Hey galaxy gang! Today I’m doing a MASSIVE review of some pastel neon creme polishes from Pretty Serious Cosmetics (their Pastel Pets collection from last year and their Pastel Pets 2.0 collection thats new for this year!!) They’re another amazing independent brand of polish from Australia with an awesome formula 🙂 Which collection do you like better, the original or the new one?? As a whole I think I like the new one better but there are some AMAZING polishes from last year too.

Here is the new collection:
And here is the original collection:

Here’s their shipping info:

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Margaret Wiltrout says:

Could you please tell me what a good pastel yellow polish I could get? I’m in pastel wedding and my dress is yellow and I’m not a real big fan of yellow

Joelene Christiansen says:

Tootsie is a straight up mac and cheese color ^_^

Lyla Cortese says:

So addicted to your swatches. Youre so neat and they always look beautiful. ❤

Miaka921 says:

Love this video and the Pretty Serious collection. I agree that indies tend to be very expensive and I don’t have the extra money to spend. I hope to buy some of these especially Tootsie. I would love to see a sunset gradient or something similar with these colors

Brenda Cochrane says:

Hi Kelli, I always love your swatch and review videos. I’ve never heard of Pretty Serious before but I want all of their polishes. I can’t choose my favorite because they are all “gorgeous” xx

Diane O'Conner says:

Love nail polish! It would be nice if you would put the color from this year and the color from last year side by side on two nails. TFS.

Robin Wolfe says:

Love these colors ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cecelia Morrisson says:

Oh my how did I miss this video so excited to see this brand. Can we still get last year’s collection? Ice cream nail art maybe with these colors? Also could you do a 4th of July nail art tutorial? Please

Alex Miller says:

I just got two of their other colours and a base (all of which are lovely), and yet I didn’t know that they were another one local to me :O One was an olivey-racing green, and t’other was a really nice creamy orange (which I don’t usually go for) ^_^ thanks for showing off some more of theirs!

karindwarswaard says:

They are beautiful but I Bought the pastel neon collection from beyond the nail. So I’m going to pass on this collection.

Lara Tiara says:

These are so pretty. I couldn’t pick between the collections – they are both gorgeous! Thank you for the fab review xxxx

Khushali Jariwala says:

Rainbow gradients please!!!

J Fav913 says:

Smoochie intrigues me. I need to give a green polish a chance.

lori dodge says:

At first I was like ohhh those peach colors, then the blues ahhh, and then you showed the purples and I was ohhh myyy. So I am completely torn I liked just about all of them.

Fallacy DeCuir says:

My fav is Smoochie. LOVE that you don’t have to back it with white but it’s still sooooo bright!

calichef1962 says:

I’d love to see a water marble with these colors and either black or white in between all the colors. It would look amazing!
I don’t like to light my expensive candles, either. I used to have a low book shelf with a dozen-ish fancy candles on the top. One evening I left a friend at my house while I went to the store. When I came back the whole dozen of my expensive fancy candles were all on fire! I rushed in, started yelling at her and blew them all out as soon as I saw what she had done. I had carved candles, candles made in fancy molds, a set of candles that were nearly three feet long, and a couple of fancy spherical candles with glass glitter designs on them. The whole collection was worth a couple of hundred dollars, and they were all either gifts or souvenirs from trips I had taken. None of them could be replaced. It broke my heart to see them ALL on fire at once! I was able to save the columns and spheres because I just carved out the burnt wicks and enough wax to put battery operated flickering fake candles in the holes. The three-foot long tapered candles were burnt and there was no way to make them new again without cutting them off and hand shaping them. I’m pretty sure this same idiot ‘friend’ stole my leather jacket and my trench coat a short time after the candle burning event. (And I didn’t even tell you about the time she put laundry detergent in my dishwasher, or the time she ran my phone bill up to $700+.) She doesn’t come here anymore, which is probably a healthy choice for her to make.

Whitney Bryant says:

I need every single one of these.

Tanya Van Stone says:

I love peachie poo, but I am olive skinned toned, so it looks really pretty on me. Makes me look more tanned! lol
Edit: I also love Bunny Foo Foo! <3

Bonnie L says:

Thanks for your beautiful swatches! Comparison swatches are always fun, and it’s just nice to know the range of colors, from one collection to the next. <3

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