KL Polish Spring Collection 2017 Swatches & Review! | Jen Luvs Reviews

Today I’ve got swatches and a full review of Kathleen Lights’ KL Polish Spring 2017 collection! We’ll talk ingredients, drying time, lasting power, and I’ll show “live” swatches so you can see how many coats each polish takes to get to full opacity!

Purchase Here: https://www.klpolish.com/

Time Stamps
Product Details: 1:30
Ingredients: 2:07
Review: 3:30
Swatches: 5:00
Final Thoughts: 12:33

Blog Post about Benzophenone-1
(I’m not familiar with this blog either, so this may not be a credible source either, but on the surface, it seems like she has done a lot of research.)

*June 25th – I emailed KL Polish on May 17th regarding their 9-free claim. Still no word yet from the company, but I did notice that they have changed their FAQ section to state that the nail polishes are 5 free rather than 9 free. I do wish they had responded to my email, but I’m glad they changed it on the website.

Music: Ryan Farish – All The colors –

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Sahar Varona says:

Her voice sounds like those hot topic gossip PEOPLE videos LOL I like it..

Helen Flores says:

sally hansen nail polishes are also curved

Melissa Street says:

Thumbs down your annoying!! No need to yell! Be more nice

Gwen Stephan says:

hey Jen! have you heard of the ‘wrap the tip’ technique? it’s supposed to help keep your polish from chipping, essentially you just paint the edge. look it up and see if it helps! I don’t know because I don’t do nail polish, myself 😉

Jaclyn Dias says:

By the end of the video I kind of felt like you didn’t explain very well whether they are worth it or not like the video cover suggested. I think at the end you need to do a recap on your final thoughts like yes they are worth the hype or no not really…

Kristina B says:

I feel like you are having a bit of a problem with the polish because of the way you apply it. Maybe I am pickier or more OCD but I think if you put it on a little neater and try harder not to get it on the cuticle it will stay on longer. You want to make it so water doesn’t get underneath because that causes chipping. Also Seche Vite is meant to be applied to WET NAIL POLISH. The “wet nail polish” part is especially important! Putting SV over dry or partly-dry polish can cause all kinds of problems. Polish dries from the surface down toward the nail plate as it evaporates, but a wet coat will partly re-wet any drier layers beneath it. If SV is put over dry/dry-ish polish, it can tug at the previous layers causing shrinkage and has been known to make all of the polish pop off of a nail in one piece! The “bead” is also important, not just for SV but for polish and topcoats in general. The brush shouldn’t touch what’s already on the nail, only the topcoat should so make sure you have plenty on the brush. It should only guide that bead/drop around so make sure you have a nice sized bead on your brush and you will get no dragging. Also “wrapping your nails” with SV is vital for several reasons. One, it keeps water from getting under your nails which allows chipping to occur faster and the second reason is that it helps prevent “shrinkage”. If you don’t know what wrapping or shrinkage is, look it up. There is so much information out there on both and tutorials on how to wrap your nails. It literally takes seconds. Another thing I want to mention is that your hands and nails should be completely free of dirt and oils, as they contribute to chipping too. I wash my hands with Dawn dish washing soap before polishing. You can use any kind except the kind that has conditioners in it. That is why I use Dawn, it really takes the oils off. Then I go over my nails with alcohol to make sure there isn’t a tiny trace of dirt or oils left on the nail, plus alcohol also also speeds up the drying process and if your nails have a little bit of water left on them from washing, this will dry them completely. Lastly you want to paint each nail with 3 (or less) strokes of polish. The more you keep going over them, the streakier they will get. It is best to go with 2 or three thinner coats than to keep trying to go over them and trying to get away with one. It is rare that one coat of polish is enough for ANY nail polish. I have used Seche VIte but am currently using and loving Out the Door fast drying topcoat. I find I like this better than Seche Vite as it doesn’t get thick so quickly but you need to use the same method with this as well and make sure you apply to WET nails after your final coat and make sure you wrap the tips. Hope this helps.

Jen Luvs Reviews says:

Product Details: 1:30
Ingredients: 2:07
Review: 3:30
Swatches: 5:00
Final Thoughts: 12:33

Abraham Ramirez says:

Kathleen is amazing! loveee the colors

AlwaysBe AbetterYou says:

You didn’t seal the tips of your nails with the polish which helps it from chipping as fast..

