First Impression Review ⋆ NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

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I’ve always found it hard to wear a more sheer base. When I do makeup, I want it to look more than perfect. I’ve even said in the past: “I either wear a shit load of makeup, or nothing at all!”. And lately I’ve kinda been taking baby steps towards going sheer. After hearing nothing but the absolute best about the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizers, I knew they were going to be the perfect way for me to get used to the whole not looking like plastic thing, haha. I hope you enjoy!

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JesikaTheRabbit says:

Is this a good tinted moisturizer to use if you want your freckles to show through? I’m half Native American so my skin is olive toned, and half Irish so I have freckles. I love my freckles and want to show them off but I want something that will even out my skin tone as well. I’m doing what research I can on tinted moisturizers before I spend a ton of money. Thank you!

Sofia Rico says:

which brush did you use?

Sheila Melgar says:

im a make up newbie i need help! can i wear tinted mosturizer alone on days i dont feel like putting on a whole face of makeup? and do you put powder on top of tinted mosturizer?


Awww babe you look so young and innocent. Love the 2017 even more! Adorable. Love this tint moisturizer even my greasy face doesn’t cooperate with this product. XOXO Nikkie!

smoochy boochy says:

Has Nikkie done a review on NARS Sheer Glow foundation?

Kate Sackman says:

looks so good !

Randi Mendel says:

Hi Nikkie! I know that this video is very old but i was wondering if you could review the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. Ilysm

Dindin Telen says:

do u have a tutorial on ur whole look here

Danielle Armstrong says:

Does it clog pores!?!?!

Will Radford says:

you are so beautiful girl!! <3

Hailey says:

her eyes are beautiful

Anika Hart says:


krizzie ann rodriguez says:

Makeup tutorial on this pleeeeease!

Britt Steel says:

Such a pretty look Nikkie,natural goddess and no lashes,what?? I love it

截ち切る says:

Why do people put on moisturizer with a brush ? You’re suppose to use your fingers. It’s not a foundation lol

Stephanie Rodriguez says:

Should I wear primer before I apply the Nars tinted moisturizer

Robin H says:

what color are you using?

Samantha Ibanez says:

omg did you get the reaction from NARS?

Sonia says:

ur natural lashes are so beautiful and long!

Tabby ღ says:

can you sleep with tinted moisturizers on?

2000annielin says:

does it transfer alot?

jovonnb1 says:

Would you use this as a replacement of foundation? Like a hot day when you don’t want to do too much?

KarleenAnn Molina says:

Would you recommend this for oily skin?

Madeline Taylor says:

Wow you know how to give a review!! Thank you! This helped a lot 🙂

Dubai Rashed says:

Is this good for a mature flacks and dry skin?

Erika Tam says:

your eyes are soo pretty

Mikayla D says:

Nikkie, how do I control my redness on my face? I want to try to stop wearing foundation daily.. I have redness around my cheeks, cheekbones and jaw. What tinted moisturizer or skin product will combat my redness? Thanks 🙂

Debbie Werlin says:

Do you have to put regular moisturizer on first?

luhwese says:

Does it cause flashback?

Char Harp says:

Can I wear this with my regular foundation??

Imogen Topping says:

i really want this now, it looks so amazing on you!

Rupa Syeda says:

Foundation, BB Cream, CC cream, Tinted moisturizer??? What’s the difference? Someone please explain! I love makeup but I’m scared to get into foundation because I have combination, sensitive, and acne prone skin. I like sheer to medium coverage but what product should I invest in?

Robin H says:

what are the best brushes to use for Nars products? I just started using them.

Crop Queen says:

Wonderful review! Thank you sooo much, will be purchasing tomorrow!!

jovonnb1 says:

Does it come in shades?

Ichigo Neko says:

Do you think you could make a video comparing your brushes? Like group together ones that you think are simiilar or are used for similar things? It would be a cool video to watch for those of us on a budget and can’t afford to have a massive collection. 🙂 I don’t mind spending big, so long as I know I’m getting the best thing and not something similar to what I already have. Any one else agree?

Ella Askren says:

I have a sample of this and am so excited to try it! Thanks for the great video.

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