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$50 for a bottle of nail polish?!? I am giving you my honest opinion on this expensive CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN polish. THUMBS UP if you find it helpful 🙂

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Victorienne Tiu says:

I thought the most expensive one was stary stary night by essie for $200?

Sajjad Ali says:

it’s 600 dollars now

Snap-Shot-AHP says:

I would to have one, but uh I just can’t get myself to spend $50 on one bottle of polish.

Melanie carrion says:

People just want to show off

Moon says:

the most expensive is $850…. its an Essie polish

Please don't subscribe says:

the most expensive is $250k its by azature and it contains 267 karats of diamonds

Alexis Minnich says:

I would love this on my vanity, and I would buy that classic red but not for $50!

Mrs K's Korner says:

I think the bottle is unique. I, personally, wouldn’t spend that much for a brand of nail polish.

Lara Kovačić says:

I know that the giveaway is over,but I would buy it becouse everyone say that it is very good and long lasting.Color that I realy like is some weard green that i saw on instagram..

Theresa Ward says:

I just broke down and purchased this. Wanted this just to have. Only seen one bad review. Yes it’s over priced but I like most of the shades I seen but only felt it was ok to purchase this for the sake of nostalgia. Plus I had a gift card. Can’t wait to get it.

annacoribioanna says:

I tried the red one at Sephora and it’s very pigmented, super shiny and beautiful…

Stunt Doll says:

for 50 bucks I expect a one coat polish. I rather pay 99 cents for a red and invest in a durable top coat. I make the cheapest nail polish last for a week without chipping with the proper prep and top coat.

Loca 4 Nailz says:

why did they make The lid SO LONG?!!?, lol

c m says:

The red one is amazing since it matches perfectly with red bottom shoes. I think the other colors should be bought to match other louboutin shoes

sophia colvin says:

this was posted on my birthday

The Cool Kids On The Block says:

okay the top to that bottle looks like you might end up poking your eye out with it lol

littlepinkskeleton says:

I think it’s only that expensive because of the brand.

Katrina Joseph says:

its worth it if thats what u like. i luv the red.

Julie T says:

Just saw this and wanted to give my 2 cents. There is no bottle of nail polish worth $50 but it is fabulous for a statement piece for sure. I might actually buy one bottle just to sit on my dresser after it’s empty. I would definately want red. Everyone needs a solid red nail polish. Good video. Glad to see your honesty.

dumb homosexual says:

“This is the most expensive polish on the market” oh honey…

TiffanyPlayz says:

This girl could have used 50$ on something else. 50$ for nail polish is just ugh idk.

Alexis J says:

I think there’s one that’s $200

Kaleia 1123 says:

I would spend 50$ on it but I do think it’s very pricy

Cupcakevamp says:

My boyfriend bought it for me 🙂

Mila Milay says:

i love this nail polish.I dont know why i cant use cheap nail polish.

broadcast20081 says:

Can I afford a $50 nail polish bottle??  Yes.  Would I pay $50 for that red nail polish bottle??  Never.  I don’t give away my money for a product that’s basically the same of other brands.  I can get that same shade or red at only 1/6 of that cost.  Unjustified expensive things are made for “dumb” rich folks only.

Justin Hopkins says:

Too many people complaining about how other people spend their money. People who buy nice things are always criticized by those who don’t. Fundamentally, it’s jealousy coupled with bitterness. Some people believe in quality over quantity. As a makeup artist, I’d rather have 1 amazing red, than a bunch of cheap shit that will end up in the dumpster. Also, these bottles make great decoration pieces. So many people just don’t get what luxury is. Get over yourselves and keep going to Walmart to buy your stuff. No one cares.

Jennifer Prado says:

it is not necessary to spend 50 dollars for a nail polish !!! it’s just a nail polish! I do prefer OPI , china glaze or jordana because some of them are really great formulas , i do not need that nail polish in my life to be happy!

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