China Glaze Fall 2018 Nail Polish Collection Swatch and Review || KELLI MARISSA


Hey guys, I am super excited to show you a swatch and review of the new China Glaze Fall 2018 collection, the fashion week inspired Ready To Wear nail polish collection! It features twelve polishes in tons of autumn shaves with shimmer, glitter, cremes, and even a couple matte shades! Honestly, this is one of my favorite collections to date. It has all the shades I love and amazing formulas! Which one is your favorite?

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kalli971 says:

also impressed by the collection, it’s beautiful

Nausheen Arastu says:

I love your HP reference!

Michelle Gallas says:

Is China Glaze good for stamping?

Lili Danzarina says:

Definitely my favorite colors come with autumn, hard to choose one among many options, I liked them too: Autumm I need that, Pay it Fashion Forward, Haute Blooded, Swatch Out !, Vest Friends, Chic Happens and Throwing Suede (almost all hahahaha) Affectionate greetings from Colombia, a tropical hugs Bella Kelli, You’re the best!!!!

mlp motion says:

My favorites are Aut- Umm I need that, Pay it Fashion Forward and Pleather Leather. I DEFINETLEY need to get them.

Marina Lambiris says:

I wish they changed their brush

Lynn Shallue says:

The are some gorgeous fall shades in there!! There was snow on the mountain this past weekend, I saw my team win their football game – bring on the changing leaves!! Fun fact – I can’t wear yellow, orange, and most other fall colors because they make me look sickly but it’s still my favorite season. And purple and burgundy are two of my favorite colors.

Lorelei kazulen says:

Very cool colors. I think the central parka and that mustard color, would be nice in a camo pattern nail art. Just saying.

Yasi Soufi says:

Way better than opi and I am still in love with your hair ..

Kyla Fuller says:

You missed the corner on the yellow but I love how easy you make this look.

Heather c says:

Love swatch. Could see the nail art with that one. Apples and leaves in greens and browns. Would be so pretty with that as a base.

Danny Islas says:

This collection is SO BEAUTIFUL! Sometimes I like China Glaze a bit better than OPI. Plus it’s way cheaper, so there’s that! Hopefully we’ll get all of these here in Mexico. If not, I’ll have to order a couple online ‘cos I definitely need them! I love your swatch videos! <3

Vengefulique Fury says:

Great video, thank you. Would you be willing to do a jelly polish nail art video?

Sheree Stewart says:

This collection is the best i have seen in years. Yes years. i have tons of nail polish but this collection has given me hope for something new in polishes. Great job on the review. Thanks!!!

Laura Bolen says:

I’m so excited for fall everything too,

ASMRyouVEGANyet? says:

So many pretty colors!

Carina S says:

Well, there’s one I definitely need ;P
Yeah, my favourites are “Aut-Umm I Need That”, “Pay It Fashion Forward”, “Swatch Out!” and “Vest Friends”. “Sample Sizing Me Up” is pretty awesome too, but I feel like I got a similar colour in my collection, so I won’t go for that. “You Don’t Know Jacket” is one of these awesome classic navy colours, again – feel like I got something similar so won’t go for that either.
Overall I totally love this fall collection as well, you’re right China Glaze is what other brands have to aspire to when it comes to Fall/Halloween collections!
I’m personally just not that into the semi-matte and matte polishes, mustard yellow and have no use for metallic pink, but I can appreciate the awesomeness that is this collection anyway.

Lauren-Elizabeth Dyer says:

Loving the swatch and reviews! Always wondered how you remove the polish for swatch and reviews without destroying your nails? 🙂 x

cHaZZa_ 01 says:

i love these swatches, imo i’m so glad the collection isn’t full of reds and pinks

Sarah Crittenden says:

Soooo pretty!!! I can’t wait to check them out! Fall is the best season!!!!

Anna Ferrell says:

You sold me on this collection. Thank you for the great review

Alex Miller says:

mmm agreed! I do love the non-summer months where you can wear comfy clothes and be all snuggly. but alas, we are heading into spring so it will start getting warmer by the end of the month *le sigh* thanks for another great review!

Emma Vestergaard says:

Can’t wait for these!!

Kris Montoya says:

Not a huge fan of China Glaze but this collections has changed my mind. All the colors are great.

RockYourNails says:

Wow. Great video. I love this collection.

laura b says:

gorgeous collection!

Emily Rogers says:

Some pretty colors in the collection!

Chris S says:

Loved the best friends one best I think !!

Maria Downes says:

Wow! What a fab collection, thanks for a great review.

Joan Snow says:

You have got that down to a science,
Brushing that on your nail!
Have to say I do get inspired
Another great video
You don’t know your jacket is my fav
Alright I love China Glaze, I’m a fan!

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