My KL Polish Collection… 😱

HELLO LOVES! HERE IT IS! So many of you guys have asked that I show you my Nail Polish Collection! I hope you enjoy this video and find it helpful 🙂 I absolutely LOVE KL Polish! What are your go-to nail polish colors? Leave a comment down below and let me know! I seriously love you all SO much! Xoxo

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My Polish Organizer Stand:

Join before the end of July to get the next edition on August 1! 🙂


Beauty Collection Playlist:

My Beauty Studio Equipment:

Walmart Supplies:

Cube organizer:

Cube organizer fabric bins:

IKEA Stuff:

Alex 9 Drawers:

Alex Drawers (lipsticks):

Drawer Insert:

Desk 1:

Desk 2:

What I’m Wearing:
What I’m Wearing:
Sweatshirt: Abercrombie-
Nail Polish: KL Polish Tropicana (Use Code “ALLIE” for 10% off)-



Canon 80D:
Canon 50mm:

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Doona Goding says:

Conspicuous consumption?!

Brianna Schiraldi says:

KL Polish is the best!!

Mandy says:

OMG impressive collection! Cozy In There is def my most favorite out of every shade

Rea Chy says:

Nail polish is something i cant live without after mascara ❤

Mari says:

I’m wearing Cubana! I love her polishes. Hopefully I can buy all of them eventually.

Heather LaVigne says:

I love Mami Martha too! I’m sad it’s not a regular polish. It’s so perfect and I love that it gives back!

Tegan Astani says:

3 minutes in: Let’s get started with the video.

Scarlet Dancer says:

I love kl polish!! My favorite colors recently are dream boy and pinky!

Adriana Molina P.A. says:

I’m obsessed with KL Polish! I collect them as well. Some of my favorites are Hug & Roll, Graham and Dream Boy.

Monica K says:

Mozart was the first one that made me fall in love. They are bigger than they look online. The brush is curved to paint with. It doesn’t chip or smell awful to open or paint. Her ability to make distinguishable colors same quality is really not common in the industry. Also, broccoli chocolate is my black since black doesn’t look good on me.

Erica Purr says:

What’s so good about them? I’ve seen mixed reviews

Cali Tex10 says:

I have a few of these but they chip off by the next day.

Laurie Myers says:

Oooooo…your eyes are hypnotic!! Beautiful! Great…now I need to buy these! I’ve been on the fence for a while

AshleyrCoello says:

You’re so beautiful ! And I love your collection. It’s awesome to see your support towards Kathleen !

Hellen Lee says:

I started to collect her nail polish too. I bought six but planning to get more. I would definitely use your code.

Marla Wood says:

I love KL polish! My favorite this summer would have to be charmed. But I love pretty much every color from last years fall collection and can’t wait to see all of this years fall shades.

soveryamuseing says:

“Everything changed when the KL polish attacked”
PLEASE let someone get this joke.

Cindy Medina says:

I have that exact same desk!

Jess jms says:

Ahh I have sooo many nail polishes but I just love pretty much all the shades and really want the unique ones!

Desiree Mahan says:

My polish keeps chipping on me within a day:( I don’t know what to do I want to love the polish so much. Help!!!

AnnaMaria Foley says:

This is something I need for my polishes

Margaret Behre says:

I’m currently wearing Point Zero… suuuuch a beautiful neutral.

Zeineb T says:

I love you so much you are one of my favorite youtubers <3 and for KL i think she needs to create a dark blue almost black one i love that shade for the winter

Linda Virgilio says:

I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve had 16 KL Polish colors for over a year. Never worn… until now— just ordered another 12. I will collect them all. Love the formula. Love the fall collections best!!

Jen Schrock says:

I love Kathleen Lights and her nail polishes!

Kathleen says:

I’d love to see MIA over Mindy!

Sibylle White says:

I would love to have this collection. One day….

Tracy Campanella says:

I love Cozy in There, Magic Act & Ace.

Clair MF says:

As you’re an ambassador for kl polish could you find out whether it will soon be sold in the uk. By a uk distributor ?? I really want to try it.

Amy Jensen says:

Kathleen referral! I LIVE for Cha Cha Cha and Magic City! My preference is for reds and grey/muted based colors…Chloe, Cozy, and Point Zero are beAUtiful!

Hellen Lee says:

Also I’ve tried two drugstore nail polish but KL polish feels different and last pretty good.

A C says:

Watch the nudes?

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