Here are my basic nail hacks I think every girl needs to know! These are my beginner and easy beauty hacks that create the perfect DIY mancure at home. Whether it’s a pamper yourself night or you’re trying to say some money, I definitely wanted to show you how to do your nails and the best tips and tricks to get the perfect manicure! Don’t miss out, subscribe here!

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Ashley Buchanan says:

WHY ARE THE SUBTITLES in all caps at the beginning, but normal for the rest of the video?

mulliganstew72 says:

Love the last hack! Just today I ran Out of acetone polish remover and how to use some non-acetone brand which did not work. It was taking so long that I just polish them again and then removed it with a cotton ball afterwards. Great video, thank you!

Misty MSP says:

This video really helped me, thank you, your nails look amazing in darker colors! <3 Greetings from Poland. 🙂

Eva Multz says:

My mind…shooketh

Nisha Nayak says:

how to grow good mails

vj Sumanth says:


erla wind says:

I loved your video brilliant tips !

Claire Scott says:

I needed the dark polish advice. I have been avoiding dark polish because of how messy it is to remove.

Sarah says:

Lmao yea, I found out about the last hack by myself when I was at my grandmas house, and a my aunt who lived there painted my nails n I was afraid that my grandma was gonna get pissed at me so we tried to get it off, but we didn’t have any more nail polish remover. We kept trying things, but nothing worked. Then we thought of that n it worked n srsly, it saved me hahah

JONES says:

great hacks!

hiba banni says:

واااااو روووووووعة

Deanna Giglio says:

you’re amazing!!!!

Barbara Mueller says:

Thank you for the great tips. Some I did not know! Wonderful!

Venice Rayan says:

Pls put ur tips in tamil

Viktor Ferm Tiitus says:

Oh wait? Can ONLY girls watch this video? Oh sry hehe. I though men could have nice nails too.

Simphiwe Queeneth says:

hw much if u buy your own kit?

shorty 788 says:

Y does she have soo much dislikes u jealous people

Protoculture Ad says:

Number 8 is like when there’s whiteboard marker on the board that’s been for a long time and won’t come off so you color over it then it finally comes off

Tiny Hooman says:

I don’t even use polish

kween kehlani says:

finally a helpful hacks vid

Saman Galgat says:

My daughter had a bad habit of bitting her nails how would she overcome of this

Александра Иванова says:


Jana Roos says:

These tips are so good

cutelittledoll says:

Love the tip about removing dark polish and preventing the colour from staining your skin. Thanks.

Rose Tinted House says:

you are a gem ❤️

Shar Mila says:

Love these tips! So helpful! How do you prevent or clean the nastiness that happens under your nails when they grow out? Also how do you keep nails thick and healthy as they grow longer? Mine are always flimsy and chip off before they can get longer than the tip of my fingers. Lastly, why do nails look yellowish after removing polish and what can be done to prevent that?

mary evans says:

thanks cool

suryakant kamble says:

Plz make a video on how to turn a lip gloss into a nail polish. Hit like if u agree

BigJuicy328 says:

awesome thanks for subbie

Denise Hanalla says:

KittyCatMeowMeow1223 says:

What about base coat?

Elif says:

Finally found something that was legitimately helpful

Mashfiqur Rahman says:

ato faltu. ki bolbo

Christi Williams says:

Great tips! I have such a hard time polishing my nails. Your tips will help a lot, I think! 🙂

dr who whovian says:

Where do you get the latex from
BTW im not from america so i cant get it from Wal-Mart

U Can’t Resist says:

Really good tips!

Shifa Kausar says:


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