China Glaze – Ready To Wear (Fall 2018) | Swatch and Review


Today I have swatches of the Fall 2018 collection from China Glaze!

Polishes mentioned:
Throwing Suede
Pleather Weather
Mustard The Courage
Sample Sizing Me Up
Central Parka
Chic Happens
Swatch Out!
Haute Blooded
Vest Friends
Pay It Fashion Forward
Aut-umm I Need That
You Don’t Know Jacket


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What top coat/base coat do you use?

– I don’t have a favorite topcoat, I just use whatever is laying around for swatches and the HK Girl from Glisten & Glow for manicures. My all time favorite base coat the CND Stickey. You can find that on or at Ulta stores.

Why do you take your picture and video swatches separately?

– Since my lighting, camera settings, and tripod all have to be adjusted when switching from pictures to video, its faster, and helps keep the lighting more consistent, if I batch process all the pictures at once and then all the videos at another time. It also helps me get a feel for how to work with the polish if I do my pictures before the video.

How long do you let your nail polish dry between coats?

– I wait until a coat is completely dry to the touch before adding another one. The time it takes for that to happen varies from polish to polish, but usually is around 3-5 minutes.

How long do swatch videos take you to make?

– To take pictures, film, edit, and upload, it takes between 8-12 hours depending on the size of the collection.


– I purposely avoid the sides of my nails and my cuticle line when I’m swatching because I do swatches one after the other after the other. Removing polishes that are applied too close to the skin can stain the skin around my nails and make the next swatch look bad. I do it to keep the video clips and pictures clean.

Why don’t you use a peel-off base coat when you swatch? You should use the UNT one because Simplynailogical uses it and everyone should use everything she uses with no exceptions.

– I speed swatch. The polish is still wet or tacky by the time I remove it to apply the next one. Using a peel-off base coat would not only add an extra step to my routine, but would require me to wait for the polish to dry before it could be peeled off. This would end up taking more time and be less efficient for me.
Trust me, if Cristine suggests it, I try it…but everyone has different taste in products and everyone does things differently. Two people can have vastly different opinions on a product. It doesn’t mean that one of them is wrong, it means that they’re different people.

Are you going to swatch the Essie/OPI/China Glaze _ collection?

– Yes.

FTC: The polishes shown were sent to me for review


Patricia Peaden says:

If it weren’t for china glaze, I’d forget that mainstream brands are able to do more than pink cremes

Alyssa Alva says:

Ugh these are so pretty! I wish I could afford all of them! I’m totally buying Mustard the Courage for sure

SkipToMyLuLuDarling says:

I have to agree with you. This review definitely made me sit up and pay attention. Way to go China Glaze. This is a fantastic collection.

Michelle Goodman says:

Just recently found your channel and I love watching these swatches. I just found some polish called Butter London. What’s your opinion on that one? Have you ever done any swatches on them?

Renata Bursten says:

Great collection! The yellow, red and brown are all calling my name 🙂

Coffee Chemist13 says:

I love this collection! I was ecstatic at what colors they chose because I’d been looking for nice fall colors, and China Glaze had so many. Plus, they’re a cruelty free brand!

Ines Božić says:

I like Vest Friends so much, maybe I will buy this nail polish, I must look for it on Ebay, I buy China glaze polishes there!! Great swatches! Sorry for bad english!

Lucy Gaweda says:

I need Swatch Out! like now.

Meowleficent says:

The polish i am most excited to get this fall is your Ectoplasm, i hope it reaches Rainbow Connection soon (checking the site every day )

Pixalicious says:

I’m actually wearing Throwing Suede right now and it was a two-coater apart from my one problem nail. You know the nail, somehow it always needs 3 coats, or you finally get it right in two and then smudge it.

Sherry Harris says:

Great collection and a lot of variety! I love and have You Don’t Know Jacket. I’ve been looking for a dark navy blue polish that’s not too dark to be confused with black, and this one is perfect! Jess, I totally agree with you about OPI and Zoya…Essie had more variety in 6 bottles than OPI and Zoya together. China Glaze & Essie, best fall polishes of 2018. OPI & Zoya the worst fall collections ever.

Ann guglielmino says:

This is the first full collection I’ve ever owned. Got it at 8ty8 beauty. $3.25 a bottle! What?

Rine Loldrup Larsen says:

Love your honesty and unchoreographed voiceover. No BS or sugarcoating, just a real review. You rock!

Skylynn White says:

I feel the same about the Zoya and OPI fall collections. And the Zoya Winter/Holiday collection just looks so random! No apparent color story or theme.

tvmom says:

FW = Fashion Week

Milovatsi says:

Best fall collection! Bought 4 !

Viki Pazdur says:

I have the Vest Friends and Pay it Fashion Forward and love them, but, when they dry after 2 coats, they’re not as glittery as it was when it was applied. They’re beautiful tho

Annemi8 says:

Yay! Just received these in the mail as well. Especially a fan of the cremes in this collection! Definitely a better fall collection than OPI gave us this year

Kermit's teatime says:

Awesome collection! I haven’t been impressed by mainstream polishes for a while, especially Zoya and OPI. Aut-umm I Need That & Vest Friends are really cool colors. I also enjoy Mustard The Courage & Swatch Out!.

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