Dee Jay says:

Hiya, Essi chips within the day I put them on. China Glaze and OPI last a bit longer. However I feel for me Seche Vite makes everything last that bit longer. :-)xx

asma daisuki says:

honestly the colores are awsome

Sara Cain says:

I’m sure by now other commenters have mentioned some of these. But there are ways to help your manicure last.

1. Use a nail dehydrator. Some brands make them, but you can use rubbing alcohol or acetone on a qtip to dry out the nail plate prior to adding your base coat.
2. Cap the free edge of your nail by running your top coat over the tip of your nail.
3. Wear gloves when doing the dishes. It helps. If your hands will be submerged in water for prolonged periods of time, it’ll protect them from chipping.
4. Finally – before i was a nail polish junkie, my nails would not tolerate polish. Once i began wearing it daily and practicing the above, over time as my nails became more accustomed to wearing polish, it started to hold better.

I hope this helps ☺️

Hailey Mack says:

The way you talk reminds me so much of Emily Noel and I love it! New sub over here, great video!

Grey Panda says:

Love KL polish and Love love love Kathleen

Savannah Zemlicka says:

can’t justify $8.50. that’s too much.

I’ll stick with sinful colors or wet n wild.

Jessica Vera says:

I am so disappointed in the customer service and quality of the polish. I assume it was my batch. Others say this polish lasts without chipping for a few weeks. We have four shades. Used them all numerous times. Chipped within the first 24 hours to the point of having to repaint. I contacted customer service. They were so ridiculously rude. Accusatory, unhelpful and offered zero solutions. I know how to paint nails. I’ve never had this issue with any other brands. Bad batches happen. I will never buy KL Polish again. It is a shame too. I liked Kathleen. Her customer service reps are awful.

Scarlet Dancer says:

I am someone who had super brittle nails that flake very easily so for me nail polish usually lasts about two days. Essie polish chips within the day I put it on and some other polishes I get two- three days. I am a fan of KL and loved her colors so I bought some of her polishes and in my opinion they are some of the best nail polishes I ever tried. I might be biased because I am a fan but really the results speak for themselves. Her polish never chipped on me, some can be opaque in one coat and are just stunning in general. I don’t know how long they last on my nails because I am so used to changing my nails every two to three days that after about a week I got bored and took them off to put on a different color. Now everyone’s nails are different so it is important to make that disclaimer. Also although everyone nail polish application is different typically you do a base coat, 2 coats of the polish and a top coat. You said you did not put a top coat on some nails and the one you said wore the worst you only did one coat. Now this is your review so you can stand by what you said but personally I think that a fairer review would have been to apply the polish using the “standard method” so people watching your review can compare how it worked for you in relation of how it would have worked for them if they also did the “standard method”. I know your a mom and probably didn’t have time to do that which is totally fine taking care of your kids is much more important than nail polis, (belive me I get it ;)) but in my opinion I would have felt the review was fairer if you would have applied the nail Polish like most people do.

Leticia De La Cruz says:

The Wet N Wild Megalast nail polishes have the wide tip brush as well and i believe they cost around $3..

Megan Martin says:

Another way to dry your nails quickly that I sometime use is to spray your nails with cooking spray, like PAM

WithSandyB says:

I wAs so disappointed with the miss honey shade 🙁

RandeeJ9 says:

I’m not sure if someone already mentioned it but you should never shake your nail polishes. It creates air bubbles which will definitely affect your application. You’re supposed to roll the bottle in your hands to move the ball around so you mix it without creating air pockets. Just a tip 🙂 great video!

Sebastian J says:

161 More Bloody Idiot Morons Dislikes And Counting…

ElenaGtvd9876 says:

I feel like you were a bit too hard on her line here. I’m not a huge KL fan but MOST nail polishes in the price range that these are Always require two coats. That’s not abnormal at all and shouldn’t be a negative factor since I think Kathleen has even said that herself. Almost all colors like that need at least two coats. You just seemed a bit hard on this line for some reason when you don’t usually?

ReshiK says:

“That’s What She Said” chipped in a day because you only applied one coat. With each coat the durability of the mani is increased.

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