These are the 5 best moisturizers for acne and blemish prone skin, and why they work for acne prone skin (both dry and oily!) Hit the Bell Button for new videos on acne, beauty, diet, skin care, self-love, and healthy living!

For those who are asking about the amazing location: I was in Big Sur at Pfeiffer state park and filmed this video! So happy to share it with you! xoxo

▷ 5 Best Moisturizers For Acne Prone Skin
The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + Hyaluronic Acid
Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer
Pixi Beauty Rose Flash Blam
Cosmedix Humidify Moisturizer
Murad Nutrient-Charged Water Gel 5 Day Hydration

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Be Merry says:

you’re better than my dermatologist.. very informative..

Jenna Blue says:

Could you recommend science based books that can explain how the skin works?

jasminedx4 says:

how did you get rid of texture?

miissjeessicaa says:

I use hemp seed oil. It’s have 0 on the comedogenic list. Aka non comedogenic

Sara SunShine says:

I do moisturized with rosehip oil but I’m worried that going to break me out can you please tell if rosehip oil good for acne prone skin ?

Victoria Atadzanova says:

Loved it, very interesting! You look great!

Alexandra Silva says:

Do you have a video with night cream moisturizers?

Bam Bus says:

Hi…I`m so happy I found your channel! Have you ever tried Caudalie products. I think you really would like them! A review would be very nice 🙂

d m says:

What about something more natural Cassandra? What do you think of Shea butter?

sugar xo spice says:

Thank you!!! What vitamin c did you try sounds like a keeper?????!!!!!

stefaniesinshine says:

I’d love for you to look into Drunk Elephant and share your thoughts 😀 I love your content!

Benjamin Truong says:

THE CERAVE FACIAL MOISTURIZERS (AM AND PM)! I started using a moisturizer because I thought having oily skin it would make me break out (I used the wrong products)! So after much debate I started using these (after trying others that broke me out) and I love them!!! MOISTURIZERS ARE IMPORTANT!

Brittany Niver says:

What are your favorite moisturizers with spf, or just face sunscreen in general? Also, good ways to heal your skin after a sunburn?

Miss Babe says:

Do you use acid toner with the sheer transformation moisturizer. Do you use retinol too

nadia shoaib says:

hi cassandra,luv ur precious vdeos,what do u think of doterra hd skin care line for acne.i have small pimpels all over my jaw line and some of them under the skin 🙁

Rosie Burke says:

OK I really hope you see this and respond. Ive been dealing with cystic acne ever since i turned 23. It now only shows up one week out of the month( not even my period week!) but now my skins texture is awful on my cheeks and high cheek bones. Like you explained; it sounds like milia. you said using heavy oils can cause this however the only oil I use is jojoba oil. Do you think I should discontinue the jojoba oil even though its a acne safe oil and pretty light? Love olehenickson!!

noabeny says:

Hi Cassandra. This video was great and exactly what I needed. I’ve been buying a pretty expensive moisturizer from my aesthetician which is not breaking me out, and was looking for a cheaper alternative since a moisturizer is something that you go through fast. Could you make a similar video on sunscreens? Sunscreen is so important, yet many brands can be not very good for the skin, especially for acne prone skin. I’d really appreciate your suggestions. Thanks!

Jerilaine Gomez says:

Thanks!! ❤️ Do cleansers next!

Juliet Evans says:

I’ve heard that if there’s not moisture in the environment (dry climates) hyaluronic acid will pull the moisture from your skin instead and can actually be counter productive. I have been considering buying the ordinary moisturizer for a while now but I’m not sure since I do live in a very dry climate. If you know anything about this, I would greatly appreciate it if you had any advice or information you could share. Thank you in advance!

Joe S. says:

Does that last product Murad get rid of those pearls under your eyes? I think I have one right beside my nose, looks just like a red dot.

ruth b says:

I battled acne for decades. My skin is finally clear and almost normal (a bit oily here, a bit dry there). My favorite daytime moisturizer is Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel SPF 30. I wear a couple of Deciem anti-aging serums under it (ELAN, Buffet+copper peptide). I sometimes add an antioxidant with it (Resveratrol+Ferulic Acid).

Jaclynn Hall says:

I’ve been mixing a little rose hip seed oil into my night cream and I’m loving it!! Tee tree irritates my skin and the last time I got a peel I broke out like CRAZY. I’ve been using Derma-e lotion on my face. I dig it

Bria Bucurenci says:

Hey Beautiful Cassandra! <3 I just discovered The Ordinary brand and I'm in love! What other products have you tried and liked?

Pegasus Epsilon Pegasi says:

do we need to use sunscreen?
and if, what is a good sunscreen for acne( prone)skin?

Emelyn Rivas says:

*I dont know if you’ll see this but I saw you there that day lol You talked to my sisters boyfriend on the top of the mountain and gave him your card*

Charz Star says:

Have you heard of demodex?

ziemlich gut says:

Hey Cassandra! Ho do you mix your Tea Trea and Jojiba Oil? How much of Tea Trea goes with how much of Jojoba to be effective and yet relatively mild to YOUR skin? Thanks in advance!

romosweethearrt says:

Cassandra can u tell us if you’ve heard or tried the keeva tea tree moisturizer before? I want your opinion on it!

Ashley DeWitt says:

Will you, please, do a video about milia and what can be done to heal it?

Rucha G says:

I love how well you explains everything ❤️ Have you tried Peter Thomas Roth’s 10% glycolic solutions moisturizer? It really helped in moisturizing n treating my acne prone skin. I love that moisturizer .

Heather Palmer says:

Thank you so much for these videos. They are wonderful about taking care of acne prone skin!

Huggablz says:

Can you please make a video on how to treat super oily and congested skin. I rarely get acne however my face is filled with little bumps ( either flesh coloured and wont pop or blackheads ). It is equally all over my face ( not concentrated in one area such as the forehead ). Im going to try your blackhead removal / shrinking pores routine. Im still lost on what products i should be using but am still planning to try your routine. Im vegan however after watching your videos im going to try and have a predominantly whole food plant based diet with no oil. Youre videos are the best! Thank you

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