Leave In’s vs. Moisturizers


::What I mentioned in this video::
Camille Rose Coconut Water Review: http://youtu.be/S218P4BSiTM

Bekura (BASK) Palm Tapioca Review: http://youtu.be/YUQxLz9hIWQ

Oyin Whipped Pudding Review: http://youtu.be/MYonBK4Y-2M

Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream: http://youtu.be/YUQxLz9hIWQ
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::How I achieved this wash n go::
Cleanse: Eden Bodyworks Co-wash

Condition/Detangle: Soultanicals Afrotastic Curl Elastic DC

Leave In Conditioner: Blue Roze Beauty Wild Cherry Leave In

Stylers: SDOT Beauty Creme Fraiche Hair Pudding Cream

Gel: SuperWet Styling Gel
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Shimljash Braha says:

For me product labels are just suggestions. By knowing my hair, I can find the best way to use it to get the results I want! I would suggest people not to take labels too seriously because no one knows your hair like you!

sayladytea says:

Otay.You broke … it … down. Thanks a lot.

Jules W. says:

Just saw this video.  Thank you so much for answering my question.  I so appreciate it.  I got it.  This clears up so much for me.  Can’t tell you how much I appreciate it 🙂

Lady McBeth says:

Great video – its very informative.  Thanks for taking the time to make it.

Alissalove Robinson says:

i really enjoyed this video it was very informative and useful tips. TFS!

TressesOfAlexis says:

Me too!!! I prefer thicker leave ins on wash day. I use watery “leave ins” to refresh my hair between washes to help my hair “set” when I retwist or rebraid.

tenekqua1 says:

Great video and extremely informative. I am with you on the leave in conditioners. I have to have a thick leave in conditioners or my wash and gos are going to be horrible from the start. In my experience, if a product says hair milk, I automatically think leave in conditioner for some reason which is probably why I only like one hair milk I have ever tried. I do have some buttercreams that can do double duty but during winter I go ahead and use a leave in under it. Excellent explanation! Thank you for sharing!!

Lisa Jones says:

Jess quick ? What do you think I should use in for the winter My hair dry out for the winter months lot of shedding”

Tonia682 says:

Excellent explanation!

Creole Azucar says:

I love that Darcy’s as a leave in. I need to revisit the palm tapioca for sure.

IamFiery says:

I would have never thought to use the BB Palm as a moisturizer. I may try that on my next wash n go. The db smoothing cream only works as a moisturizer for me. Great video!

cameallyj says:

Awesome explanation, I seem to get this question alot. I will refer them to this vid!

Dominique Burns says:

For me it has to be a multitasker. A product has to do both or I wont use it buy it. I never understood the reasoning behind the two categories. A leave in should be moisturizing by default and a moisturizer is something I leave in my hair so I wont split straws and get particular. I like creamy products, I use the spray “leave ins” as refreshers.

Shellashel73 says:

Thank you

shellisa04 says:

This video was sooo helpful. Recently, I used Shea Moisture jbco styling lotion and it sucked. So I thought it would be better as a leave-in and it still SUCKED lol but the point is that you can still try using products differently. But I’m not wasting the $10 product, so I would rather use it as body lotion because it made my hair too dry lol

Lisa Jones says:

Jess My hair is so thick!!! 4c type I’ve been using tresma hair products what do you think about those products?

Butterfly469 says:

Excellent explanation! Thank you. :=)

marquita83 says:

thank you for this vid very informative!! 🙂

LIsa Williams says:

I’ve always wondered what the difference between leave ins and moisturizers were and this video really helped!! Thanks!

Tamingthebee says:

Great video thanks you

anne vanderels says:

Great video.

TiMalice2009 says:

I use leave in as detangler.

Sabrina Huggins says:

Excellent explanation with great examples ! TFS !

Kedra Starr,. says:

Most simply put, I would just say a moisturizer is almost the same thing just heavier. But great job though. I love your videos!

Reese4477 says:

Great Video!!! Very helpful!!!

Curlversation Pop says:

Nice video. Good explanation!

Holly Tiara says:

I agree with you on the leave-in conditioners.  My thick hair needs thick products to make it behave lol

HappyKeepin ItNappy says:

Great topic, very informative.

Kay Stary says:

Very interesting, I’ve definitely seen the confusion too. For me I use them interchangeably regardless of marketed titled. I go by ingredients first, based on my hair needs/likes, then texture of product (I prefer thick ones too). Good job at explaining the various uses and differences!

Fireopal94 says:

Excellent explanation! I’m glad you did this video. I can never explain it without confusing people now I can just refer them to your vid….lol

Jazmin Jordan says:

Very informative! Great tip on putting a little of the leave-in on your hand! I’ve heard that before, and I go by it. I like my leave-in conditioners to be watery (spray bottle) and thick (i.e. Kinky Curly Knot Today), so I use one or the other. I like my moisturizers to have medium hold (i.e. EDEN BodyWorks Curl Defining Creme and SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie). What do you think about Oyin Hair Dew? I have a bottle of it, but have yet to open it.

nyasha patrice says:

Excellent! Excellent, excellent, excellent info Jess!



Latriise says:

That was an excellent and thorough description.  I go by the same definitions and principles when styling my hair.

Z J says:

Moisturizers should be water based.

Lisa Jones says:

Thank  you Jess” I will do just that”

Jamie Pope says:

you gave a great explanation on what to look for with leave ins vs moisturizers. I have thick coily hair which love thick and rich products, so your really helped explain the uses between all the textures of those products. I also continued my research with http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/curl-products/moisturizers-vs-leave-in-conditioners/ they recently did a good generic explanation.

GrahamsNaturalCurls says:

I thought i was the only one who looooooves thick leave-In conditioners because a lot of curlies like lighter leave-in’s.
I just tried the Lottabody Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk and this product is amazin. It was thick it has slip and it made my hair suuuuuper soft and it had no crunch at all.

Simply Terri says:

Great video Jess

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