Overview Review Skincare Serum and Moisturizers

I am wearing:
Face- EL Double Wear, It Cosmetics Concealer, Too Faced Chocolate bronzer, cargo Miami beach blush
Eyes- MT Primer, Cargo Baja Palette, Milani liquidfeye black liner, Lancôme hypnoses liner, Lancôme brow pencil
Lips- MAC dervish, Chanel Boy and Milani mixer gloss pink

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*I purchased the items in this video unless mentioned


Lissette says:

Thought of you today because we had our training for Shiseido (I’m training for a new Spehora store opening) and they had the pronunciation spelled out so I was like “Ahh! I have to share that with Lisa!!!” haha The way they had it was She-Say-Doh! So now you know and can tell everyone you heard it from an insider, lol! :o)

Lisasz09 says:

@libertyparker I have not used that yet- I will have to look for a sample! Thanks

EarthMoonStars says:

I have the same skin type as u & I use Vichy Thermal Aqualia in the purple-ish bottle. spf 15 UVA/UBA protected – i think it works wonderfully as well. no breakouts.

Joyce L says:

i heard a lot about the DDMG from Clinique and apparently i tried it before when i was young and disliked it or so my aunt said. -shrugs- tried the gel formulation, and i really don’t think it’s anything special. :s The Moisture Surge is so much better. Next up, is probably trying our Chanel or Dior. And maybe Lancome’s genifique.

Lisasz09 says:

@loltofun the wexler is a serum you would still use a primer

Dana says:

Thanks for your reccomendations! Your skin looks beautiful.

GEORGE75720 says:

Hi can you please write te names of the products?i cant undrestand all names

nakkali grg says:

did u use the cetaphil daily lotion for sensitive or oily/combo skin ??

Diane Noce says:

 would love to send you some samples of Lemongrass Spa products for review We have an awesome serum!!. They are free of harmful chemicals ! http://www.ourlemongrassspa.com/dianenoce 

Krissy Collins says:

Lisa, you have gorgeous skin!

sharri115 says:

Thanks for your views on serums!

Lisasz09 says:

@01cathym it is a michelle watch- you can buy them at nordstroms

Zhenya Bright says:

Can you please make a written list of all the products you mentioned? Thank you!

Lisasz09 says:

@shama316 I have not broken out from it yet- the eucirin one has a sensitive skin for the face and that one is great!

Lisasz09 says:

@Raian707 no i havent sorry

ST W says:

the normaderm pro mat makes me break out badly!

katralber says:

Origins perfect world serum! its the best one I’ve tried and great for the price! 🙂

A. Laurence says:

@Raian707 I’ve tried the fragrance-free serum and I really liked it. I have oily/combination skin and most serums make my skin feel so oily and greasy, but the Regenerist Serum is really nice I definitely recommend it. I am using Roc right now, which is also really good for oily skin but it’s almost double the price of the Regenerist so I would try that first.

Lisasz09 says:

@mzrebel87 I just put some in my fingers and smooth it all over the face and neck

Lisasz09 says:

@ambularofamber serum helps the vitamins penetrate your skin

blacklexusz says:

I so wanna try the Vitazing but so afraid of breaking out.

Goo Roo Beauty says:

love the arbonne too! but yes, it’s a PITA to access! I bought the Vitazing too after seeing what tiffd had to say about it, but I was amazed how little it covered after high expectations from her vid. it’s been sitting there lonely for a while now, so might just break it out as a moisturizer like you! Thanks for sharing!

Beenish Khan says:

how do you apply the estee lauder night repair one? i got it as a sample and i dno how to use it lol

Lisasz09 says:

@koalaXluv it is a product that helps the vitamins sink in to the skin better- it prepares the skin for moisturizers

starbluewhitered says:

@Lisasz09 Thanks for your reply 😉

mandawalker says:

I’m curious about serums and was hoping for a better explanation. Telling me one is okay or better than another doesn’t tell me what it did to your skin. I’d like to know if your skin was tighter, more moisturized, was it greasy

Naz N says:

Vitazing doesn’t work for every skin tone! It is a misconception that it “matches skin’s DNA”. It doesn’t. It just haze little beads that pop when you apply it and release the tint.

ana cristina sousa oliveira says:

Hi lisa!
(Sorry about the english, I’m Portuguese and I’m not yust to rigth)
Throw the years I’ve using vichy normaderm and recently that one with SPF (because I like to use a moistorizing with it) and I have bean asking the same… I also think that it makes me break owt…
I think you would like the Lierac hydra-chrono fluid for normal and combination skin (for the summer) but… it does not have SPF…

careynvegas21 says:

I am really enjoying these videos. At the end could you rank the products from best to worst? THanks!

aTayles says:

you look amazing here!!

Lisasz09 says:

@VivaLaPoetess sometimes, most times my foundation also has spf

Ari15K says:

i just went to bbw website to check out the wexler serum and its on sale for $65! just an fyi

Lisasz09 says:

@22msdiva1 I recommend cetaphil- which one would depend on her skin type. For body I would say a eucirine unscented

katralber says:

Origins perfect world serum! its the best one I’ve tried and great for the price! 🙂 Their whole product line is stellar! 🙂

nakkali grg says:

my sister has sensitive face and easily breaks out with acne n pimple. do u recommend cetaphil and which type? or eucirin and which type?
and also she has really really sensitive skin body. which body moisturizer is best for her?

elisastumm1 says:

hey lisa,

i love the avène hydrance optimale riche. it’s also available with spf.

greets from germany! 😉

marcita614 says:

Thanks for the tips =)

Vivian L says:

Bath and bodyworks is having a semiannual sale your cream is $ 65

Lisasz09 says:

@starbluewhitered I think it is from h and m

Raian707 says:

Have you tried the Olay Regenerist Serum? They make a fragrance-free version of the serum, and I’ve heard its great for oily skin! It’s on my list of things to buy and try, lol.

Sonia Marquez says:

I like this video gave me somethings i could try at CVS

koalaXluv says:

What is a serum? Is it just a liquidy moisturizer?

Leizel R. says:

Could you Please list products chronologically in the description box?

VivaLaPoetess says:

Do you usually end up layering a sunscreen plus a moisturizer? I don’t think all the products you mentioned here had SPF.

The Broadwalk says:

The Vichy Normaderm Hydrating Care is my HG day moisturiser. It smells and makes my skin feel amazing. Sinks in immediately. Helps with breakouts too.

libertyparker says:

Lisa!! I have the same opinion as you on a lot of these products which I have also tried and we have the same skin type so this video is so helpful! I like Idealist in the winter months to level my skin when the cold has irritated it but it’s not a must have for me either. I was wondering if you have used Clarins much in the past? I’m their HydraQuench Cooling Cream-Gel and it is a god send for me. It’s very moisturing and norishing without being heavy or oily at all, try a sample if you can 🙂

Kendra says:

the wexler serum is on sale at bath and body works online for 65!

ST W says:

the normaderm pro mat makes me break out badly!

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