Moisturizers – Hydration vs. Moisture | Humectants, Emollients, Occlusives.

Been a while since my last skincare chat! Moisturizers are paramount to our skincare but are so subjective. I believe we should all have a better understanding of what they are and some of the important ingredients to look for. Since my favourite moisturizers are so emollient, they will send most of you running, I would rather share with you some of the things I think it’s important to understand in order to find what’s right for your skin type and needs. Ofcourse, I will be showing you some products along the way. Thank you, so much for liking when I get all geeky with details. Enjoy! Love you all!

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You can see me using these products here:
Morning Skincare Routine – Summer
Morning Skincare Routine – F/W
Evening Skincare Routine – Summer
Evening Skincare Routine – F/W
Toners, Lotions, Essences

– Products Mentioned or Shown –

Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Lotion

Moisturizing Liquid:
Goodal Moisture Barrier Liquid…
Dr Jart Ceramidin Liquid Skin Saver

Emulsion/Lightweight moisturizer:
Hada Labo Gokujyun Moisture Milk
Kose Medicated Sekkisei Emulsion…
Belif Creamy Moisturizer Deep Moist
Blossom Jeju Camellia Soombi Moisturizer…

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb
Guerrisson 9 Complex Cream…
Banila Co Miss Flower Mr Honey Cream…
also Banila Co Miss Flower Mr Honey Essence Stick…
Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream
Earth’s Recipe Moisture Bound Cream…
also: Earth’s Recipe Energy Boosting Toner…
Shara Shara Honey Bomb All in One Ampoule…

Occlusive Ointment:
Egyptian Magic
Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly
Aquaphor Advanced Therapy with Touch-Free Applicator

What I’m wearing on my mug:
Chosungah ver. 22 Bounce Up Pact XS in Sand Beige
Bobbi Brown Blush in Pale Pink
Clio Kill Back Waterproof Pen Liner
Heavy Rotation Eye Designer Extra Volume Mascara
Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Hepburn Honey

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All products shown were purchased by moi. All my reviews and opinions are honest and based on my own experience with the products which may not be suitable for everyone. This may include some affiliate links which help support the channel!

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Dana Prašivková says:

Great job with this video!!! Thank you.

schmicles says:

Hello Renee! I have well-behaved skin, any gel cleanser with clarisonic works and my skin is combination, nothing rose hip oil and some moisturiser can’t help. My issue is, around 10 years ago, when I reached 20 years old, I became allergic to cats and dust. I had bad sinus everyday and I rubbed my nose. At that time, I thought it was just flu but it lasted a little too long, by the time I realised it was my cat, the area around my nose has broken blood vessels that resulted in redness. Is there a way to reverse this damage? Will retin A help? Currently I just cover it up with concealer, but it would be great to skip it altogether!

Skincare Nerd says:

Is it correct to say that hydrators add hydration to the skin and moisturizers keep it there? I’m trying to simplify things for my co-workers and clients .

nikki narciso says:

Love love love that I’m learning so much from your videos

Beatriz DEL YELMO DE HARO says:

Normal/combination skin.

Aneesa Karrim says:

any feelings on Environ range.

Zarina says:

Adore you! Subscribed!!

Voice Of Truth says:

Hi Renee I’m your new subscriber. I found your channel today and watched lots and lots of your videos. I’m a bit confused with all of the information. I’ve acne prone dehydrated combination skin which gets irritated easily. I’ll be very happy and very very thankful to you if you can kindly suggest me some products and in which order should I use them. Many many thanks. Greetings from UK xx

JBH says:

LOVE your channel! After watching your video I realized that my skin is not just dry—it is dehydrated! My skin is sensitive and with the changing weather I am trying to find the best balance of summer products. I was wondering what your thoughts are of Sephora’s best selling serum for dryness: Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum. I tried Peter Thomas Roth’s Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum in the store and also found it soothing to my dehydrated skin.
What are your thoughts?

xuan haha says:

could u pls talk abt the brand hada labo, im really interested in trying their range of products but im using the eucerin dermo purifyer range products now, is it okay to mix 2 brands to use

Nora Lund Gomez says:

Oily/combo skin and have Mild Rosacea would love to know the hada labo products that would help . Right now I’m using Hada labo hylauronic acid toner at night before serums .

Ashley Jeanelle says:

How do you know when the humectant concentration in a product is too high? Is it a certain place in the ingredients list? Hyularonic acid is often placed straight onto the skin….is this too concentrated of a humectant to start pulling moisture from the skin if you apply it directly? Just trying to know how to read labels better, thanks so much Renee! 🙂

swaggin monnn says:

i really wanted to try the hadalabo lotion but i dont know where it should be going in in my routine. does it come before or after serum?

