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Hi Guys!

Today’s video is super exciting to me because I will be sharing tips on skin care. You all know how much I love taking care of my skin, therefore, I will talk about how I keep it hydrated without any oiliness & without getting any acne. I also share some tips on how to maintain your skin fresh and in place while you are using makeup. I really hope you like it!

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel-Cream: http://bit.ly/2cyFqlk
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Thanks to Neutrogena for sponsoring this video!

Video edited by: Fê Barros https://goo.gl/oHrfgl

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Kajal Pandey says:

it’s great

XsmileyNicole1 says:

Starts at 2:45 guys

ZeeStyle says:

i think I’m going to try this… =) xo

Anna T says:

what’s your opinion on skin for women in their 50’s?

Rebecca Bryant says:

this product is my holy grail I freaking love this

caty LO says:

Is there a new formulation with the aqua gel moisturizer? I bought one about 5 months ago and loved it! Now got a new one and it`s just not working out for me anymore

Laura Barbera says:

Love everything you teach us Camila, THANK YOU!!!!!!

Suman Taru says:

very helpful and thanks for sharing the video on your beauty products that you use.

Suman Taru says:

i like this video very very much. love it.

Emanuel Joao says:

Linda camila! ensina nos a fazer essa maquilhagem!

Val Melton says:

I’m so happy to see that other people are liking this product! It was an absolute lifesaver for me! I just included it in my drugstore skincare favorites if anyone wants to check it out! https://youtu.be/t2qXENlzhMo

James Popelka says:

The people that put the thumbs down are just jealous of your insane beauty

Merydianna Gama says:

amoooooo neutrogena Hydro Boost!!!
e tb o sabonete liquido facial , deixa a pele limpinha e bem fresquinha <3 bjssss Cami LOVE U

Suman Taru says:

very fantastic product – Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Ana Ruiz says:

Wow. …i just found another beautifilul guru!!

alfredo lopez says:

sk 2 essence góes àfter a toner and u should be applied by dabbing with hands, essence ảe to hỳdrate skin,its not a toner.

Ashley Siewsankar says:

i am so glad i found your channel, you are so beautiful!!!! loved this video and thanks for all these tips <3

إلاهة ღ says:

Fave moisturizer.

F R says:

Be careful: some Neutrogena products have Salicylic Acid on it’s composition.
Some people like Me are allergic to it meaning: instead of preventing acne and spots it will actually cause breakouts!!!
Always read the labels!!!

Nicolle M says:


Teodora Georgescu says:

I can’t find it in romania!!!!!! I need it in my life!!!!

Sugar Niki says:

Love your hair..i bought the cream today. it’s really hydrating thankyou. but my skin after few weeks gets used to the products I and it dosnt work..lets what happens with this hydro gel

Patricia Silva Amazonas says:

Faz um vídeo desse em Português Camila plisss

Kathryn Allard says:

Blah blah blah!

Chocolate Quente says:

I use the Vichy Minéral 89 and it’s working very much

Beautyful ASMR says:

People need to start verbally addressing sponsorships instead of just “casually” typing up thank you to a brand at the bottom of their description box. Don’t know why people need to be sneaky about it, if you truly love a brand or product than just be upfront and say that you love this product and that’s this video is sponsored. It’s pretty easy and simple

Jordan K says:

Neutrogena sponsoring your video?? Wondering why u speak so well about it

Dima Andro says:

Neutrogena lover hereee tooo

toya k says:

I love Neutrogena water boost, its amazing on oily but dehydrated skin.
Good and very informatif video girl:)

jillbeful says:

I loooove this stuff I just started using it and it’s amazing.

monu kular says:

Good product,

imran naeem says:

Hi does it have spf protection

Jordan Poblete says:

Dont use this product, my dermatologist said the only reason it hydrates your skin is because it adds silicone which holds the water in, and silicone isn’t good for your skin

Respect Earth says:

Sponsored …..

Corrinne Blond says:

Will the Nuetrogina gel help me with acne and bumps ?

Shelia White says:

I agree! I though the same when I would put on moisturizer and it caused my skin to be oily. I now realize that I was using the wrong moisturizer. The right moisturizer will not make your skin oily. It will help your makeup go on smoothly and your makeup will look better.

Iqra Ayub says:

Your hair clr??

Charlotte Terry says:

Is this the drug store version of ESTEE LAUDER daywear mattee oil control… Really reminds me of it.. X

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