Marc Jacobs: “Enamored Hi-Shine” Nail Polish Review & Demo HD

❀ Let’s Welcome the brand new Marc Jacobs Cosmetic’s “Enamored Hi-Shine” nail polishes! In this video I am featuring the two colors: #112 “Le charm” and #136 “Desire”

Description of these polishes as provided from
❝ Get smitten with this fresh take on nail enamel. Inspired by Marc’s highly lacquered coffee table, Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer is formulated with patented bonding agents that deliver a plasticized, wet look, while the color-rich creams and fine glitters ensure vivid, chip-resistant wear. ❞

❀ Some things you may want to know:
✔ I purchased these polishes from Sephora for $18 each
✔ From my knowledge, these polishes are currently exclusive to Sephora
✔ These polishes are designed to dry to a “Plasticized” finish which looks great but the polish may get indentations easily even after the polish has had time to fully dry.
✔ To prevent the indentations described in the line above, I would recommend using a good top coat.
✔ Each shade is 3-Free: formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP.

❀ Final Thoughts on these polishes:
✔ I am currently testing out the wear time for the color “Le Charm” and will update this description box again in a few days once I have a conclusion on wear time =)
✔ I will also test the wear time on “Desire” after I am finished with Le Charm and will update this info box again then.

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Linh Trinh says:

I absolutely love these colors! I had such a hard time at Sephora only choosing 2 =P

Linh Trinh says:

Coming soon! I have 2 videos that are finished editing and just need a voice over =D

Linh Trinh says:

Thank you =DDD xxx

Jasmine Ramirez says:

Hurry next vid

loredana marin says:

Le charm looks very nice.

5animallover says:

When are you doing your next video?

Linh Trinh says:

I can definitely do a review in the Sephora X polishes! I can’t wait to try them and let you guys know how they are! 😀

Friida BC says:

How much do they cost?

The Pretty Weirdo says:

I loooove your videos!!!

Lyfwid 3Boyz says:

I watched one video and i already loved it.. you have pretty hands btw..

Linh Trinh says:

The polish bottle is super pretty! they are going to stick out like a sore thumb in my nail polish collection =P

Linh Trinh says:

$18 for each bottle at sephora 🙂

jennifer flores says:

I don’t think you we’re supposed to do that to the bottle cap

Lusushi says:

Can you pplleeeaassee do a review on Forever21 nail polish?! thank you!!

Sylver Nine says:

Thanks for doing your review, I just love Marc Jacobs Nail polishes! 🙂

MsSpark111 says:

Loved le charm♥♥ that is one of my favourite shades♥

M c: says:

how much were they

Linh Trinh says:

The formula X polishes sure look interesting! Theres so many kinds! I’ll totally do a review in whichever ones that I get =)) xox

Linh Trinh says:

That’s what I thought too but the lady who worked at sephora actually popped off the lid and showed me! Lol I sure hope she showed me correctly! 😛

Amanda Nguyen says:

Le charm is really pretty! omg

Helen Chen says:

Just stumbled upon your channel and I love it!!! Super clear reviews and I love the format you came up with 😀 Can you please review the new sephora formula x polishes?

FallenAngel1916 says:

Can you do a review on the sephora x nail polishes?

mzurilove beauty & fragrances says:

I ordered one they are so pretty lovely video tfs!

Linh Trinh says:

Aren’t they?! I just love both these colors so much! Le Charm is definitely super unique in my collection and as for Desire, I have a TON of red polishes but this one is just so gorgeous!

Linh Trinh says:

Yes absolutely! I def have a nail care video on my list of videos to record =))

Freya C-H says:


Shaked Yanko says:

can you please do a review on the sephora nail strips( i think thats what they are called) i really want to buy them but i dont know if they are good or not

Linh Trinh says:

I’m totally in love with both colors! XD Thanks for stopping by xox

Cortlyn Kammrad says:

My favorite is La Charm is is so beautiful and I also like the red they both are so opaque

Emma Charlotte Parfitt says:


Whitney Delgado says:

Can you do a nail care video?

Jayme Wukmir says:

very nice. love the bottle shapes. The price is too steep for me.

Linh Trinh says:

I sure can!! ^_^ Did you have a preference on what type? Like glitter or regular color polish? or both 😉

Linh Trinh says:

Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you like my videos =D Red is actually my favorite color but I’m completely in love with the Le Charm color!

Kirsten DeMelo says:

Thanks for doing this review! I’m obsessed with OPI and Essie, but I’ve been wanting to try this though! I think I will try this! Thank you!!

Linh Trinh says:

Yes I can def do that! Thanks for the request =D & I use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos xo

Kaylah Merithen says:

i want the gold one…but the price is nuts!

Aden Claire says:

That’s an amazing rose gold colour omg

Tinngerine says:

Try the new formula x polishes from sephora

Linh Trinh says:

I actually already have a collection video up! Check it out and let me know what you think =D

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