Joey Graceffa Crystal Wolf Nail Polish REVIEW | Jonathan Eiter

Testing and trying out Joey Graceffa’s Crystal Wolf nail polishes, All colors! Amethyst, Blue Titanium, Gemerald, Obsidian, and Pyrite!
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Patrick 04 says:

Y would u be painting ur nails ur a guy

Joey Graceffa says:

Thanks for the love Jonathan! Your support means the world to me! So happy you loved the polishes, great video! Keep it up! =D

Gabbie Blaher says:

There so pigmented I am shocked

Gamer Guide says:

Awesome im tagging you in his vida

Julian Gomez says:


Julian Gomez says:

Amythist is my favorit

Abigail 227 says:

I really want pyrite

Jennifer Eiter says:

Their all so pretty!!

Ambrosius says:

Where is the clear taco, and peel of base coat. WHERE IS THE HOLOSEXUALS

Danielle Winn2 says:

I literally cried when you tried on Blue Titanium! It’s so gorgeous!!

Sabastien Stollar says:

I love you Jonathan and I definitely loved it!!!!!!!

cranir ssundee thea Madeline rock i love them says:

is he gay

Jessica Moman says:

Yasss Boo ❤

Andy Minear says:

The green one looks really good

Patrick 04 says:

Whatever it just seems kinda weird

Born Random says:

Hey it’s Musicomet109 from sorry I haven’t been watching yr live streams I had to delete it but I’m trying to get it back

Emily says:

Amazing video Jonathan! Keep up the awesome work!



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