BEST NON-TOXIC NAIL POLISH | testing 5 brands

Comparing 5 different non-toxic nail polishes – with family and friends!

Little Ondine – US UK *
100% Pure

Thanks to Gabby, Nathaniel, and Lauren for joining me 🙂

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World Threads Traveler says:

Great video! This is my favorite one yet <3 Thank you for the recommendations and candid reviews.

Evey202 says:

Thank you so much for this video. I have 2 little girls and pregnant with my third. They love to do their nails when they see me applying nail polish but I rarely do that now because of the chemicals in the polish. Off to order some of these for some mommy-daughters clean manicure time! ❤️

Marcus Aliaga says:

Great review! You should try Trust Fund Beauty, they are fantastic! And they have an amazing non toxic, non acetone nail polish remover that works just as good as acetone

Pamela Sta Maria says:

Hi! A nail polish brand that I’ve recently tried was Elle+Milla, which claims to be 7-free nail polish. It held up pretty long, considering that I shower twice a day (before work and after working out), and I work with my hands quite often. It’s also 100% vegan 🙂

Erica Goehring says:

The nail polishes at Poofy Organics have been pretty good. They don’t last very long, but they go on nicely.

Hasenohr says:

benecos has also 5free nail polishes
you can get them in german stores like alnatura

Lee Snir says:

what do you use in order to remove the polish? is there non wasteful option?

Girl With Grit says:

100% Pure nail polish is awesome!!! Deep Sea is my favorite and lasts a long time for me. I hardly ever do my nails and that one color is so pretty!! Very comparable to a Sally Hansen or OPI. I think Essie is 3 free and for a gel those are good, though I rarely use gel. The scent of the 100% Pure is very minimal and not offensive or overpowering at all–that’s what drew me to a ‘natural’ polish. Modern salons smell so awful–just walking by gives me a headache.

Living Even Keeled says:

Very Very helpful! – it’s not easy to find, buy, and test so I appreciate you doing that for our benefit. Thank you.

Hectic Sophie says:

This was really helpful! I’m a nail biter (bad habit, I know), and I haven’t even thought of what I’m introducing into my body on the occasions that I do wear polish.

Phil Organizations says:

I’m alwasy happy to see a new video from you!

I found a small Etsy company doing 7-free nail polish. They make it all local in small batches. Their name is 365 Lacquer. I’m actually wholesaling their polish and I wear it all the time. They have a lot of really fun colors. You can find them at

Hannah Hymas says:

Have you tried the Zoya polishes? They’re not as “clean” but I think they’re very good 🙂

Healing Magic says:

I highly recommend Karma Organic. They are 7 free, vegan, cruelty free and over 100 Beautiful color pigment.

Hélène St-Onge says:

Do you know of «Boho green makeup»?

This Is Kassia says:

You should really give Ella+Mila a shot. It’s 7 free! I did a similar test on my page ( and Ella+Mila held up great – I tested Little Ondine too, but i just found I didn’t love how easy it peeled up, but it is convenient to not have to use remover.

AllEcoLiving says:

I really like Little Ondine, the fact it’s odor free and peelable!! All other natural polishes that I have tried still have odor which can cause headache!!

Samantha Lee says:

What’s the shade of the 100 Percent Pure nail color? I love it and would love to try that shade in particular! Thanks for the awesome and comprehensive video.

jw1512 says:

Does anyone know how less-toxic nail polishes from Kure Bazaar are? It’s a French brand and works well on my nails.

peachpathfinder says:

Triphenyl phosphate (TPHP) is another ingredient to avoid. It’s so unfortunate it’s in brands like OPI, Essie and Rescue Beauty Lounge. Tenoverten is my choice for best 8-free nail polish. As a former nail polish junkie, I have tried most brands under the sun, and I’m very impressed with the formula and wear with tenoverten. The bottles are also more chic-looking than others.

animelover1979 says:

KLpolish is vegan cruelty free and 9-free!!

olioliwoo says:

Any recommendations for nail polish removers?

thea whitaker says:

Please test claire’s water based nail polish.

