China Glaze x The Grinch Nail Polish Swatches and Review || KELLI MARISSA

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Hey galaxy gang! Today I’m sharing swatches of the new China Glaze x The Grinch nail polish collection! Eight gorgeous limited edition colors perfect for winter and for the holidays – PLUS they have the new wide flat brush (and a really cute bottle with the Grinch on it lol). Which one is your fave??

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Base coat was Cuccio (use code KELLI for 20% off):
Black polish: *

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skyler moats says:

I love the Grinch! I will be buying the nail polish!!

Suzanne Wilson says:

Some YouTubers voices are annoying. You are fun. But if you want to do a quiet one once in a while, like when you were sick, I’m sure your fans will understand.
PS I just got this Grinch collection in the mail and I’m very excited.

Shon w says:

Hi Kelly…so nice to see you…its been awhile.

Margie says:

I love You’re a Mean One and Grinchworthy. Looking forward to Winter nailart ideas, compilation or otherwise!!!

Erin B says:

I went out and purchased all of these because of this video. In love with them!

Charlene Lemen says:

Love love love this collection! Gorgeous! I have not seen polish collections. Does one order online these collections? Or do you have to buy them all separately?

Nicole Meeker-Fitchett says:

Thank goodness they changed their brush!!!!

Kim Scofield says:

Not a huge China Glaze fan, but these are really nice! I liked the compilation video, a nice change of pace. 🙂

April Knutson says:

I love compilation videos! It was great! But I get how they’d be upset, you’re adorable.

Angela Marcinkevich says:

The last color what would happen if you put it on top of all the colors you used the pink , green and s lighter color if you try it please do a video

Polishchick _Nail_Model says:

Who is re-watching this and want the whole collection?!
My boyfriend is planing on getting it for me because I rarely get the collection I usually get one or two and I asked for it for Cyber Monday! I hope I get it!

Shannon says:

I love the new movie

Sophia Lejtman says:

Merry whatever and mean one are my favorites.

Susan Dinger says:

I loved the blue!! So pretty

Debbie J's Crafting Corner says:

I absolutely love this! While watching your video, I logged in to Sally Beauty (there is a store real close to me) and they have these! ( I just found out that Ulta has them on their site too.) And their nail polish is on a BOGO right now. I just picked up 6 of the colors in mini bottles to try out. I’m wearing “you’re a mean one” with a couple of accent nails with “resting grinch face” over the top. Thank you so much for sharing! I love your videos!

Britt H says:

Best swatch video I’ve seen of this collection. Thanks! ☺️

Haley Kenworthy says:

It makes me happy that you laughed at ho,ho, no.

V Martin says:

I went to see the movie this afternoon, I wasn’t impressed. It’s okay but don’t pay to see it!

Tricia G says:

Oh, and I really like your compilation video and think you should keep doing them as long as you still do your regular videos too. 😉

Waynette Asbury says:

It’s a really cute movie, I loved it and so did my grandson & daughter

Kimberly Vogt says:

I had to order these ASAP! Love the colors. Can’t wait to try them!!

Tricia G says:

I will only watch the original Grinch movie from the 1960s lol. It is my favorite! I totally need this collection for the name alone, but also because it’s gorgeous! It’s everything a winter collection should be!

HypnoticHayes says:

I bought Lukewarm Wishes and Ho Ho No, before i even saw this lol. Got them on Black Friday because they were one special at ulta, buy one get one half off. Lukewarm Wishes used on top of a white base, looks like like snow if you were curious at all. It just like, idk man, looked like the first snowfall when theres no mud or tire tracks ruining it. When the sun shines on it and makes it look glittery? Maybe my eyeballs are different lolol but what im saying is you can use it on white also, and it looks magical.

Mollie Rollman says:

Ooooo your hoodie ..I looove the color!

Bianca Stewart says:

I really like the red one with the gold glitters in it I can’t get China glaze in Australia

Megan's Vlogs says:

ahh can never get over your hair

MsGinahidesout says:

I just want to tell you that you made us watch videos so enjoyable! I watch some other ones and they’re so boring in comparison!

RedStarLights says:

My least favourite thing about China Glaze polishes was the brushes. I’m so happy with the change!

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