China Glaze OMG Flashback Holographic Nail Polish Collection Swatch and Review! || KELLI MARISSA

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Hey galaxy gang, today I’m reviewing the highly sought after OMG Flashback collection from China Glaze! Featuring six super holographic linear polishes in different colors 🙂 I hear these are selling out fast, so if you want any, grab them before they’re gone! Let me know which is your favorite and what collections you’d like to see next!

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China Glaze OMG Flashback Collection:
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Organizing 1000 nail polishes in rainbow order:
Mixing my nail polishes together?!:
Holo galaxy nail art!
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Cat Valentine says:


Chelsea Jackson says:

Did anyone find that this collection chipped off super fast?

Michelle Nidharia says:

Hey Kelli, Loved DV8 from the entire collection.

Shellbug-Michelle Greene says:

This got me waaay too excited for polish & for being in bed alone…lol

Amy Sue West says:

TTYL is my favorite, the lilac comes in as a close second. Wow those holos are amazing.

Sarah Crittenden says:

I needs them all!!! ❤

MooseKrazy says:

Please Please Please do the holo gradient!

calichef1962 says:

<3 the IDK and BFF! TTYL might look really pretty as an accent nail in a rose gold mani.

I like how your hair looks today, even though the curls are irregular in angle and direction. I used to be a hairdresser and I can give you a few tips. When you're using a curling iron, always work with totally dry hair. Also it's better if you have some kind of heat protecting conditioner or spray. In general, you want to go in the same direction with all the curls on one side of your head, and the opposite direction on the opposite side of your head. If you go all the way around your head in the same direction your hair will look like it got caught in a whirlwind. Either away from, or more rarely, toward your face. I always hold the curling iron (or brush) vertically on the sides, horizontal on the top and vertically in the back of the head. I stop in at the middle of the back and roll the curls the same direction as the sides. They will meet in the middle of the back. Sometimes I'll curl the absolute center back upward if the hair is layered, if that makes any sense. Let the curls cool before you mess with them because it will help your hair hold the curl in the direction you want. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions you want. I'll answer anything. But you have to 'love' my comment for me to see that you've asked me something. YT doesn't send me notifications correctly.

That Sandi Chic says:

I bought the minis and wish I’d bought the full sizes! I love them. A gradient was what I had in mind too! I’m wearing IDK on my right hand right now.

Jeanne Robert says:

I half thought your Fun Fact was going to be about that burp…It’s late here, I’m punchy.

I’d better get to bed so I can get to my nearest Sally’s tomorrow. I’m LOVING those polishes and I need developer anyway! Ok, enough, goodnight.

Zery Sarwar says:

The way hair looks gorgeous u should do it more often I loved the IDK polish it was cute

Christy Mccullough says:

I’m sold on these

Phoenixtelstar says:

I gotta say I really liked this collection, had to get it. I like the fact that the holo is most definitely there yet it doesn’t overpower the base and it’s so smooth. And your hair is always great BTW 😉 unlike mine which is always thin and scraggly and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Kris Montoya says:

The entire collection is very beautiful. I will be ordering them all. Your hair looked really good. I think the slight curl makes it look more natural. You know with everything, practice makes perfect.

Ginny R says:

Hi Kelli, great video. Love all the swatching. But my fav colors are IDK, BFF,2nite.

Pam Miller says:

I wish they’d put these out in gel form! So pretty! You did a beautiful review.

Skye Glacier says:

I have DV8 and it’s super pretty but after your video I think I’m gonna buy 2nite and BFF. your makeup and hair look really pretty in this vid! and your swatches are my favourite videos I love them❤

kapi says:


MasterOfNinjas16 says:

LOVE these polishes!! Now, if only Sally Hansen would bring back their Diamond holographic line from the EARLY 2000s.

Margaret Mize says:


CamoCatPlayz says:

Omg, 2nte, bff, TTYL!! Love beautiful

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