Malina P says:

Hi everyone who has been asking for a nail polish remover.
I LOVE the Aila Cosmetics one. It has argan oil in it, and it doesn’t smell bad as regular nail polish remover. I also am a BIG fan of their nail polishes. On their website it says they are 8-free, but please make your own research. I’m personally so happy I have found this brand.
Thank you for a great video!!

Julie Bigras says:

I love Butter London and Spa ritual too.

mvacwentwild says:

Funny enough I watch a video recently that featured one non-toxic nail polish. The brand is tenoverten and they are an 8-free nail polish and apparently they perform well. They retail for $18

koshka marvel says:

I’m considering to buy little ondine… but I’ve read some comments and turns out they are manufactured in China, so I’m hesitant now

Djoudie Alexander says:

so helpful !!

Roxy C says:

Really like the Little Ondine ingredients but they sell in China where animal testing is still mandatory by law. I contacted them and they basically said if i don’t like it don’t buy it, so i guess i won’t be buying any. 🙁

dimplewig says:

Do you think the nail polish chips and peel offs are bad for the environment? I always worry the little chips of nail polish would get in the waterways and kill marine life….

Anna wewinwithlove says:

Great, I’ll try the Suncoat and Ondine. Thanks

Anonymous says:

I’m very allergic, thanks for the video! 😀 says:

I love red nails but oh my, finding a good eco brand was so diff. ♡

Tulips and Terracotta says:

Was just talking to my mother-in-law about this a couple of weeks ago. I have seen (but haven’t researched myself yet) a lot of posts floating around about nail varnish affecting our body in a detrimental way. This is a great way to get started!

Sasori says:


Matilda Lundin says:

Love this test! I switched over to non-toxic make up and beauty ages ago.. but in one area – nail polish – I still have hold onto my essie’s! Been considering donating them to someone who would use them and getting some non toxic ones for awhile.
Feel more confident now getting some to try out! Thank you!

MissColourfully says:

This was very helpful, thank you! 🙂 I want to try Little Ondine, because it sounds so cool that you can peel it off and it doesn’t smell. I want to present my niece with nail polish, but I don’t now if Little Ondine lasts on her nails…
I have one nail polish from the natural brand “Benecos”. I like it and it lasts as long as other nail polishes. But it still has the normal “nailpolish smell”.

August jp says:

Such a great video! I wish !00% pure shipped to Japan. I cannot purchase their products 🙁

PrincessCupcake Mia says:

Do they all peel off? Like LITTLE ONDINE?

Merlin says:

Video starts at 1:12

Eco Warrior Princess says:

I don’t wear nail polish as I’m very minimalist but on special (rare) occasions I do. I use Sienna Byron Bay as it’s an Australian brand and vegan 🙂

LadyZebes says:

what about nail staining? have you had any issues w/any of them staining your nails or yellowing?

realmentenolose says:

Is there any chance to buy a good-ingredient-nail polish without plastic on the bottle?

Live simple says:

Zao and Benecos

Agnes L. says:

It’s astonishing how many more or less non- or less-toxic nail polishes there already are, although I used to be a bit sceptical about how toxic, at least in regards to environment, they probably were nevertheless.
I also know:
PRITI NYC POLISH (they claim to be “8-free, vegan, cruelty free and completely non-toxic”; they are free of Toluene, Dibutyl Phtalate, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Campher; also of TPHP, Xylene and Parabens);
and BENECOS (5-free: ohne Formaldehyd, Tuluol, Phtalate, Campher, Kolophonium).
However, I use them so rarely so I can’t really give any specific recommendations or review to be honest. I am pretty bad ad applying it nicely and at “using my hands in a manner that will last nail polish more than 2 or 3 days in a nice way” *g*.

Coraline Prd says:

Thanks a lot for this video ! I was concerned about getting more green in my beauty routine and I thought I had to stop putting nail polish ! The fact that some of them are removable without any chemical product is so great !

TheDrakelicious says:

What about Benecos? Anyone?

indygo19 says:

I love Little Ondine!

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