the UK its like a fiver!

Alicia Panchita says:

I’ve recently used a face wash that made me break out bad x.x do you recommend any good face washes?

Ameenah A says:

Hi Marzia, I love to watch your channel because all your videos make me feel so calm and relaxed at the end of a long day! If I were to win id pick the mystery box because your style is awesome, and all other things you like are just like what I would choose too. You’re so fun and down to earth and I wish you all the best.

Ameenah A says:

Oops sorry wrong comments earlier! Darn copy and paste! Meant for another video lol

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