Insomniacs Try Lush’s Sleepy Body Lotion

“Thanks lush…. help me sleep now”
Try it for yourself:

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It’s Lauren says:

I take melatonin it works for me weird o.o

kat says:

I sleep like 10 hours at a time I need help waking up if I don’t get enough sleep I just can’t wake up its impossible

Zoe Pence says:

Sleep cycle isn’t very accurate. I was up for a whole night but not moving and I checked it in the morning and it said I was in a deep sleep for the whole night.

Edit: I also had many nights where I used the app and I would get out of bed constantly and move around and it still said that I got a whole night of deep sleep.

Qistina Warren says:

I work at lush and trust me this effect is all in the head….maybe the Lavender ingredient does help slightly but mainly it’s just a psychological association to helping you sleep easily lol

Sherilyn Chung says:


soccerchick4107 says:

Did Ned and Zack have a baby?

Kittenplays77 says:

I use the same medication that they used

Solana Avila says:

I have to literally force myself to sleep bc I’m afraid if i leave my body to fall asleep by itself I’d only get like 3 hours of sleep. I don’t know why my sleep cycle is upside down, I can’t stay awake between 2pm and 7pm but the rest of the night and morning and bright and awake

Beanie_Boo BETHANY says:

I can never sleep

Mimi Hemchi says:

These people are falling asleep between 11-1 I legit fall asleep at 2-4

Brynuga Whale says:

I wish I didn’t hate the smell of lavender

itzmeherehi says:

Ovbiously not just doing this video for sponsors

Mimi Hemchi says:

My brother is a new born and I’m an insomniac and we both use sleepy and it works for him and not for me :/

I'm Screaming says:

I used to have terrible trouble sleeping, my best tip is 30 minutes (at least) with no screens before bed reading. A really boring book usually helps a lot and sends me nodding off

alvaro soto says:

I just can’t stop watching this video I mean I love kyle

Marlyse says:

What app were they using?

aye it's sarah says:

you only really need 8 hours of sleep ..

Jaggy Tigers says:

I have insomnia. And I have tried this and it’s incredible to get used to it I did use it for a couple of weeks But the downside is it doesn’t work all the time as they have said

Catherine Raftery says:

These people aren’t insomniacs. They go to sleep at completely erratic times like 1am and still in until 10am. Is it any wonder they can’t sleep?!

Katarina Hellwig says:

Buzzfeed..I love ya..but don’t title it insomniacs try yada yada when these two don’t have insomnia. Many people have difficulties with sleep, but they don’y exactly sound like (from their given discriptions) they have insomnia. I have had insomnia since I was around 5 (now 29), and it is a lot more serious then what they describe.

PurpleHaze420 _ says:

Just get high it works for me :p

Gio Cordova says:

What’s the app called?

Daniel Platon says:

Can you put it on your face?

Cade Sky says:

Give them. Morphine and they ll be fine

Janet Delgadillo says:

It takes 2 excedrines, 2 somas, 1 Xanax, a shot of zzzquil and sometimes a quarter of an edible to knock me out. I doubt a lotion will help but I love the smell of lush products. I prefer Basin though.

vangoghoe says:

these aren’t real insomniacs wtf

Ferdinand Gabayeron says:

What app did you use

kstolowski 17 says:

Sara should not take showers at night because it will wake her up more because of the water regardless if it is warm or cold

Sydney Bitali says:

It’s funny how the app tells you if you snore or not

Opiegal and Harley says:

Who’s watching this when they should be sleeping

The Missed Understood Kid says:

Is Kyle gay lmao

CaptainFluffyBear says:

now try this on somebody who has to get up at 6 like me…

Dauer Breit says:

They should smoke weed

Ruby Padilla says:

It’s 5:08 and I haven’t it’s my fourth night

Ganja Lover says:

Smoke a damn blunt

Joy Shi says:

Doesn’t work for me, makes me dizzy and my eyes heavy but nothing else

Myles says:

a couple things that can help, is a bath with calming scents, poetry or philosophy books before bed to get your mind off life. charge your phone in a different room and don’t look at it and hour before bed. drink water and use some form of sleep tracker (phone apps work too, but then you might check it, or some studies say that your phone emits slight radiation that can stimulate the brain.) so it will wake you in between sleep cycles.

nayvie mae quinn says:

Running out of ideas much?

Lainie Medina says:

Everything vith lavander on it is sleep inducing, if lavander doens’t work be concerned hahaha.
No but seriously, lavander is so damn soothing.

Barbara Barbera says:

1:27 when a guy has better nails than yours

Phoenix Jade says:

I use lavender and cedarwood aromatherapy by bath and body works, they have a pillow mist that is absolutely fantastic (S.O. Doesn’t have to get covered in it) they have an entire body care line from bar soap to body oils (even lavender vanilla pillow mist, only exclusive online) I would definitely say check it out. Haven’t had major sleep issues in about 1.5/2 years. Hope this helps somebody

Luke_ says:

The guy was more feminine then the girl….

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