Essie – Fall 2018 | Swatch and Review


Today I have swatches of the 2018 Fall collection from Essie!

Polishes mentioned:
It Takes A West Village
Fall For NYC
Stop, Drop & Shop
Empire Shade of Mind
Say It Ain’t SoHo
Booties on Broadway

On my nails: N/A
On my lips: Korres Lip Butter – Jasmine


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What top coat/base coat do you use?

– I don’t have a favorite topcoat, I just use whatever is laying around for swatches and the HK Girl from Glisten & Glow for manicures. My all time favorite base coat the CND Stickey. You can find that on or at Ulta stores.

Why do you take your picture and video swatches separately?

– Since my lighting, camera settings, and tripod all have to be adjusted when switching from pictures to video, its faster, and helps keep the lighting more consistent, if I batch process all the pictures at once and then all the videos at another time. It also helps me get a feel for how to work with the polish if I do my pictures before the video.

How long do you let your nail polish dry between coats?

– I wait until a coat is completely dry to the touch before adding another one. The time it takes for that to happen varies from polish to polish, but usually is around 3-5 minutes.

How long do swatch videos take you to make?

– To take pictures, film, edit, and upload, it takes between 8-12 hours depending on the size of the collection.


– I purposely avoid the sides of my nails and my cuticle line when I’m swatching because I do swatches one after the other after the other. Removing polishes that are applied too close to the skin can stain the skin around my nails and make the next swatch look bad. I do it to keep the video clips and pictures clean.

Why don’t you use a peel-off base coat when you swatch? You should use the UNT one because Simplynailogical uses it and everyone should use everything she uses with no exceptions.

– I speed swatch. The polish is still wet or tacky by the time I remove it to apply the next one. Using a peel-off base coat would not only add an extra step to my routine, but would require me to wait for the polish to dry before it could be peeled off. This would end up taking more time and be less efficient for me.
Trust me, if Cristine suggests it, I try it…but everyone has different taste in products and everyone does things differently. Two people can have vastly different opinions on a product. It doesn’t mean that one of them is wrong, it means that they’re different people.

Are you going to swatch the Essie/OPI/China Glaze _ collection?

– Yes.


INatalkaI says:

Ohhh i’m excited about their new brush. In my collection of almost 300 polishes, i have like 2-3 essie and i never reach for them because I always believed their formula to be horrible+bad brush. Now I might actually buy a few to test them out. My nails are about the same size as yours so I believe the new brush will be an improvement. One of my favorite brands is Zoya and if it wasn’t for their skinny brush they’d be hands down favorite cause their formulas are just amazing.

yes sir i am aware says:

I just purchased Say it ain’t Soho and its freaking beautiful irl. The new brush is a much needed update, however I do agree, it is a touch too thick. Still, it us better than nothing

lawomann says:

Oh happy happy day! Thank you Essie for the new brush! Why did it take you so long?

Lizzie L says:

Their TLC collection (which is awesome btw) also has the wide brushes. Those were released a few months ago.

BillieRibot says:

She is awesome, the only problem I have as I watch her videos is that she wouldn’t paint her nails complete… it triggers my ocd af!!!

amysquie says:

I’d agree with you on the brush/formula thing coz here in Europe Essie is known for its reliable formula.

Sweetheart162148 says:

I want Empire Shade of Mind!! ❤❤

Sophia Narayan says:

If you like Booties on Broadway better than After School Boy Blazer, that means I have to have it!!!!!

Terri Black says:

I must be the odd gal out here, but with my tiny nail beds, the old Essie brush worked great for me- new one is too wide and I wind up getting too much polish on the sides of my nails but I guess you can’t please everyone. I’ll just have to be careful when I’m applying the polish.

Allison Theiss says:

I dont understand how you thought it was yellow. It is clearly orange or am I wrong?

Yangyang Geng says:

Does it dry quickly? I only have had one Essie polish before. It dried super slow.

Queonnah-latrice Coleman says:

I can see why people would say nyc looks yellow but i also see orange. I see more orange though but i did notice yellow

AniezkaJi says:

Fall for nyc is a pumpkin color for me, pumpkin shake

Linta S says:

I don’t get why nyc is sorta the theme for fall I wouldn’t really see nyc as a fall topic

Rend Al Sabba says:

So funny because we’ve always had the wide brush in England

Ashley Rose says:

That looks like a muted pumpkin orange to me

Taylor Noe says:

I love Fall for NYC, it’s like a pastel pumpkin color

Martha Tejeda says:

That China glaze mustard yellow WILL. BE. MINE. !!!!! I’m obsessed with mustard yellow, pumpkin nail polishes!!

Lise marie Sæthre says:

Just picked up say it ain`t soho and i love it

Renata Bursten says:

Say it aint soho and the dark blue look excellent, and I can finally buy Essie without fear, thank goodness they FINALLY changed their brush!

Linta S says:

The stop drop and shop one… I wouldn’t really name it that if I were working at Esau I’d name it something like “Apple” or something with apples since Apple have to do with fall not shopping…

Lynda McCormick says:

found these at Wal-Mart yesterday so I picked up 4, I have Zoya Jenna so no pink and I am not found of silver metalic so skipped that as well, But I bought Stop, shop and Drop which I am wearing already and I love this one on skin, Fall For NYC, Say It Ain’t Soho, Booties on Broadway. I believe I will be wearing these quite often this fall..I ready love them.

Allison Chase says:

OMG you’re my new nail polish queen! I love that there are still people here on YT that prefer regular nail polish than gel/acrylic nails.

Taylor Kolb says:

Is this the first collection with the new brush? Im sooo excited. I havent bought an Essie polish in soooo long, partially because of the brush. I never buy China Glaze polishes anymore because I just hate the brush so much. So Im really excited Essie changed theirs!

Renegade therapist says:

Love your videos! I bought the mustard yellow one thinking the same thing and I thought, I have this color and I do. it is very close to OPI Freedom of Peach, definitely more orange than mustard yellow! But I love the color anyway.

Rosalia Pano says:

Is booties on Broadway a stainer? I love it!

Gigi Gewgaw says:

Ulta is calling Fall For NYC a mustard yellow with marigold highlights so…officially you can add it to your Essie yellow collection!

Shenice Says says:

Have you reviewed the Loubiton bottle behind you before if so post link.

Carina S says:

I knew I was gonna get Say it ain’t Soho, but I think I’ll get Fall for NYC as well for nail art. I wonder if Fall for NYC and especially Empire Shade of Mind wouldn’t make for good stamping polishes, I feel with Empire Shade of Mind it would definitely work since it’s a one coater.

Tori Tee says:

Your hubby is awesome! Mine would never think to go on his lunch hour to buy me a nail polish….or anything cosmetic…. his standard comment when I want to buy anything cosmetic related is “you already have one”! lol Really?

CindyRose says:

You may be colorblind that Essie polish is clearly Orange.

MCRmyGeneral says:

I literally gasped at the swatch of that navy blue. It’s weird to think that such a simple color could be so beautiful.

Nia B. says:

I love *say it ain’t Soho* . I immediately noticed the width of the brush changed but it’s still good.

kyooreeuhs says:

I actually just used wide brushes on my nails for the first time. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (Street Flair) and Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy (Win Big). And WOW have I been missing out! Both have the ability to be one-coaters and all my nails were painted so quick! I was done with Essie bc they never applied well and they are 9 bucks. I guess this wide brush makes a huge difference! Maybe I’ll be buying Essie again in the future.

Beth Magalski says:

The collection is kinda meh, you did a great job as usual though!

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