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HEY GUYS! Today I’m doing a swatch and review video for KL Polish and their new Lips + Tips nail polish collection! You guys have been asking me a bunch to do some KL Polish reviews (yes, it’s the brand by Kathleen Lights!) so here it is 🙂 More to come, I’m sure! Let me know which color is your fave and what collections you want me to review!

PS- looks like the colors are on sale for individual purchase right now!

Buy the kit here: https://www.klpolish.com/products/lips-tips-limited-edition-boxed-set
Buy the polishes separately: https://www.klpolish.com/collections/lips-tips

Cuccio base coat: (use code KELLI for 15% off!) https://www.hbbeautybar.com/products/base-coat-by-cuccio

Side note – I’m really sorry I’ve been missing my upload schedule recently, things have been a little rough for me but I’m trying my best to get back on track! It’s gonna be a busy weekend with the holiday so please be patient with me haha. I love you all so much for real though.


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Estefânia Bettio says:

I loved your hair!!!

Teresa McCarty says:


Twenty One Crybabies Join The Phandom says:

Could you please do a swatch on the China Glaze x My little pony collection? It has such pretty and adorable colors, and i would love to hear your opinion on them!

Ruby508707 says:

There’s a good sale on the website if you are interested in more. She has some unique colors. Loved this review. I have this set too.

Raquel Levin says:

Awww you are the prettiest girl in youtube darlin

JamJams_96 says:

Hair is lovely, love eye shadow tooo

Chely Duarte says:

Hey Kelli, nice vid… Love your hair!!!!!!!!! Did Color pop came out with nailpolishes!???!xoxo

Nicki F says:

Davines alchemic muse conditioner in red is great for pink and rose gold hair!

Koneko Yagami says:

I love KL polish. Caramello is my favorite. She has a lot of gorgeous bold colors. They also are very long wearing.

Liddie Evans says:

That too much money for nail polish

unlikely critic says:

I love the brush. I wish all polishes would go to using these brushes. It makes polishing SO much quicker and easier not to mess up!

Yahaira Ayala says:

I love your eyeshadow look today! Plus I Love Kathleen so this was an awesome video for me.

Mangan2504 says:

I believe that this kind of brush is actually very common here in europe. It’s only the nailpolishes I buy from the US that have this long and narrow brush. Most of the nailpolishes I buy in Germany have those kind of wide brushes (Essie and Essence for sure, P2 sometimes).

Jen Scott says:

Definitely liking the new hair! I’m not liking the KL polish though. It seems so generic.

Alexandra Sanchez says:

i never tried KL polish but i recently placed an order for two polishes. i got mami martha and taurus

Heidi Bowie says:

Love the new hair! I do like the swatch videos, but I miss nail art! You need to do 2 vids a week if 1 is going to be swatches all the time. 😉 Love ya, Kelli!

Lynn Riddle says:

Love the hair color!

ElvenGoddess86 says:

the eye makeup on this video is perfect for the festivities this time of year. I would love a video on the colors you used!

lily Barr says:

Have a Awesome thanksgiving day to you and your family.
Great colors.

Dawn Blair says:

I LOVE your swatch and reviews! The more the better!

Yvonne Maxwell says:

Love your hair ❤️

N amber Rodriguez says:

I love brushes like that

Kate Wank says:

Those brushes!! I will for sure have to try these!

rainydaynails says:

will you review the new china glaze holiday collection please!

Angr. 268 says:

You should try H&M nail polishes, I haven’t tried this ones but they look pretty similar, formula and aplicator wise, nice idea for a video to make a comparison if you end up thinking the same 🙂

John Rhee says:

Hate you

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