Essie Gel Couture Swatches and Review (No Lamp Needed!) || KELLI MARISSA


Hey galaxy gang! Today I’ve got some swatches of the Essie Gel Couture line, which are a fancy set of gels that don’t require LED or UV lamp curing, and don’t need base coat either! Have you tried this line? What do you think of it?

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Mad Rian says:

Please take us to the salon with you! I love those kinds of videos! Have you tried the Sally Hansen gel polish that also has a no-light top coat? How did they compare to Essie’s? I’ve tried two colours of the Sally Hanson one and I was really disappointed. My nails came out nice and shiny, but the colours where so diluted that I couldn’t get the effect I wanted, even after 3 or 4 coats!

Brian Leister says:

There’s something about all the colors in this “gel” line that just look dull compared to regular Essie polish. Maybe it has to do with how the gel formula affects the pigment.

KnittingBetsy Pratt says:

Did you do your hair red & green for Christmas?

MsButterFlySting80 says:

I’d go light purple to dark purple ombré, but the old (young version) me would do it. Bad taste with Essie a few years ago, so i doubt I’d try these. But it’ll he interesting to see some nail art. Thanks for sharing & have a great day today!

The Nail Polish Hound says:

Interested to know how well these did last compared to normal polish?

Bethany Harlin says:

You should review the Kathleen Lights nail polishes!!! I’m curious to see what you think about them

essie says:

love this!

Nicole Meeker-Fitchett says:

Not an Essie fan. Might be the brush? Same reason I didn’t like China Glaze but just bought the grinch shades because you said they had a better brush! Maybe I’ll give Essie another shot because I love the navy blue!

Aparna A. says:

Great swatch video Kelli! Plz plz plz make a tutorial for the french manicure with pre-show jitters and sheer fantasy!

Amy Roberts says:

Purchased my Essie gel couture at head 2 toe beauty,

Victoria Carter says:

Hi Kelli, Of all the (No lamp needed) gel polishes this is my fav and it really does last a long time without chipping!!

Pamela Thompson says:

Thanks so much for your demo and review of this product. You are my go to blogger when it comes to nails. Your bubbly personality, ethics and actual demos (using lots of nail products) on short nails is why. My nails are a little bit shorter than your but I got them to this length because of your 101 videos after experiencing some glue damage from artificial nails application. I think the Essie Gel Couture Gel products maybe the nail products I have been searching for . The formula is nice, I love the wider brush and the dry time was quick. For those who are having difficulty I would suggest looking at Marissa other videos (manicures and nail 101) to get your nails prep and in good condition before painting them. I gave my self a good manicure, oiled my cuticles and then use alcohol to dehydrate my nail beds. Make sure you allow at lest 2 minutes between the two nail coats, apply the top coat and wait about 5 minutes. I don’t do anything with my hands for at least 30 minutes and avoid putting them in water for 1 hour. My manicures usually last about 7 days. I am hoping to get a full 2 weeks with these products as other people have stated. I used Bubbles Only. It is a beautiful red and perfect for the hoilday season. I am very happy with the products so far.

Vanessa Sanborn says:

Rosegold ombré

Janet Simmons says:

Would love to watch you get your hair done!!!! Its exciting to see your transformation!!!!

Noof H says:

I like the polishes with their formula and wide brush. But what’s really special in the line is the top coat. It has been my go to for the last 6+ months. My nail polish with it, whatever brand of nail polish i use under it, can last for up to 2 weeks and i would only remove it duo to the nail growth and what’s even nicer is that it surprisingly very easy and quick to remove. I have tried other gel-like brands in the past many took forever to dry and took forever to be removed as if I had glitters on or a real gel manicure. Whereas this top coat does everything I need it to do fast drying, smooth whatever nail polish under it, very thin formula that doesn’t dry out fast and it’s easy to be removed. You should try it with other polishes and see how you like it

Angela Marcinkevich says:

Do more Essie color swatches please

26Bluegb says:

So their system is like Region’s Gel Envy. Got it

Rachel S says:

Are these the kind where you take rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and lightly swipe over the top to take the stickiness away from the last top gel coat?

sammi garr says:

I’ve tried this line before and I only get about two day wear of the nail polish before it starts peeling and chipping really bad. Normal nail polish lasts on me over a week with only a small amount of tip wear. Maybe I’ll have to try this line again.

Sheresa Dagley says:

Iv never tried the colors, but gel contour top coat is one of my favorites! It dries quick and last a while.

Stephanie Farrah says:

What do you do for work? I love your new hair!!! Can’t wait to see it all <3

Monica Barry says:

I LOVE the Gel Couture top coat! I use the top coat with lots of other brands besides Essie too!

Stephanie Ballew says:

Take Me to Thread!! Oh that’s GORGEOUS!
Sheer Fantasy will be a perfect “ballet” pink for my little one!!

patricia treslove says:

Happy Thanks Giving Kelli, and all your fans, may you all be blessed. Love from Scotland

CreepyAtTheDiscoToBattle !! says:

The colors are amazing, love the makeup and hair ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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