DIY Polish Review – 5 Top Brands Tested

Suzie reviews 5 popular Black Nail Polishes you can pick up at your local Sally Beauty Store.

Brands compared:

Black Crème




Nail Lacquer

Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commision from sales. Suzie purchased these products and she is sharing her experience of using the products with her viewers. Links to products are provided as a courtesy to Suzie’s viewers.


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Elizabeth Molina says:

Can you do white nail polish and gel polish ? And also black gel polish?

Chanelle Velasco says:

Love these Type of videos

SJ Gates says:

Great video..Thank you!

Coral Moselle says:

You should collaboration with Simply Nailogical

La'Ayla 5150 says:

Just a thought but that “Nina” brand black polish actually looks really pretty in that thin layer over the glitters and sequins, it could make a very elegant effect if used deliberately.

SirArghPirate says:

So shiny!

Anya M. Rocha says:

I had to experiment to get to the China Glaze. Can you do the same for white since it is another common base color for design work. I went with China Glaze on that one too simply because of the black and I do shop at Sally’s all the time.

Lindsey Botelho says:

I NEED this video for black gel polish and white gel polish! I’ve been looking everywhere for a really good black gel polish and a really good white gel polish (preferably that you don’t need to be a pro to buy)

Cat B says:

I like the 3th and 4th ones oh i like how u can see the design under your nails that looks cool

Nick Marion says:

Amazing video as always but you should try doing a tutorial on nail products from the wish app!

Etta Jurima says:

With colours like black and red, the brush it’s so important. I hate those brushes where you can’t get in the corners of your cuticle without getting polish all over your skin. So frustrating.

John says:

Anyone else notice she did this before the flame one. (Same underneath nail with the glitter)

So why add the Ugly Duckling one on top on the pinkie in the last video?

Was it not opaque enough comparatively?

Citrine42 says:

actually I probably would just keep the black!!! they look so good, especially with the peek a boo glitter underneath

profoundlycan says:

China Glaze “Liquid Leather” is my go-to for black. Funny, considering I find most of China Glaze’s formulas to be very inconsistent, but they have gotten better in their more recent collections. Outside of various indie brands, it’s the best black polish I have. I always like to test the black and white polishes of the brands I buy. I may have to try Morgan Taylor though. For indie brands, Live Love Polish “LBD” and Cirque Colors “Memento Mori” are my go-to blacks.

t_shaoshao97 says:

please do this with white polish too!!!

Trae Chancy says:

Can should do another video like this with the same brands but a different color! And see if the same company is the best in all colors! That would be awesome!

Brian Leister says:

Zoya makes the most incredible black satin polish, but I cannot stand their thin brush.

mhoney83 says:

Whats your take on salons stocking opi and essie polishes and not higher brands for clients nails? Do you go into a salon undercover and get your nails done with reg polish to see if they are trained right?

Nick says:


Alea Dewire says:

She’s the Bob Ross of nail art

Lisa Jennings says:

You are singing my song today with these gorgeous black nails. This is where I live as a goth chic and those are so stunning. I just ordered that Morgan Taylor polish and I wanted to thank you so much for this video. I really appreciate knowing which polish delivers on a good solid black. You are so awesome!

Krazzzy K says:

Can you do prom nails?

Lovin'Life2016 says:

Suzie: Question – Since you applied that over your acrylic set, can you remove just the black & still have your clear glitter set underneath?

Yesenia Ramos says:

Can you buy polishes from KL Polish line and do reviews

abby sirakoulis says:

I love you suzie!

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