26 Salon Perfect Nail Polishes Swatched!!!


Polishes reviewed!
tropicool punch
oh snap!
but first, brunch
orange county cruising
flamingo flare
tropical hideaway
mer-made of money
life is blue-tiful
purple pop
prim and purple

seashell sweetie
whipped cream kisses
ballerina slippers
pass the skinny dip
birthmark beauty
mauve mood
stick to your guns
brownie scouts honor

he’s with me
salsa dance
electric avenue
in too deep
star spangled sparkle
freedom foil
chrome of the brave
holo-day weekend


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Eyes: just lashes! ever blink in bombshell
Lips: wet ‘n wild purty persimmon
Nails: nine zero lacquer “pineapple punch”


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thecyborgmom says:

I love this format! The only suggestion i have is: Could you pop the polish names on the screen while you’re swatching them? Thanks for talking the time to swatch all of these!

Jessica M says:

Thanks for taking the time to swatch all of these! It was nice to see a different format for a video with so many polishes to show. I’d be interested in seeing a slower paced video with fewer polishes in this format to really decide which I like better. Either way, great video!

Stacy Plowman-Pennock says:

I think for the smaller collections I prefer your “old” format but with this many shades, I agree that the video would have been way too long.

Betsy Weatherhead says:

Great format. Love all your reviews. Perhaps treat yourself to a new microphone?

The Polished Pursuit says:

Great swatches Holly! I know how long these swatches take so thanks for taking the time 🙂 I would agree with everyone else to just add the name of each polish on the screen while it’s being swatched. I still need the swatch the nudes!! Xo

Linda says:

I enjoyed this format very much. I also really like these colors. I watched this video twice.

lisa young says:

Love the format

McKenna McCall says:

I LOVE the neon pop collection. HOWEVER!! They always chip on me the very next day.

Crystal Tidwell says:

From what I have heard, they are like a sister company to China Glaze. I’m not sure but I noticed colors are really dupe-able between the brands.

lovelygeminibren says:

Are the neon pops already available in store cause I didn’t see them when I went in walmart

Niki Stonestreet says:

You’re right, Salon Perfect *is* owned by China Glaze 🙂

Debra T says:

Loved it. I actually bought a few of these the other day.

Lisa Foster says:

I like the format!

pamperedpolishes says:

I like this format more, but I do wish it were a touch slower!
Also, it’s sooo satisfying when you paint your pinky with one stroke!

Karen Gant says:

I like this format. But, only for a large collection. More face with few polishes is better.

Sheislupe says:

I like this format. Looove the polishes. Some of those nudes look like colors I’ve been looking for. Will definitely stop by my Wal-Mart and check them out. Thanks Holly!

Dawn Blair says:

LOVE this format!

Britt M says:

Girl you were flying!! Lol. I liked this format just fine. 🙂

Ueda Fuyuta says:

I like the format of this review quite a bit. ^^ Name somewhere on screen would definitely be good 🙂

natalie cristina says:

Is salon perfect 3 free ????

Curls Wild says:

I have 3 of these, they all chip within a day

cyberkitty25 says:

Whats wrong with a 20 minute video. I like the other way were i feel your talking to me and we’re having coffee talkin polish.

Carolina Noriega says:

Tfs these, I do like this format!

Marylene B says:

Love this format !! We enjoy more the swatches. Thanks for all the hard work !!!

Susan Melusky says:

love this format. Great review

Margaret Yoder says:

Loved this format Holly to burn through so many polishes – definitely gives us all we need!

Nakia Holloway says:

Great video

J90 says:

Would it have hurt them to put darker shades in the “nudes” collection? It would be nice to have more variety, especially for a lower price. And there’s way too much overlapping with their main line.

Ann King says:

I prefer this format. I like to hear your opinions while your swatching, and I agree with everyone else, either tip the bottle so we can see the name or put it in the corner. Great video!!!

0hermitworm says:

Thanks for this. It’s hard to find swatches of these polishes, let alone a video.

Jayme Wukmir says:

I like this format! Tfs

Jennifer Adams Franklin says:

You know. I like hearing you talk, and go off on tangents. I guess I prefer your normal reviews. Maybe next time you get so many, you can break them down into different videos? Like I said, I like it when you take your time, talk up a storm, and go off on tangents. 🙂

TeddyBear Friend says:

Great swatches but to me it just seemed really rushed.

Helen CB says:

Great video Holly. I do really do like the voice over part and I am glad that you still describe the polish and say what you like and don’t like about the polishes instead of just talking about formula. I always enjoy your enthusiasm for nail polish 🙂

Patricia Peaden says:

I love salon perfect! I feel like they never get enough love lol

they come out with some really interesting glitters. I like to think of them as China glaze’s guinea pig brand where they shove all the things that they’re too scared to put in their real lines.

e batdorf says:

I like this format. When I watch people swatch, I want to really watch the polish go on the nails. It’s kind of calming.

Suzanne van Eekeren says:

Love the new format! I also liked that you sped up the footage because there are so many polishes in the video. Do agree with others, with fewer polishes it is nice to have the old format. It does feel like catching up with a friend.

Tina Hubbard says:

Still haven’t tried when pigs fly? I have used a half bottle of that color this summer. Your really missing out if you don’t try it.

songbyrd0001 says:

I like this format Holly! I’m sure it will be easier for you to swatch and comment over the footage too.

Katelyn Kemper says:

From my knowledge, all the polishes are already permanent in the salon perfect range except for some of the patriotic set. Some of the Fourth of July collection was already part of the range

snowpuppies1 says:

This format is so much better! TBH, I find the other format a bit wordy for me. But the name of the polish on the screen would be nice (even if you just tilt the bottle so we can see it on the bottom).

Ashleigh Latham says:

I liked the voice over but I also like it the other way too..i say do whatever is easier for you! Some really good polishes in there!

Rachel Small says:


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