Né Rodrigues says:

I discovered your channel today and I’m finding it really helpful! I have really dry skin and it seems that no matter what I do I can’t keep it hydrated and moisturised. after a few hours it gets itchy and annoying. I’ve added a few products that you mentioned to my wish list.

Uttari Prawitasari says:

hi Renee, which one you recommend for skin with Rosacea?

irene sim says:

I love your content! You seem to love hada labo as it has been a recurring mention on your videos. Just a query on hada labo as it has parabens. What are your thoughts on that?

Kelly Li says:

where is your metal spatula from?

Shiva Pazoki says:

You videos are sssso informative! I learn so much from you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge so generously

Sherifah Arenstein says:

Hi Renee! I just wanted to say I love the information you provide! I can tell you put a lot of work into ensuring your viewers get are fully informed about skincare. Quick question. Would a combination of HA and pure Argan oil be enough for a DIY moisturizer? or do I need to add some aloe or water to make it more complete? Thanks!

Jules says:

So should the ceramidin liquid be used after an essence? I use the Cosrx snail mucin essence. Love your videos!!

Shayri Garg says:

How would we go about layering these hydrators, humectants, liquids, emulsions and creams? You know like that one that you said liquidy consistency with effect of an essence? Where do these new formula products fit in? Before my serum and facial oils or even before my essence?

Lynn Downey says:

Hi Renee! Love your channel. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched your videos over and over to try to figure out at the onset of new seasons to try to get a great new skincare regime. My 47 year old skin is in pretty good condition and I am never guessed to be in my 40’s. That being said I am dry/dehydrated and always trying find things to use on a fairly consistent basis. I spend a ridiculous amount of money on different products and some are just epic fails. I really like to layer and like the idea of light layering in the warmer months while still being able to maintain moisture and balance. Even though I watch your videos over and over I find myself still a bit confused. I am hoping you could possibly point out a couple of steps I could take that would ensure some hydration without being too much and clogging. BTW I rarely get break outs though I do get the occasional pimple. Thanks so much. Peace and love xo

Ola Gromala says:

I just discovered this channel because of your collab with Liah Yoo. I have just recently developed interest in skincare, so this is a gift from God. This is informative and fun and I will binge everything 😀

MakeupByAsma says:

i am really really glad I found your channel…your videos are very useful to me …thanks for the great content

Savannah Davis says:

I have a very oily T zone. so much so that I struggle with most liquid foundations. I also think I am dehydrated due to the texture of my skin when I havent freshly moisturized. its not scaring or acne ut is litterally my skin. is this possible? I dont know how to combat both skin types

Solange says:

Dear Renee, between the Aqua Bomb and the Beauty of Joseon, which one wins for u?
And also, do you feel that organic products are better than non organic?

AbovePink says:

I know this is an old video, however, it’s great! I’m just in love with your style of making videos. This probably has no sense, since it’s a year old, but since you’ve asked about skin type I have a question – is it possible that I have a “gentle” or “delicate” skin type? I feel like my skin doesn’t completely fit in the usual categories, because “sensitive” is easily irritated, has redness and other skin trouble, while mine is quite healthy but if I don’t treat it nicely (harsh creams, harsh makeup, stress because of relationships etc.) all hell breaks loose. I can’t stand a lot of famous brands(clinique), “natural” or “sensitive approved” ones included (like clinique), it feels as if the skin would throw a fit. I know it sounds a bit crazy but I’ve noticed it so often – it gets dull, dry, oily, pale, or just plain weird. Anyway, all of your recommendations so far made wonders for me and it completely changed my skin. It feels like home, I love being in it now. 🙂

yousaf jamil says:

A Review of Revitol Eye Cream – Is It Worth It?

Revitol Eye Cream claims that it can fix what plastic surgery can’t – under eye puffiness and dark circles under your eyes, as well as help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.
The company was established back in 2002 and is a member of the Natural Products Association.

This product was designed to help improve the appearance of dark under eye circles and puffiness. These are caused by the breakdown of capillaries close to the surface of your skin.
This is more of a problem for some people than for others, simply because the thinner your skin, and the more fair-colored you are, the more noticeable these things become over time.
The makers state that the cream works by using natural ingredients and a combination of moisturizing emollients to minimize wrinkles, lessen under eye puffiness and lighten under eye circles.

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