Hot Topic Nail Polish Live Application Review

So Hot Topic carries cosmetics, furthermore nail polish. Who knew? Not I until about a week ago. Today I’ll be giving you a live application review of the nail polishes from the brand Black Heart Beauty, carried inside Hot Topic. I purchased these at a B1G1 discount. I hope you’re able to find that price as well.

Polishes Swatched:
Black Red Sparkle
Violet w/ Blue Glitter
Splatter Pink Blue
Pink/Blue Glow
Blu Blk Splatter

Piano Covers by Phoebe Moon:
It’s Time- Imagine Dragons
Jai Ho- Pussycat Dolls
Jar of Hearts- Christina Perri
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Joanna F. says:

love the blue n pink one

Cat 028 says:

Yes, I think I will give these a go the nxt time I’m near a Hot Topic. Thanks 4 the rec.

Lindsay T says:

The first polish almost reminds me of OPI Stay the Night from the Mariah Carey Liquid Sands collection

Myishia simmons says:

Oh, bummer we don’t even have a Hot Topic in Cali! Cool haul and swatches. I think the ones with the glitter are a crelly finish (hybrid of a creme and jelly).

Mary Cordes says:

Oooooh! I like the black/red sparkle! I also like the mint. I’m looking forward to seeing the others in this collection in swatchfest.

Tinisha Ricehill says:

Hello And Good Day I Just Wanted To Tell You I Absolutely Loved How You Conducted Your Video And I Subscribed To See More Awesome And Amazing Videos Of Yours.. ♡♡♡

Mizuki Moe says:

hello my bday is coming up and I wanted to buy some of these nail polishes there because my other nail polishes have been getting crunchy and nasty (especially my black nail polish) anyways how long does it take for the polishes to dry? also any cool tips to tell me about painting nails because I want to be an expert nail polish painter xD.

SophieDoesMc says:

hey, I need help. I have two nail polishes from hotttopic but they come easy is there any advice you have for that problem???

PugsandPearls says:

I have lots of these and love them! Skull bottles, yes! The hot pink and purple look like acid on the nails, love it!

Jess Reese says:

Love the Neon purple with the glitters. Its the only one I own. I will have to go back and get more.

Miss Polished26 says:

Love it! I don’t think I’d wear any, but for collection or display purposes they would be cool!

Beautiz sKinDeep says:

Really like the black with red glitter.

Jennifer F says:

I tried the Green/Yellow shimmer, its pretty and last longer than I expected but BEWARE!!! it’s a stainer 🙁

Mel Hiers says:

Awesome swatches! I’ve found these at Torrid as well, along with some of the fragrances and lip products. I think they’re owned by Hot Topic, so that makes sense. 😀

The Polished Pursuit says:

YAY I was dying to watch this. I want to buy these just for the bottles. I really liked the violet with blue glitter. I’m SO heading over to Hot Topic this week. Thanks Phoebe 🙂 Xoxoxoxo

destiny keelin says:

BH means Black Heart which is the brand of the nail polish (:

Barbara McNamara says:

Oh wow! You definitely have to do the other polishes. Love those glitter ones and glow in the dark. Now to get hubby to take me to mall. Come to think of it,, have to check if we have that store here.

Darya Castro says:

I absolutely love Hot Topic’s polishes, but I can’t wear them – they destroy my nails! I believe Black Heart puts some intense chemicals in their polish, last I heard. I’d double check in case your daughter’s nails would be too sensitive to what is put in that polish. Just giving you a heads up! Great video!

Blueberryswirls says:

Are you going to be reviewing the color club new rules of engagement collection?

Stacy Perrin says:

i really like those thanks my dear 🙂

Nikki Gonzo says:

I was so excited when I saw this video! I was the one who mentioned that my husband had picked some of these up for me for Christmas! I am glad you enjoyed them as well! I need to go back and check out what else they have.

Julie Stitt says:

I love them for the bottles! something new for my collection….yay!

HerushinguNoTenshi says:

WARNING!!!This nail polish does contain lead!!!It is safe to use on adults but do NOT bite your nails or use it on children or pets!!! Wonderful nail polish but it DOES contain lead.

NekoKyoko_701 Hashimoto says:

I just wanna say you are really beautiful

Vesta Blackclaw says:

Try the blue splatter with black nail polish. Kills the black splatter, but it gives it a sort of weird look that pseudo-antique stuff has.

WitchieKittie's Channel says:

I have the neon pink and black red sparkle too 😀 I definitely need to go back and pick up some more if they are one sale. Sally Beauty has a 75% off clearance weekend coming up too if you haven’t gotten the email. I might have to check them out too.

lanewayne says:

The mint shade is crazy good. It’s the most liked pic on my IG at 666 likes. I’m going to buy a few more.

kathy theriault says:

I have had those for awhile i love them

June Plutonika says:

I wonder if those are the same I’ve seen in a chain of stores in Norway.. I don’t care for skulls so I never bothered looking at them, and it’s a sort of cheap store.. I have bought some makeup products there, but it’s rare to find something of good or high quality there I think. If it’s the same I believe they got them for Halloween.. Anyway I think I’ll have to check them out if I see them again. I have another polish that might be of the same brand, but in rounded/square bottles..with a loop at the top of the bottlecap..? Not sure..

Evinde says:

I wish we had Hot Topic here in my country, the skull bottle is adorable. Thank God I realized that a random Chinese no name kind of brand also sells their nail polish in the exact same bottle, so I’ll buy one of those. Otherwise I’d be heartbroken that we don’t have Black Heart cosmetics here. I also saw one of their perfumes in someone else’s video, and the bottle has little black hearts in it which I thought was awesome. Interesting packaging gets me every time. 😀

I loved the shades with the vibrant neon glitter in them the most.

alelvi123 says:

Black red sparkle reminds me of ChG Lubu heels – LOOOVE that one 🙂 I adore these bottles – so very original – course can’t get them here but i really enjoyed seeing the swatches – thanks!! xoxo

Ember Phase says:

These remind me of the Funky Finger polishes at 5 Below, which are Color Club I believe.

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