5 White Polishes Reviewed

Suzie tests 5 Popular White Polishes that can be purchased without a license. Suzie compares color, application, coverage and the brushes.

Suzie bought these polishes from her local Sally Beauty store. As we couldn’t find some of these products on the Sally Beauty website, Amazon links are provided below for you convenience😀

China Glaze – Let’s Chalk About It

Morgan Taylor – Arctic Freeze

O•P•I – Alpine Snow

Orly – Pointe Blanche

Finger Paints – Paper Måche

Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commission from sales. Links to products are provided as a courtesy to Suzie’s viewers who are interested in finding the products online.


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Baggy Gaby says:

My mom says that I shouldn’t to white nail polish because it looks like white out xd

Mariana Vargas says:

I own a few China Glaze, O.P.I, Finger Paints and Morgan Taylor (never tried Orly), but my white polish is Color Club ” French Tip”, it’s pretty opaque in 1-2 coats as well. No thin brush despite the “french tip” name . However, from the brands you tasted I prefer Morgan Taylor. I’ve found they tend to last longer on my nails than the other 3 (or any other brand I’ve tried, actually)

Matthew McGovern says:

Suzie Reviuzie!

Krystal Walker says:

I just tried the China Glaze. It was super runny, sidewalls were totally flooded, and I could not finish a nail without having to dip again. Going back to try the Morgan Taylor. Thanks!

Sara Báez Castiblanco says:

I love your videos Suzie.
Give me an advice, I’m really pale but my hands aren’t, how I can bleach them and take care of them in order to have a more fair complexion and also which colors do you recommend to make hands look paler?

Chloe Valintine says:

You should try CND Shellac and Gel

The Lucky 13 says:

Love ur hair, nice summer touch ⚓

dootsey says:

The fatter brushes seem to give a cleaner looking cuticle area also.

Allison Black says:

I love Morgan Taylor. Fantastic product

Krushi Bhakta says:

honestly i hate the thin brushes cause you have to do so many strokes and if the polish is super thick than its streaky and ugh i have this issue with the sally hansen white.

Jessica Rose says:

I wish Suzie did more reviews.

René Price says:

ahahaha I read anger paints not finger paints

X.X.YAZMINN ! says:

What’s wrong with your hair

VivNgọcHân Nguyễn says:

Suzie, i could watch you apply nail polish all day

chloenkitty says:

I love white polish but man it’s tough to get it to look good

Signature_U says:

I’ve never paid attention to the brushes….it makes so much sense!

Tammy Soetaert says:

Which white did you like best though?

Anaria says:

Thanks for taking the time to show us the differences between all those white brands 🙂 Gave me a better idea of what i would like to work with when it came to the white 🙂

Xiao Ting Soh says:

I actually like the china Glaze brush but that might be because I have very narrow nail beds!

kim pham says:

The orly is smaller brush because you got the pointe blanc. The white tip is orly’s wide brush with the same color as pointe blanc

Janis Fung says:

I haven’t tried Morgan Taylor before but I’m intrigued because the brush applicator looks easier! Suzie, I would love to see you do comparisons with red polish if you get a chance for next time!

shelley says:

OPI is the best for me!

Laci-Ann Mosher says:

Man her voice is so calming

mara says:

Hi Suzie! Love the white nail polishes! I noticed a brown spot on your left pinky. I was wondering if it was a chemical burn, a nail fungus or something else? If so can you do a video on it and how you can get rid of it? Xx Mara

Carmel kennedy o rourke says:

Susie have you tried Nailchemy Saltstone, I know it’s a gel but it’s so good and such great cover

Faiqa Raza says:


Ina Bambina says:

She should have a radio show, her voice is so soothing

Candyluvre20 says:

I love using OPI for water Marple nail art, it spreads out so nicely in the water.

Moonlight Playz Msp says:

Could you buy the semilac starter kit unbox it and try it out and make a video about it

Haiyllee Santos says:

colour clubbbb

Andrea Corona says:

I’m ALL about the $1.99 Sinful Colors polishes. They are freaking awesome.

Kathy809RD says:

I love white nail polish, especially on the feet. Your feet just look awesome, doesn’t matter your skin tone. The problem is, for some reason, it looks like ever time I paint my nails white, they collect all the dust throughout the house and get yellowish.. I will stick white gel polish to avoid all of this!

Silvrpink says:

Your voice is soooo soothing <3

Caylie B says:

The orly is a gorgeous colour

soph says:

love the editing quality

Taylor Hadfield says:

Can I ask what that little hand brace/sparkly cylinder is called/where you got it? It’s so cute, and I want one. I have been searching through your videos and google for the last hour trying to find out what it is, and I keep coming up with squat

Bath House Becky says:

The brush has been my only hang up with China Glaze for yeeears. Love the formula, love the shade selection, love the accessibility, love the price, absolutely hate the brush. I hope they fatten it up someday.

MiamiPush2theLimit says:

Reminds me when I used to put white out on my nails in school.

Sharreldine Bowers says:

Blech, China Glaze is the worst. In all my years of trying, I feel like the brand never quite fully dries – for awhile, my sister was convinced it needed a UV light! It always smears and bubbles. But Orly and O.P.I. have always worked great! Never have an issue with them.

mjdan77 says:

The brush is the reason I don’t like China glaze nail polishes as much, they have a great black polish but I don’t like applying it with their brush because it’s too thin and doesn’t spread out like you mentioned

Brandy Berry says:

Suzie, what do you rest your fingers on when painting? Where can I get one?

Emily Narcizo says:

can you do reviews on yellow nail polishes

La La Red Velvet Cake 91 says:

When I try doing white polish it always ends up being a gummy mess. I just avoid it altogether. Lol

olivia a says:

Which one is the white one

ssue says:

I really appreciate your tutorial on this it seems like such a simple thing but it’s not because you’re so right about white polishes and how they like to pool I’ll be honest I get mine at the Dollar Tree and not too great they very much pool around the cuticle so I think I’ll go to Sally’s to me it seems like the brush and the best application was number to I can’t think of the name of it so this was a tutorial that I so much appreciate it thanks for sharing

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