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Moisturisers are the foundation of good skin care. My personal favourite moisturizer is LRP or La Roche Posay often with a SPF 15+. I only need an SPF 15 due to my skin type. For type one and two skin, I suggest a daily moisturiser with a SPF 30.

Moisturisers protect the skin and can aid in the delivery of anti-oxidants, Vitamin A, B, C and other active ingredients. Occlusive moisturisers are essential for healing after many of my procedures including laser resurfacing, Fraxel, skin needling, microneedling RF, Infini, as well as chemical peels.

Remember, skin is as individual as you are. For more help on finding the correct moisturiser, speak to the team at The Fiori Institute, or My Skin Pharmacy. Thanks for watching this video, and please subscribe if you are keen on knowing more on skin care. One new video every Saturday morning, Brisbane Australia time.

Dr Davin Lim
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist,
Brisbane, Australia.


Zina Zolic-Karlsson says:

Can you please comment on Dr Zein Obagi philosophy that moisturizers make skin “lazy”, so if you use it, your skin will stop to hydrate itself. Is that really so?

Sira Mea says:

Nice video, appreciate the honesty. I have subscribed and look forward to more videos. I would like to take better care of my skin. I live in Cork, Ireland as far as I can see they only dermatologists are for people with concerns like severe acne rather than people who just want to take care as they age.

iambuzzify says:


What do you think about using aloe vera as a moisturizer?

TheEagleslover says:

I just found your channel and I’m so glad to know there is someone out on the Tube telling the truth. I learned that my skin care doesn’t have to cost a fortune from my dermatologist when I had my DPN’s removed. When my dermatologist told me I was doing my routine correctly I was so happy. Please believe the good doctor it really is nothing but marketing. Save your coins. Thanks doc.

Chandrani Modak says:

Thank you for uploading this video very informative!! Love all ur uploads, u r awesome!!

Susan B says:

NIOD – Hydration Vaccine 🙂

DIANE Cox says:

Dr Lim,  what moisturizer would you give to your Mother?  Your answer would be the most truthful and honest. I have been using organic ivory colored shea butter……I works wonders.

Mary Egan says:

I’m 57 and have crohns disease during the winter here in Ireland my skin needs lots of moister any ideas for me, I don’t have a big budget than you

ana flores says:

Thank you Doctor,!! I will be now saving my hard earn money.

Mary Egan says:

and it also has to be available in Ireland lol

Susan Moneyhon says:

But aren’t petroleum products bad for our skin?

Shirley Sharon Stevenson says:

Question… Is the Skin Medica TNS essential serum and HA5 just a bunch of hype or is it worth it.

Suzanne Campbell says:

Thank you for putting it out there being honest. You are also very cute. Thanks so much. Namaste.

Maha Abboud says:

Some LRP products have Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid to infuse skin with water, moisturize and soothe dry skin(as per the description on their website), is this different from non-fragmented HA, or is this also marketing and there is no actual benefit.

Nicole M. Jimenez Rosario says:

I love cerave 🙂 I used to have really bad acne and used lot of topicals and oral medication to reduce the inflammation, which only irritated my skin even more. I’ve used Epiduo, Proactive, Tazorac, Neutrogena, you name it. I’ve been using cerave for almost a year and my skin has never been this healthy. I’m really happy about the results. It sure took patience and consistency.

Gina 1965 says:

I like a Korean brand of Marigold serum and the Huxley brand, and a korean snail serum. I use a really inexpensive but very effective vitamin C mist toner and at night a very inexpensive vitamin A or retinol cream (I stay clear of palmitates)and Shea butter, Vaseline on occasion. I tried a sample of LA MER miracle broth and it does make my skin appear less wrinkled but it has so much soy and fake vitamin E (acetate)it causes pain in my breasts so I stopped using it. I am getting great results with the Korean Marigold and vitamin a and Huxley brand so I will stick with that and the snail serum. The vitamin c toner is helping with pigmentation but the Korean snail serum and Marigold stuff I swear by. Thanks for asking. Appreciate your channel and your honesty. Rare find you are.

21dzz says:

hi doc what do you think about the ordinary natural moisturizing factor?

Wilson Myles says:

I stopped moisturizing completely and my skin is better, even the best most expensive non comedogenic clogged my pores. Tried Obagi and a bunch others, I just use a lil coconut oil on my nose at night. Moisturizers are over rated and confuse our skins natural oil production.

Michele Lupe-Bowe says:

No CeraVe? I think its amazing

Alaganuri Renuka says:

Hiii Dr. Lim….how to use taiyu sunscreen lotion..SPF45 i want ur suggestion

amita om upadhyay says:

What about Clinique moisture surge….. this is also a high end product for me….by the way… very nice and informative vedio

Barbara Schlamminger says:

What about the fat, that skin needs also?

Alba Arias says:

I use glycerin water mix spray, Then a use jojoba oil before I go to bed. is this good?

Katina Diep says:

I use sunscreen for the day and Clinique’s moisture surge. Because it’s really cold in Montreal these days, my skin is especially dry, so I’ll use a thick cream such as Nivea.

Diana Ramalho says:

I have the same moisturiser from La Roche Posay but I just noticed that one of the ingredients is mineral oil. What is your opinion about this ingredient? I saw a lot of Youtubers saying that this is something to avoid because it causes pore clogging. Thanks

canash100 says:

Doc, I have to two questions please:- I am doing a diet and people on the diet FB group recommended the following cream for loose skin: 500ml coconut oil, a tube of preparation H, 25ml zinc ointment and 2 t honey all mixed together. Can this possibly help with lose skin?
Question 2: Does your video apply to body creams and lotions as well? Do we need to waste money on expensive body lotions?
Subscribed a few days ago! Absolutely love your brutal honesty! The world needs more people like you!

Farishta Hakimzada says:

Thank you.

Jacqueline Solberg says:

Yes women are highly targeted for marketing. And yeah moisturizer is sealing in the water, so I put on while skin is wet. Or else I just use glycerin.

BellaLiamsi says:

Hi Dr Davin Lim
What are your thoughts on the O Cosmedics rebalancing cream? It helps reduce oiliness and bacteria or so. Is this good marketing as well? I ran out of that moisturiser and since seeing this video I thought I’d reconsider !! Thank you

tinahindi says:

I swear you tube must have been reading my mind. I was thinking I need some moisture my face is getting so dry in the morning. Here pop up this video. Thank I love this video.

Azaleah Pusowat says:

Hi doctor
I have oil skin does this mean i dont need moisturiser.. what do care you recommend for oil skin.

Hannah Samuel says:

My favourite would be Avene cold cream and skin recovery cream. Another that I really liked esp is dry cold weather was Benefits’s Total moisture facial cream.

Amelia Ellington says:

I love the way you gave all price ranges. As a girly girl I sometimes just like having that high end product to help me feel pretty… But, its so good to know what really is important as well. Thanks Doc!

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