Halal Nail Polish – 9 Brands – Wudu Ready?

My review of the halal nail polish brands that have been requested!

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Bella Yusuf says:

Thank you thank you

Raheema Umm Isma’il says:

Assalamu alaikum you should try zada halal polish its requires no rubbing and I love it. The water seeped right through for me really quickly Ma Sha Allah.

Aisha LaDon says:

okay, but what makes it not halal. I wanted to really see you do a test. I just bought Maya, becuase I thought it was good, so what is wrong with it? When you do the test, what should we be looking for? One thing I noticed was even after I took the polish off, it leaves like a stain, similiar to what henna does. But I would like to know your test process.

JC M says:

Hi dear I have HALAL personal body care range for review. Please let me know I will send you samples. Contact me on insta #jayalaxmicarole

Dia Cleveland says:

I might have missed it but what was haram with Tuesday in love.

The m.amirul The says:

love for yr reviews

Sadia Hasan says:

Yeah the rubbing test doesn’t do it for me either. Cuz if you’re rubbing a napkin there’s a chance ur literally just thinning out the napkin enough for the water to go through. Plus, I’ve worn Maya before and would literally make wudu, start praying and then remember I hadn’t rubbed my nails! Its too much stress haha

Ganos Lal says:

Shukran for your honesty, self-respect, and integrity with this whole “halal” nail polish biz! So glad to know you are not swayed by a company sending you something (like some on YT).

VKookMin says:

What about nailberry ? It’s halal too but why is it not as popular as the rest of the brands here ?

mjabbar28 says:

Very thorough. Just im time for eid lol. I was thinking to go have a look for halal ones

hanna dk000 says:

Hey guys, Tuesday also put up this article on their blog explaining why rubbing the nail polish isn’t scientifically legit. https://www.tuesdayinlove.com/blogs/news/breathable-nail-polish-safe-or-scam

Lama Al Najjar says:

@hashima , are you planning to do a water permeability test for tuesday in love anytime soon? I am looking forward you sharing your review because here I am on the edge to purchase it but I do like and trust your reviews. Please let us know. Thank you !

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