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Skin Balancing Moisture Gel (my FAVE!)
RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer
RESIST Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 25
Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Mattifying Concentrate

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FTC: I have no affiliation with Paula’s Choice. I was not paid or compensated for this video review.


James Manon says:

You rosy cheeks are awesome. I wish I had your amazing complexion.

Marie Soto says:

I just think its funny when she reviews other skin lines or makeup. If its not good she puts unhappy faces on the the cosmetic cop website but when u go to her line all the reviews are great and all of them have happy faces..

Bryant Cabrera says:

Do you think you could post an excel table with what time of day you wear a product, what order you apply products, and how much of each product you use? I got a little confused about when you wear what, and I just wanted to see if I’m doing it correctly! 😛 Thanks :]

SkinCareWithRoss says:

@karuna5555 SAME thing with parabens! They were injecting and feeding rats parabens, so all the results were irrelevant.

Paul Christofi says:

Paula Deen has a cosmetic line? Who knew!

jtmoney091 says:

@MensSkinCareWithRoss hey ross if i may ask what do you currently shave with, and have you ever used an electric razor?

SkinCareWithRoss says:

Get $10 OFF your first PAULAS CHOICE order here:

Buhry says:

Your videos are great, thanks for making these.

Frederick Woodruff says:

Another excellent set of reviews. Thanks Ross. I think I’m ready to migrate from Kiehl’s to some of Paula’s Choice.

saeefa says:

hey ross have u tried the alpha-h range, out of all the products I’ve used the alpha-H is the most effective for me

iSuperSmashBros says:

First 😀

TheGLOSSette says:

@shmoolicous it says on the FTC that he is not sponsored by Paul’s Choice

2012highlight says:

I ordered my Paula’s Choice today as a Christmas present to myself! You should do a review on the Burt’s Bees product line. I love their chap stick but I was hesitant to buy their cleansers and moisturizers.

Emmanuel Guerrero says:

Ross Do you have really oily skin and could you recommend any moisturizers that won’t make me look shiny.

leftyla says:

Yeah, Paula is a no nonsense kinda gal when it comes to skin care. I always check reviews on her website before I make any product purchase.

Shani Vellve says:

@BoneBeast All UV rays can damage the DNA in your skin cells and other cells in your body. As a result of prolonged sun exposure without protection (SPF 15+), the DNA damage can cause your skin cells to produce non-specific cells at a higher rate than normal, which becomes a tumor, melanoma, or other skin malignancies. UVB rays are the leading cause of skin cancer, so it’s also very important to make sure you are getting broad spectrum protection. So yeah, you should def wear sunscreen everyday.

tickledxoxpink says:

Paula’s products saved my skin and money! So happy I found her advice and her products. I am NEVER tempted to buy skincare unless I read a good review about it on Beautypedia. But her products are amazing and relatively inexpensive. People ALWAYS comment how nice my skin is – that never happened before I found Paula’s Choice.

dragonfly232010 says:

I tried nearly all of Paulas products after i saw Ross’ videos. They were pretty good, however i wasnt a fan of the skin balancing cleanser it really didnt cleab my skin well at all. I would tone after and the pad would be filthy. If you were to try anything it should be the BHA gel or liquid it has make the biggest difference in my skin.

C Fizzle says:

Yay Ross!!! Great to see you back on YouTube 🙂

Will says:

What kind of powder do you fallow up with?

karuna5555 says:

@shyic In addition to that, oxybenzone is only controversial because the studies literally fed oxybenzone to rats. We don’t eat oxybenzone, so all those bad things about it are unlikely to happen if you apply sunscreen the way you’re supposed to

Mubarak Al-Naimi says:

I LOVE U, Ross!!

LauperTribute says:

These are really the best products i’ve ever used !! And will never use any other products again !
I met her in Amsterdam last year and she’s just the loveliest !! No lies, just facts !!

SkinCareWithRoss says:

I think its the self tanner :/ Whoops!! Now I know 🙂

AndroBubbles says:

I’ve been dabbling with Paula’s products. My main problem with her line is the lack of moisturizers and serums that are water based. I can’t layer too many silicone-based products, so I often turn elsewhere when I could have enjoyed a product of hers instead. I’m enjoying the 2% Body Treatment though, and from what I’ve heard her chemical exfoliation products are generally superior.

SkinCareWithRoss says:

@shyic Yes, she does include a few controversial ingredients in her products, including parabens. However, she fully discloses her decisions to include or not to include certain ingredients in her book and I believe I have read some explanations on her website. I believe that oxybenzone is one of the sunscreens that has been proven to provide true broad-spectrum coverage. When It comes to Paula, having protection against UV is more important than minuscule adverse effects than could occur.

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