Drugstore Halloween Nail Polish Swatches and Review! Salon Perfect || KELLI MARISSA

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Hey galaxy gang! Today I’m sharing swatches of the drugstore brand Salon Perfect for their Halloween nail polishes! They came in this awesome coffin haha I loved it. Anyway this collection features neons, cremes, holos, glitters, and even a glow in the dark top coat! I’m also giving away all the polishes you see in this video, along with some spooky Halloween false nail sets. You can enter here: https://goo.gl/forms/4jVwwtOwTzabnUEh2

Salon Perfect is exclusively available at Walmart: https://go.magik.ly/ml/gkzs/ *

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Rhonda Armstrong says:

Do they sell the hold box at the store

Lyn M says:

I need all the glitters and holos from this collection. Especially under her spell!

April Stephens says:

love the black with holo❤️

Rhonda Armstrong says:

Polish very beautiful. Love to have.

Vickie Hale says:

WOW, this is one great giveaway and thanks to you, Cirque and Salon Perfect for making this Halloween giveaway possible. Halloween is my favorite time of the year and to have this opportunity to win all these beautiful polishes is mind blowing. My favorite of this collection if I must pick one would be Oil Slick. Good Luck Everyone !!

Leticia Snype says:

I would love to try the ashes to ashes as a pedicure. Love the holographic

Cindy Miranda says:

Ashes to Ashes and dust to dust. Love the whole collection if I’m being honest 😉

Map Imokbturnot says:

I thought Under Her Spell was absolutely gorgeous, But I really loved Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Nine Lives, and Lust at First Bite. I have to admit that though I’m not a big orange polish fan, I liked the Too Cute to Spook as well. IDK, I’m so torrrrrrrrnnnn!!

lunallena992000 says:

I love love love you…. you are my favorite

Emma Vestergaard says:

omg they are so beautiful!

Jessica Smith says:

I really like Salon Perfect and have to avoid their display at Walmart or else I keep buying more. They seem to have more unique polishes or maybe it’s just more shimmers and glitters.

Speaking of, I really liked Ashes to Ashes and Nine Lives.

O_C_Ann says:

“Under her spell” looks so good. Bit sad I cannot participate in the giveaway, I live in UK. Maybe next time!!
Loving your reviews, they’re helping me to build my nail polish collection 🙂

Kat Storm says:

Holy wow I need that coffin in my life! I have a hard time picking favorites. Maybe ashes to ashes. Tfs

SkipToMyLuLuDarling says:

Nine Lives might be my favorite. Although there are such good ones in this coffin.

vlog channel says:

That’s so cool

Dusty stamper says:

Love Halloween my favorite was all of them lol so awesome

Pilar Tolmich says:

At my Walmart all of the colors were gone on the display except the glow in the dark one. I have the pink shimmer and traffic cone already but want the other colors because I’m a hoarder. How many times can we enter the giveaway?

Heather c says:

I love nine lives. The almost brownish tint to the black is awesome. Plus im a cat mom so im drawn to the name. The glow in dark topper is cool also. I had one years ago but it wasnt that translucent. Fingers crossed thanks for the giveaway chance.

Kelli Marissa says:

Sooooo you may notice I forgot to edit the collection name in my swatches lol. This isn’t the Cirque Facets collection haha it’s the Salon Perfect Halloween collection! Whoops!

lori dodge says:

These are all sweet polishes. I cant even pick a favorite. Great job on the searching. I always love your videos cant wait to see more.

Pamela Umbarger says:

Ashes to ashes was my favorite. Great collection all the way around. Excited for more Halloween nail art!

d35chae90 says:

You know what? I really and truly think that we could be homegirls. Just looking and watching your vids…, You are my type of chick. Like seriously. You seem like a down to earth person, you seem to have a down to earth spirit and personality. You are funny, well I accept your humor, some may not.. BUT F ‘EM, IJS. I just like everything about you. You are just so genuine and I can really relate to you. You also make it easy for a person to watch your videos when they absolutely have no idea of what is to become or what to do or what you are trying to explain ( you even get confused sometimes) I SWEAR GIRL, YOU ARE AWESOME AND SO FREAKING TALENTED!!! You also make your videos comfortable and make it seem like a home setting. I’m from Little Rock, Arkansas, yeah I’m from the country dirty dirty south. Love your work, love your personality, and just everything about you. You didn’t have to create this channel for us. Most people charge for these type of services, to show others how to BE GREAT as far as nails, etc. You have a God given talent and you chose to share your talent to the world for free, which speaks SO MUCH about the “kind” and what kind of person you are. You Did Not Have To Do This But You Did!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME, YOU ARE FANTASTIC, YOU ARE THE BOMB DOT COM BABY!!!! I am a new subscriber. I came on YT to see how to do ombre nails. I typed it in the search bar and I saw the colors, yellow and orange, which are the colors that I’m trying to do. I have a yellow polish and I have a sort of orange polish and I tried mixing them together last week, but it didn’t work. It’s so funny because, as I’m watching your vids, I saw I video that you made on mixing nail polishes. THIS SHIT IS CRAZY, because I’m like really into my nails again, not into the acrylic, just my natural nails and a basic manicure after a whole year, and I go on YT and run into your channel LOL. I should have had an empty bottle so I could measure both colors out like you did in one of your tutorials. That was AWESOME. Girl I am learning so much from your channel and it is so GREAT. Oh, where can I find the Cuccio nail solutions? Me myself, I wear Seche Vite for my top coat and I really love it. But, since I’ve been on your channel this was my first time ever seeing or even hearing about the Cuccio Nail Solutions. When I saw it I instantly went to Ulta website to see it they had it, but unfortunately they don’t carry it. I hope this comment wasn’t weird or anything. I’m showing you much love on your creativity and your awesomeness. Just want to THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR GOD GIVEN TALENT WITH US/THE WORLD. I THANK YOU. WE ALL THANK YOU

Dawning Nails says:

You can tell that salon perfect and China glaze are similar, some of them look identical to China glaze Halloween collection

Strawberry Seed says:

Ashes to Ashes is my favorite. But a one coat black is always really good!

Mrs G says:

I really want those oranges.

Kath Youell says:

Shapeshifter was my favorite for Halloween. It’s the only time oranges call to me.

Katarina McDougall says:

I live in Australia do they ship internationally?

vlog channel says:

I tried my best but if I don’t win the cup way I would definitely buy that and how do you color your hair

Olga Sikaki says:

Ok sooo I think that all the collection is absolutely great. So I don’t in Greece we don’t celebrate Haloween, but we have a similar tradition when do dress up like any characters we want but it’s not like spooky or anything.. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think that it is quite unfair that the competitions are only for the US, but you said that you will do sometime, an international.. Anyway, that’s all.. Sorry for the long comment…yet again…

Ruby White says:

Now take that coffin packaging and turn it into an awesome bag.

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