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Kellie lafferty says:

For some reason cerave make my skin produce alot of oil

laurarox80 says:

Is the Neutrogena oil-free good for the winter?

thomas santangelo says:

I have been binge watching a lot your videos. They are wonderfully informative and I’m going to try some products that you have recommended, specifically the acnefree sulfur mask and the zapzyt salicylic face wash. My question is about one of the ingredients in The True Cream Aqua Bomb. Is Alcohol Denat an ingredient that is okay to be incorporated in skin care, would it not be drying or a possible irritant?

Angie Benner says:

Can someone with rosacea use the neutrogena hydroboost under moisterizer?

tania walsh says:

If i wanted to use the cerave or toleriane during the day could i simply go for another a separate sunscreen afterword in the am?

Candice Bowns says:

Dr. Dray what are you thoughts on Paula’s Choice products?  I’ve been using  RESIST Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 and RESIST Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum.  Wondering if I am waisting my money on them, and if you could recommend a better AM/PM Moisturizer I am combo oily 45 year old skin

Mike Rivera says:

Check out the dr carvers Miracle Repair serum from dollar shave club! I really like it it’s only $12 and apparently has 3% HA and fragrance free. I would love to hear your thoughts especially since it’s from a bit of an unusual source.

Jenn W says:

Wonderful video!! I just have to give a shoutout to the original Cerave Lotion, the companion product to the cream. I started using it for face and hands back when it first came out. I didn’t care for the niacinamide facial version so I’ve just stuck with it!

Meaghan Larsen says:

I have dry skin. Not red rash dry or flaky dry. I feel like my oil has dried up after turning 40 years.

miu miu says:

Dr.Dray what do you think about lanolin as moisturiser?

EmpressBeauty says:

Have u heard of E45? That range is aimed at problem skin.

Kellay Cherray says:

Dr dray, do u think for night and morning just use toner and cerave pm moisturiser is enough?? Do u need serum before that?? *combination skin-sensitive*

D bar says:

What are your thoughts on Dermalogica products? I haven’t seen them mentioned on any of your videos. Typically, dermatologists seem to recommend them from my experience. Curious as to your thoughts. Particularly the Special Cleansing Gel and Active Moist for sensitive acne prone skin. Thanks!

Aubrey Salsman says:

Hi the skin on my chest seems to be extremely sensitive and has lots of rough texture. It breaks out very easily can you please please give me a recommendation to improve my chest skin.

Rosenberg 38 says:

Would you recommend the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel as a good moisturizer/ healthy ingredients for acne prone skin?

Vianeey Adame says:

What are the fragrance ingredients in Dr Jart Cermadin liquid? I can’t seem to find any in the ingredient list.

Melissa Novello says:

Your videos are very helpful! Thank you! Could you do a video on stretch marks and any possible way to prevent them for ladies who are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant? I’d love to prevent them on my belly if I could!

Lee Lee Maggs says:

You are awesome with the links you include for all the stuff you talk about in the video! Thank you!

Skin Care says:

I cannot use the cerve pm it does cause stinging and burning for my sensitive skin any other suggestion for sensitive skin for me ?

Sabrina Brii Zee says:

So glad I found you Dr. Dray! I’ve been searching for a good youtuber who can be honest about asian skincare.

Mika A. says:

The cerave pm moisterizer broke me out in little bumps all over my cheeks. It happens everytimeee I use it. Had to throw it away. Ugh the only one that works well for me is first aid beauty repair cream

Gone with the Kale says:

That’s interesting to learn about licorice root extract and its ‘brightening’ effect on the skin, I did not know this. Curious, could one apply the extract directly from a dropper bottle (instead of buying it within a lotion form, such as the one you mentioned from Dr. Jart) and have similar results? And I’ve always used Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soap for my face and body (diluted half with water, of course) and it never caused any acne flair ups…however, watching you review all these products is such fun, makes me wanna shop!!!

JenLuvs2Jazz says:

Hi Dr. Is the cerave moisturizing cream the same as the cerave p.m?

Maria Zolotova says:

Im soooo glad I came across your videos!!! They are so informative!!! Thank you:)

Savannah Lyn says:

I just got the cereve pm Because of you I’m so excited

Angela T says:

Thanks for the reviews! I value your opinions.

Jan Reding says:

Wow I am learning so much at 56 years young from you, I have been a sucker for many, many years on buying and using so many products!!! Less is better I guess is what you are saying. Well I would hate to see what I have spent over the years on skin care, good Lord I could have retired early if only I would have really know, but anyway so glad I found your channel. I do have to ask is the Clairisonic a good device to use? I know you are probably going to say no and If you do I simply won’t use it anymore. I only started using it about a year ago and not every day, just lazy to be honest, but I wash my face every night and moisturize, don’t wash in the morning just rinse, but do use sunscreen!!! Well I will wait for your answer on the Clairisonic???

Shannon Cunningham says:

Your videos are the best!

Pamela Cheek says:

Hi,! I was just wondering how you felt about the Fruit of the Earth vitamin E cream? I have always had really good luck with this cream. It is very moisturizing and it is extremely affordable! It has always been very helpful for my very dry skin.

Alena Ps says:

I’m so sad that Cerave broke me out. Severe cystic acne all over the face after using it. I never get cysts. Very bummed out; will continue to seek out one for super sensitive skin.

39butchy1 says:

Thanks for your information and recommendations. CeraVe moisturizer tub & Neutrogena oil free facial moisturizer are what I’m going to purchase today. I’m a man who wants to keep it very simple and not have a medicine cabinet full of products that I may or may not use.

Brooke Jones says:

I tried the nuetrogena oil free moisturizer and it stings and burns me. I found that a lot of moisturizers burn me is there some common allergen in moisturizers that could be causing it?

TGabrielC13 says:

The belif bomb has alcohol denat in it tho?…

BattyGhoul says:

First aid beauty is the best. They had that moisturizer for $15 on black Friday. I use there face wash as well. It is great at removing makeup and cleansing the skin.

many moms says:

Superdrug facial spf is very good.

Denis Jackson says:

I’ll send you some after the New Year. I see you have a P.O. Box. Ps Can I ask what model camera you use for your vlogs?

Khal Douge says:

Dr Jart is pricey but they are on sale right now in sephora.

Claudia Tafur says:

Thank you Dr for Making a difference in our lives, sharing and helping us. you are so nice.

Leah Lopes says:

I like the FAB moisturizer but it has licorice root extract and I’m wondering if that makes it unsafe to use during pregnancy?

Sahar K says:

Can adults use baby moisturizers? I have really sensitive skin and Im afraid of spending money on something that’ll break me out again.

Pallavi K says:

Hello Dr Dray,
How to look for ceramides in the ingredients list. Does it come with a different name. I am trying to find a moisturiser with ceramides that is available in my country.

Halee says:

Hi Dr Dray,
I’m loving your videos, they have really helped me while starting my process with Differin. I am looking for a new moisturizer. Is it ok to use the CeraVe PM with Differin?

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